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  1. I'm just speculating for now. Not trying to be funny but the only EoS game I've seen this year was you lads game at Linlithgow earlier this season so maybe that clouded my view a wee bit . But anyway you're absolutely right, early days. BTW how are yous getting on with floodlights?
  2. I take your point. Its more the bottom eight which I had in mind though. Not to mention, Whitehill aren't looking too clever in this year's EoS Prem so far either. Of course the important thing however is teams get clarity on licensing rules so the can go up in the first place. Will indeed be very interesting to see how it plays out. In five years time there could also be a number of west juniors sides in the mix as well. LL has the potential to be a really exciting competition.
  3. It's disappointing to see licensing situation still lacking more clarity. Although common sense won out in the end last season by allowing Bonnyrigg to go up in the end, the situation with floodlighting being made mandatory for licensing, and leaving Bonnyrigg so little time to install them was damaging for the credibility of the game, and also undermined efforts to bring the pyramid together. Yet here we are again facing a similar situation. Awarding licenses at one specific point in a season is a good thing in theory, but it really depends on when that is with regard to its affect on promotion, not to mention the rules for licensing not being subject to regular change. It would be unfortunate if Boness won the EoS premier and couldn't get promoted - this year's success of Bonnyrigg and Kelty strongly suggests a fair few of current EoS clubs are significantly better than many LL teams and as things stand it's literally going to take years for teams to find their level.
  4. Was just about to ask a similar question - I think there was a copy of the questionnaire results posted on P&B some time ago. I don't recall NRJFA clubs not being on it but I could be wrong. If they were then their individual responses should be considered, since there seems to be debate over the North's desire to join the pyramid. In my view it would be better for the NRJFA to be in at least on paper so the door was open for those with interest. Promotion via success on the pitch, rather than application, should always be the preferred option in any pyramid surely, as long as licenses are in place.
  5. All the more reason for the NCL to get Incorporated, to make it stick out and be the THE league for that part of the country. Voluntary promotion only though.
  6. Didn't Fort used to be in the NCL back in the 80s?
  7. Funnily enough Gordon I was at Lithgae v Whitehill weekend before last. It was a fantastic day out. Beautiful summer's afternoon and just laid on the grassbank behind the goals. Was my 4-year-old daughter's first ever football match no less and the open grass area was perfect for her to run about after her concentration span inevitably expired. Could never do this at a league game and it occurred to me that the open grounds with smaller crowds are a good place to introduce young kids to football. They aren't forced to watch the whole game and can take time out to run about rather than being stuck in a seat for nearly two hours and ending up hating it. Not that the match lacked entertainment - six goals plus an absolute ripper from about 30 yards out in the second half was the highlight. Toilets were immaculate too. I would say Linlithgow are doing a decent job of making new fans welcome and what is on offer there is good value for seven quid. Haven't been to Warout but it looks not dissimilar. I think the point is clubs need to focus on the experience people actually get when they come. They're looking for something more intimate and personal compared to higher league football and a bit more relaxed in terms of moving around the stadium. Moving to the senior leagues makes clubs more attractive - I can say this is the main reason which got me interested in nonleague football. My main reaction from the Linlithgow match was "why were these guys playing in a separate system at a low level for so many years?" Anyway, Glenrothes are already benefitting from their EoS move, it appears from this thread.
  8. Same here. I'm new to non-league football and the other week at St Andrews V Oakley I was bemused to see the linesman wearing jeans. I had simply assumed junior and senior leagues would have linesmen and thought volunteer linesmen were a purely amateur league thing.
  9. Fair point. How long will the attention last though? Clubs need roots, especially this one which has flitted about, a name which had some kind of reference to a community would help with that. Anyways apart from the name it's great to see some ambition. Best of luck to them.
  10. Thought Saints definitely had the best of the first 20 minutes or so last night but everything went downhill after the missed penalty. Overheard some serious hairdryer treatment from the home dressing room after the final whistle as I was on the way out. Anyway great club and ground. Will be back at some point.
  11. Saw that, had a good chuckle at it. Seems a proper fixture list was a big draw for St Andrews in leaving the juniors.
  12. St Andrews v Oakley tonight, approx headcount 105.
  13. What's going on with Clydebank ICR? I think in this forum we have always looked at them as a potential Kelty of the west or at least as a club who would push things forward since they stated their aim is to join the pyramid. Given all the changes in the last 18 months, any reason why there seems to be no developments from Clydebank? Correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. This clarification is welcome, but they need to increase promotion spots from EoS to the LL already.
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