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  1. Im talkin about majority of the players theres a maybe 7/8 in my opinion give there all every week.
  2. Have you watched them ? You would see how much effort they put in. Its simply not good enough at any standard of football let alone juniors where there being payed to give 110% every week.
  3. I dont really care tbh im a fan that pays to watch them i can voice my opinion. At the end of the day as weve seen the voice of the fans dont matter anyway and have you seen them recently ? What efforts? Some of the players dont care and dont want to play for the club only there earning a wage!
  4. Just wondering also who the fans would like to see as manager if dunky gets sacked/leaves ?
  5. Theres a few players we really cant be affording to lose i think. Its vital they do what they can to keep them and build the team around them. For me those players being craig gordan, gummy, lee, ross and tam. I would probably throw john in there aswell the rest i wouldnt really be fussed to see them go.
  6. Another player from larkhall ? I hope hees better than the rest weve took from there. Seriously seems like the teams going downhill which is ashame there is some outstanding players in the team.
  7. Would love to see him in the blue and white what a talent [emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji836]️!!
  8. Spoke to people from the club yesterday park is supposed to be looking very good [emoji1303][emoji838][emoji836]️
  9. I do belive there is a mistake on these fixtures in january are 1 day earlier these dates shown are sundays [emoji1303]
  10. Just wondering has anyone noticed that when lee hasnt played or hasnt played well weve lost or draw games ? I know he is a great player but do you think he makes our team that much better ? Irvine vics - didnt start Petershill - worst iv ever seen him play Craigmark - was late on but came off injured Beith - injured Neilston - injured Cumbernauld - injured Darvel - injured Renfrew - injured Since hes been back weve won every game ? In my personal opinion he is a diffrent class and we will be lucky to keep a hold of him for a few more seasons. The energy he brings is excellent he constantly wanting on the ball, picking it up off defenders making things happen looking for 1-2s with the strikers. His tackling is unreal dosent back out of anything and he gives everything everytime he steps onto the park. Excellent young talent !!!
  11. Just wondering has anyone been to all junior grounds in there region and if so what in their opinion is the best they have been to ? Also apart from a few teams sharing a ground who has the closest grounds to each other in the junior leagues ?
  12. Thought the lads were really good today good to see them being ruthless and not stopping until the end. Tam especially for me was man of the match and an absolute menace all game. If i had one critacism it would be that big dan had a howler. thats the last few games hees been well off the pace got to get the finger out for me. Overall a very good team performance. Onto renfrew at home. This will be a tough match but hopefully being on the grass when their used to astro should benifit us. Mon the lieeeeeeeee [emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji836]️!!!!
  13. Thought it was great i havnt been watching the juniors too long only the last 2/3 years so to hear people speeking about this level of football for me is excellent. Looking foward to listning in every week building my junior knowledge .
  14. Whens the draw for the next round ?
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