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  1. Thought the lads were excellent at the weekend played great football kept it on the deck was good on the eye. I tiought at times we got a bit lucky at the back with petershill hitting the post in the first half and numerous chances in the second but we managed to keep a clean sheet. I think the only bad thing that happened at the weekend was obviously the sending off and for me div let the team down he was only a couple of meteres away from our side of the park and was told 3 times to leave at the nearest point he could and he told the ref no and ran across the park deserving of a yellow it was idiotic in my opinion and that could have lost us the game. This weekend whittlets at home should be a close game really looking foward to it hopefully another clean sheet and a few goals for us at the same time. Id like to see big dan getting a goal i think his confidence is needing it the now so id like to see him with a couple. Mon the lieeeeeee [emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji836]️
  2. Really looking foward to the game this weekend the lads played some great football last week hopefully they continue it. Brought in a few young lads already who havent looked out of place hopefully we see some more of them especially the young lad who played cm last week havent caught his name but he looked excellent. Mon the lieeeeee [emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838]
  3. Game was abandoned about 15min into the second half due to hail and severe wind with Arthurlie winning 3-2. The boys played really well there style of football looked alot better and im loving the look of the future.
  4. But who would you be supporting ? [emoji23]
  5. Heard today of a few teams wanting to enter this west of Scotland league just wondering what the thought are if Arthurlie wanted to join it ?
  6. Anyone any idea how the pitch is looking i imagine at the start of the week it wouldnt have looked great but with less rainfall over the past couple of days do we think the game will be on ?
  7. Excellent thanks mate i thought thats who it was. He Has a clear image of what he has to do could hear him talking on the touchline.
  8. So can someone clear up for me who the manager is and which one he was at the game on saterday ? Tbh iv not been in about the juniours that long only really since the last few games of mackie so i dont know who these guys are. [emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji836]️
  9. From where i was stood it looked like it hit off big tonys head past craig my mistake
  10. Thought the score didnt really reflect the game today match was pritty evan. First goal was an excellent strike by the lad although it was a clear foul in the build up. Second was unlucky og from the corner but it happens and the third was a penalty where the player is clearly on his way down due to sliding on the pitch before mushet got anywhere near him. I must say i like the way the managment team are acting at the side of the park constantly trying to drill the players into there way of playing. Im hopeing its good things to come for arthurlie and i can see the management doing a rebuild of the squad. Mon the lieeeee[emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji836]️
  11. I was at the game today, boys played very well kept the ball on the deck some changes about the team lee seemed to be pushed more into a foward roll thought he played well there took his goal very well calm and collected in the box. Tam scored the second after a run from the right across thr box to the left and hittin a good strike back across the keeper. Other 2 were scored by jamie doc 1 very nice volly after a good bit of teamwork and i was talkin for the other so never seen the goal. New manger and team were very vocal which i liked very positive but giving critasism where it was due. The full squad was used today with a few new players. First half one team played second half the second team played with tam and craig staying on. The score was 2-0 first half 2-0 second half was a really good performance from both sets of players. Only bad thing to come out of today was that jaimie doc pulled up in the second half with 10 to go hopefully nothing too serious. [emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji836]️
  12. Really? Thought it would be rained alot this week and a good few of there home games have been off because of a flooded pitch. Heard they have an arranged friendly if the game is off so the new manager can have a look at the team in a game situation.[emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji836]️
  13. Im thinking the game might be off to be bad weather the rest of the week.
  14. Iv heard they already have a few players coming into the squad this week. Be good to see how they start off who they decide to play. Also petershill are cuptied this weekend who do we play now ?
  15. Just wondering with dunky leaving where people would like to see strengthened ?
  16. Surely they have to have a replacement and are willing to give them time and money for seasons ahead. Onwards and upwards hopefully [emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji836]️🤞🏻
  17. He signed a new contract for more money earlier in the season still lasting to the end of the season.
  18. Good result on saturday team played well. Was talking to a few people im hearing aparently ralston is away hees wanting to play in a higher league and if thats the case unfortunetly nothing will stop him. His contracts up at the end of this season so there stuck between selling him for a fee now or using his talent for the rest of the season. The thing is we wont get promoted or relegated so are they aswell to sell him now and get something ? Such a shame hes an outstanding talent and showed that with his hattrick and atleast 2 assists on saturday. As for payne i was told he has been working away for the past 2 months. The team definetly needs some improvement i think we will be lucky not to lose another couple of talents by the end of the season.
  19. Im talkin about majority of the players theres a maybe 7/8 in my opinion give there all every week.
  20. Have you watched them ? You would see how much effort they put in. Its simply not good enough at any standard of football let alone juniors where there being payed to give 110% every week.
  21. I dont really care tbh im a fan that pays to watch them i can voice my opinion. At the end of the day as weve seen the voice of the fans dont matter anyway and have you seen them recently ? What efforts? Some of the players dont care and dont want to play for the club only there earning a wage!
  22. Just wondering also who the fans would like to see as manager if dunky gets sacked/leaves ?
  23. Theres a few players we really cant be affording to lose i think. Its vital they do what they can to keep them and build the team around them. For me those players being craig gordan, gummy, lee, ross and tam. I would probably throw john in there aswell the rest i wouldnt really be fussed to see them go.
  24. Another player from larkhall ? I hope hees better than the rest weve took from there. Seriously seems like the teams going downhill which is ashame there is some outstanding players in the team.
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