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  1. Todays scores

    Arthurlie 0-2 cumbernauld FT
  2. Arthurlie 18/19 season.

    Yet again we wernt at our best this weekend but managed to take the 3 points. I thought with the early goal we would go on to score a few yesterday but it wasnt to be. I think we have to get the ball on the deck and play football alot more. when we show flashes of it in games we look really strong with teams struggling to hold us back. Definitely have to lift our game for the next two fixtures but currently sitting third is a good start to the season. Good to see lee back yesterday very hard worker in the midfield. I think we maybe need a couple of players still to be a really strong side in this league but getting results at the moment and long may it continue. Mon the lieeee [emoji838] [emoji836] [emoji838] [emoji836]!!
  3. Arthurlie 18/19 season.

    Ref had a nightmare today completely one-sided. Dont think the lie were that great today either not enough commitment to get back cost us the second goal. Not enough passing and moving either alot of the time we had players standing still and not looking to get on the ball. Hope we improve for the next week we were on a good run of wins hopefully back to the same. Mon the lieeee [emoji838] [emoji836] [emoji838] [emoji836]!!
  4. Todays scores 20/10

    Rossvale score?
  5. Arthurlie 18/19 season.

    The full team against darvel were excellent im only saying up until now for me the guy hasnt been that good hes forever offside he cant pass a ball 10 yards and loses possession alot. I do hope he plays great the rest of the season and proves me wrong.
  6. Arthurlie 18/19 season.

    I just dont see what jamie doc does tbh hes scored a few goals but other than that he gives the ball away alot. Hall and reid is that the blonde in cm and the boy div that plays lb/lm? I thought our defence at the start of the season with 4 at the back in the sectional looked much stronger but the team are doing well just now and i have trust in the manager takin us back to the Premier league.
  7. Arthurlie 18/19 season.

    Im not saying he cant score goals i just think he could be alot better makes alot of mistakes
  8. Arthurlie 18/19 season.

    They have tony etherson at the back aswell he is injured just now but an excellent cb along with mushet comfortable on the ball and winning it in the air. I think we need a young fast striker who can put the ball in the net but i think we have some improving to do. I personally think we should play a 4-1-4-1 Jiro Hal Etherson Mushet Gummy Tiger Hoff Lee Del Jamie grey Slick With the current squad that for me is the best starting 11.
  9. Arthurlie 18/19 season.

    Personally i dont see what jamie doc has to offer hees slow makes bad decisions cant hold the ball up cant pass a ball 10 yards and is forever offside, barrowman i have to see a bit more of, and slick works hard can get goals but i think he makes some bad decisions alot of the time. What do you think our best starting 11 is and do you think we are playing the correct formation in a 3-5-2?
  10. Arthurlie 18/19 season.

    4 wins on the trot now. I dont think were playing to the best of our ability yet grinding out some results but the 3 points is the main thing. I think when we play the ball on the ground we look really good. We are missing some excellent chances which will punish us when we play better teams but i think the team can finish top 6 quiet comfortably and push on for promotion next season. Still need a few decent players a creative midfielder and a decent striker but overall i think we have a decent squad. Hopefully we can continue our win streak at the vics next weekend. Mon the lieeee [emoji838] [emoji836] [emoji838] [emoji836]!!!
  11. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Everytime he made a decision and went to speek to a player he waited until they walked away then shouted them back waisting time was inconsistant with similar fouls and inconsistant in deciding where they have to be taken from. I just think he wasnt that great yesterday. [emoji16]
  12. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Completely agree switch off too often not enough playing football on the deck, few times weve done it this season and teams cant compete with us i think if we dont go up this season but are just outside the promotion places weve had an excellent season then push for promotion next season [emoji16]
  13. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    I thought the dalry keeper today was excellent a shame for the second goal the weather played a big part and for the first goal he made a great save from the header we could have had an extra few but wasnt to be also thought the ref was a bit of a tube todaybut good to get another 3 points in the bag bring on the vics next week[emoji16][emoji1303]
  14. Junior Cup 18-19

    Who do arthurlie have and isit home or away?
  15. Todays scores 29/9/18

    Arthurlie 3-0 Forres thistle very poor performance by arthurlie but got the result!