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  1. HK Hibee

    Top 5 Gigs

    1). U2. Rome 2017 on joshua tree revisited tour ( or whatever it was called) 2). Lenny Kravitz. Are you gonna go my way tour at SECC in 94 or 95 3) pogues. Barrowlands, in 95 or 96. No MacGowan but just electric atmosphere 4) Snow Patrol, Hk in 2010 ( or around then) 5) Robbie Williams. Singapore Grand Prix in 2014. In middle of a torrential downpour ( the likes of which those who have not been to Southeast Asia could not imagine) the guy came out and absolutely ruled. Music is Not my cup of tea but he is a performer
  2. That is a Hibs line up right out of my favourite memories of watching Hibs. Even Tommy McIntyre....
  3. Train spotting has to be the best but Glue is a much better story on friendship. Didn’t hurt that it was set in west Edinburgh (where I went to school)
  4. Winslow is a great author and that trilogy is just fantastic. Read some of his other stuff ( eg San Diego or Southern California based) like Dawn Patrol. Almost as good.
  5. Got this for my 40th a few years ago. Expensive but I dont spend much on other things so worth it
  6. Broken my cherry so to speak and submitted my first entry. They say only the good die young- suffice to say that is not the motto of my team...
  7. Overall Maurice Johnston to Rangers. Remember being on holiday in Majorca at the time and it was front page news in the Daily MAjorcan (or whatever the local expat newsletter was called). For Hibs - Archibald. He was only 2 years off playing in European Cup final for Barcelona when he joined us.
  8. Surely the most on message response is the person Tommy Burns would most like to meet...”His Holiness the Pope”
  9. He definitely favours one of Edinburgh’s two lower league teams.
  10. Can just imagine the jet set saying to themselves “F*ck it, let’s not go to Hawaii/Bali/Barbados etc , let’s have a week in Govan”
  11. You made some reasonable points but I read 2 pages after this post and no-one called you on it, so I will. this argument is bollocks. This is the “we were waiting for the last 8 games strategy“. It might work but I also might get a chance to cop off with Monica Belluci - neither are very likely. In both cases past performance is a good indicator of future performance.
  12. Judging by Dalglish’s expression the ref may have just shat himself
  13. New to P&B and so laughed through this thread this evening. Nothing beats the Conor Salmon pizza but would have thought the Hearts “Josef Fritzl” hospitality lounge would have got a few votes. On non match days the seats behind the Gorgie road end lift up to allow supporters of Scotland’s 3rd biggest club to peek out at freedom. Unfortunately no pics....
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