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  1. Our sales meeting this morning threw up a couple of new ones ”let’s get started, we have a lot of wood to chop” “we are helping with their resource demand elasticity”
  2. In my experience is to open a brokerage account and buy ETFs. The fees they charge for a index tracker fund are significantly lower than some of the other managed funds - cam be 0.1% compared to 2-3%. transaction costs are pretty low as they are just like a share. I use my bank (hsbc)
  3. After watching the first test was discussing with the laddie whether we had a good chance to beat ABs if we were fully fit. Going to pretend that never happened after the second test. Rieko Ioane is some player
  4. If you get to the point where the kebab shop delivery guy knows you this well it is maybe time to think about your life choices.
  5. Would have been class if he pointed at the ref then started pulling multicoloured hankies out of the arm of his suit.
  6. The use of “inferring “ suggests that he didn’t call him a clown but instead did something that suggested it. Trying to think what it could be - best idea is he mimed someone walking with big clown shoes
  7. That is a gem of deductive reasoning. 30 seconds laughing out loud. thank you
  8. Netherlands for me. Slightly annoying as I work with a Dutch guy and he will be even more insufferable than usual if they do win.
  9. I have thought really hard about the implications of this… …and I think a free drop within one clubs length, no nearer the hole, is fair.
  10. Trainspotting Comfort and joy Orphans Gregory’s Girl Angels Share also partial to Sunshine on Leith…..
  11. I thought Hibs had the Banter Club of the 22/23 season wrapped up already with our frankly banterific pre-season and League Cup showing but Motherwell coming up on the rails strongly.
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