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  1. My view on the tackle laws is entirely coloured by both my boys being keen rugby players, coaching the younger boys team and the older boy having had a concussion. rugby had to get a point where players stop tackling so high otherwise people, kids in particular, will stop playing. I have no sympathy for any borderline case - honestly Steward saw what was happening and turned into Keenan. Send them off and behaviour changes.
  2. Maybe Nike and Adidas have given these guys big endorsement contracts and they all have personalised trainers?
  3. Years ago we were binge watching The West Wing and I instituted a rule that she could only ask me 3 questions per episode. Once she used up all 3 questions before the opening credits finished (admittedly one of the questions was ‘can you turn the volume up’
  4. Thought twice about posting this but I know the P&B crowd are forgiving and tolerant. the best thing I have ever done shoe-wise is get my work shoes made bespoke. Lasted for years and super comfortable from day 1
  5. While big Alex McLeish looks absolutely fucking delighted at his
  6. I think that is a bit of a stereotype ? listened to the Rugby Pod last week and they had Tuipolotu on - he said Russell is very diligent in preparing etc
  7. Folk who after a long period of being married say “if I had killed someone I would be out the jail by now”
  8. The very definition of damning two great teams ( ok, one great team and Aberdeen) with faint praise
  9. Is that a Billy Connolly line? i am shocked, shocked I tell you to find out a weegie has tried to pass someone else’s saying as their own
  10. Getting old is the feeling of apprehension when you fart that you have no idea if you are going to follow through. my dads mate once said to me about getting old “Never trust a fart and never waste an erection”
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