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  1. Anyone know whats going on here ? I had read a bit about weirs buying some of the ground but what exactly have they bought ? And what is the fence there for
  2. Anyone know where the amatuers fit into the scene are they the step between under20’s and Arthurlie or are they just Arthurlies amatuer team off to one side ?
  3. Hearing alot of good things about players having agreed to join the club at the end of their current contracts [emoji1303] The future looks bright at Dunterlie. Also i think its about time they had a connection with BYFC the club has been ran great for years and produced some great talents over the years. Mon the lieeeee [emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji836]️
  4. I saw wishaw had posted on twitter asking if teams are playing senior next season should they keep ‘junior’ in their name was just wondering what everyones thoughts on this were ?
  5. Have i missed something whats happening with george ?
  6. Thought the lads were excellent at the weekend played great football kept it on the deck was good on the eye. I tiought at times we got a bit lucky at the back with petershill hitting the post in the first half and numerous chances in the second but we managed to keep a clean sheet. I think the only bad thing that happened at the weekend was obviously the sending off and for me div let the team down he was only a couple of meteres away from our side of the park and was told 3 times to leave at the nearest point he could and he told the ref no and ran across the park deserving of a yellow it was idiotic in my opinion and that could have lost us the game. This weekend whittlets at home should be a close game really looking foward to it hopefully another clean sheet and a few goals for us at the same time. Id like to see big dan getting a goal i think his confidence is needing it the now so id like to see him with a couple. Mon the lieeeeeee [emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji836]️
  7. Really looking foward to the game this weekend the lads played some great football last week hopefully they continue it. Brought in a few young lads already who havent looked out of place hopefully we see some more of them especially the young lad who played cm last week havent caught his name but he looked excellent. Mon the lieeeeee [emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838]
  8. Game was abandoned about 15min into the second half due to hail and severe wind with Arthurlie winning 3-2. The boys played really well there style of football looked alot better and im loving the look of the future.
  9. But who would you be supporting ? [emoji23]
  10. Heard today of a few teams wanting to enter this west of Scotland league just wondering what the thought are if Arthurlie wanted to join it ?
  11. Anyone any idea how the pitch is looking i imagine at the start of the week it wouldnt have looked great but with less rainfall over the past couple of days do we think the game will be on ?
  12. Excellent thanks mate i thought thats who it was. He Has a clear image of what he has to do could hear him talking on the touchline.
  13. So can someone clear up for me who the manager is and which one he was at the game on saterday ? Tbh iv not been in about the juniours that long only really since the last few games of mackie so i dont know who these guys are. [emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji836]️
  14. From where i was stood it looked like it hit off big tonys head past craig my mistake
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