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  1. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Good pun.
  2. Junior football, what is the future?

    It wouldn't surprise me if that turned out to be the case. But if they are going to add another tier to the bottom of the SPFL filled with HL, LL and colt sides the difference between such a new bottom tier of the "league" and "non-league" starts to look a bit academic.
  3. Junior football, what is the future?

    Colt sides are just a trojan horse to spread the old firm nonsense into every last facet of Scottish football. It's the exact opposite of what is needed. It's one thing for the likes of Hibs reserves to have played in the EoS not too long ago, or even Stirling Uni to have teams in the LL and EoS, because no-one really much notices - these teams are literally there to make up the numbers. But its quite another to have Old Firm or even bigger senior clubs putting teams into the lower leagues because they would be winning titles a lot of the time. Titles which their fans would not give a crap about, yet the fans of proper clubs at those levels do. I hope the decision makers take this into account, its tough to attract fans as it is without lowering the chances of their teams winning something. This whole SPFL3 charade will make more than a few junior teams wonder what the point of the pyramid is at all. This idea should be binned at once.
  4. Junior football, what is the future?

    Does that mean the pitch is not enclosed? Whilst I think the need for an enclosed pitch is a reasonable requirement, the SFA ground licensing requirements situation in general reminds me a little of bit of the SPL's old 10,000 seater rule a good few years back. It seems that in some cases the requirements are a bit strict for the LL, other senior leagues and junior clubs as well.
  5. Junior football, what is the future?

    Rosyth you'd have to think would be likely to leave east region. They'd have Oakley, Inverkeithing and possibly Crossgates right on their doorstep for local games . Craigroyston and Edinburgh United just over the bridge as well. One possible solution to the East conundrum would be the East region teams south of the Tay joining the pyramid beneath the EoS. Not sure if that would fly but it at the very least it would make more sense than covering the same geographic area as the EoS at the same tier.
  6. Junior football, what is the future?

    Interesting to go back and look at these results after all that's happened since then, and consistent claims that the ERJFA's desire to enter the pyramid at the same tier as the EoS is being seriously entertained by the SFA. In the East, Broxburn, Jeanfield, Dunbar and Easthouses were four teams who either voted against the pyramid or didn't respond, but ended up joining anyway. Easthouses voting against the pyramid was quite peculiar since they had only just left the EoS a couple of seasons before. Tayport, Rosyth, Fauldhouse, Kennowway and Newburgh were five teams who voted to join the Pyramid but didn't join the EoS back in June when they had the chance. Interesting times lie ahead as to what will finally become of the juniors.
  7. Junior football, what is the future?

    "Juniors" is a state of mind...
  8. Pyramid 2019/2020

    The email in question (thanks for sharing it locheeboy) is solid info but inconclusive and isn't the final word (no mention of LL / HL line being moved for starters). It does read like the east juniors are going to slot in at tier 6, but it also looks as if the writer is summarising the long-running pyramid saga and perhaps isn't fully aware of the complications of the east juniors and EoS covering the same area. Or perhaps they left out some vital details as there just wasn't room or the email wasn't the place to explain them. Either way there's a lot more to come on this and I don't think we can make any conclusions one way or another. Certainly I think the west juniors joining en mass now looks to be a serious prospect, and the remaining east juniors joining in some form - but none of this would have been the case had so many east juniors left earlier this season.
  9. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Overall I'm quite bemused by the suggestion that the East Juniors may join the pyramid at level 6. Aside from the obvious problems and contradictions pointed out already, the fact that this idea was even mooted at official level is a bit strange. There's some decent Juniors left in the Tayside area, but I recall the EoS saying they took enquiries from clubs north of the Tay looking to join the mass defection back in June. There is a line of logic which suggests that it's perhaps some of these clubs pushing for the East Juniors to join at tier 6 as they can argue that is the level they would have been at next season had they had a senior league to join. That said, a Tayside league at Tier 6 would surely suit them better, and the east Juniors south of the Tay turned down the chance to join the EoS before the start of this season, so presumably aren't bothered about possible promotion or joining at tier 7. Then again if the Juniors as a whole join the pyramid, but what is left of the East doesn't want to join the EoS, what would happen then?
  10. Biggar football clubs?

    I think Rosyth are happy playing district football and moving over at the end of this season will suit them better, no tankings from being in an EoS conference. Oakley I was surprised they made the jump, would have thought they were in the same boat but credit to them for moving ahead. Some interesting pics and info on defunct Fife juniors here https://scottishfootballgroundswordpresscom.wordpress.com/2016/03/09/five-folded-but-not-forgotten-in-fife/ - Steelend's ground looks to be in not too bad nick. Would maybe be a decent option for any amateur team in the west Fife area looking to step up to senior level.
  11. Biggar football clubs?

    Spot on. I grew up in Saline, Steelend is a couple of minutes walk from the edge of the village. It's basically a hamlet of about 2-3 streets. Between Saline and Steelend I don't think there's a population of much more than 1,000 people. Despite the small size of the two places and entertainment options limited, somehow Steelend Vics were never on anyone's radar unfortunately. They did well to last as long as they did especially so long after the mining industry slipped into oblivion which was the lifeblood of many West Fife junior teams. Indeed Comrie Colliery had a juniors side until the late 80s I think, and the recent Steelend team started up in the mid 90s and used Comrie's old ground, Woodside Park. Ballingry Rovers of course are another Fife side which went down the pan not so long ago. Sad to see Steelend fold all the same. Last time I passed by, their ground looked unchanged from the outside. No idea what it's used for now, if anything. A real pity its in a great setting with marvellous views of the Fife countryside, right next to Saline Hill and not far from Knockhill and the racing circuit. Basically Steelend is the same distance from Dunfermline as Kelty is, just NW instead of NE. Crossgates, Rosyth, Oakley, Hill of Beath, Inverkeithing and Rosyth are all places with EoS or Junior teams and closer to Dunfermline. Come to think of it Rosyth is the only west Fife team which didn't jump to the EoS. Surely they'll make the switch next season?
  12. Junior football, what is the future?

    Agree. But even so, after a few seasons, everyone will find their level and be playing against similar opponents of similar quality prior to the East region exodus. The likes of Eyemouth, Peebles, Coldstream will all be facing each other as before, just in a lower tier than before which they probably don't care about as most teams in the EoS, with a few exceptions, have not had any big ambitions to play at a higher level. Those that have shown an interest in the past, for example Preston, will face much more competition than before but ultimately that's good for the game. As it stands now, the East region is pretty much finished. The best solution would be the EoS absorbs the rest of the East region teams south of the Tay, and the western region joins the pyramid en mass - otherwise the same collapse we saw in the East is going to happen this time next year in the west. I agree with a lot of others, I'm also concerned about the competence of the SFJA and their ability to deliver the pyramid and manage it properly. However for the sake of keeping the Junior's identity I hope TJ can step aside and have someone who knows what they are doing so the necessary changes can be made in time for full integration to happen by the start of 2019/2020 season. Keeping the Junior cup open to all former and current juniors would keep a sense of identity of the juniors going even for the east teams. Even better opening it up to all non-league teams would give the Juniors an expanded new meaning and purpose for the future. Teams north of the tay, plus the north region as a whole, could join the pyramid under the Highland League. Not an ideal solution but the only really distant teams from the Dundee area are Wick and Brora. This is the problem for the rest of the East region - the Tayside clubs are in limbo between Highland and Lowland. But I don't see why the boundary has to be fixed. Teams in areas straddling the divide could be switched between Lowland and Highland leagues depending on circumstances. It would not be a clean and simple solution but I fear there is no such perfect answer and this may be the least worst solution.
  13. Junior football, what is the future?

    In case anyone's interested here's the SJFA constitution including the rule stating clubs have to give a year's notice before leaving a region (page 8): http://www.scottishjuniorfa.com/resources/documents/SJFAFiles/DocumentsandDownloads/Constitution&Rules/SJFA Constitution Rules 2017-18.pdf
  14. Junior football, what is the future?

    My point isn't invalid whatsoever nor is football top-down. Quite the opposite - at a very young age kids first learn football at home from their family, friends and immediate surroundings. They aren't born already knowing what football is and how to play it, then immediately go directly into the professional structure. All youngsters pass through grassroots football for at least some time, even if, as you rightly say, the best ones are usually hoovered up early doors. You can make an argument that Scottish football would get on just fine without the juniors, that's not unreasonable. But no grassroots as a whole = no football. Think about it from a wider perspective. Juniors, non-league, amateurs play a role by offering somewhere to play for those who don't make it pro. There would be far less kids entering the game knowing that they would have absolutely nowhere to play organised football unless they were one of a tiny percentage lucky enough to make it to play in the pro or semi-pro leagues. Also think about modern society, there's no kids playing football in the street anymore, there's tons more distractions now such as playstation and tons of leisure choices that were not available a few decades ago. There needs to be as much football as possible to maximise the chance of getting people involved. If the juniors and other grassroots football ceased to exist there would be a massive vacuum and people would turn to other sports. Given how crap our football team has been for so long, success in another sport might draw people away from football. We can't afford to be complacent. Football is part of the fabric of society in Scotland and in part that is due to the historical legacy of all those who have contributed to the game as it stands today. Including the juniors and all enthusiasts for the game at all levels. Anyways. Good debate thanks. I think I've said enough on this for now.