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  1. Hard luck story again - we should have won tonight, no excuses!
  2. Well done Steve Clarke. Sets a team up where every single player on the park knows their role. Not pretty on the eye but is working for us and we will take that all day long!
  3. Mark Guidi is not involved at the club, don't believe everything you read on social media.
  4. The only cringe factor is your comments on this forum - you are a very sad individual as others have previously mentioned. You clearly log in only to post negativity towards Darvel or have some sort of personal problem with someone at the club - sad sad person.
  5. Interview with Greg Taylor.. talks winning the league, coming through at Killie and that tackle on Joey Barton...
  6. What you talking about ya fanny the money you are spending on wages you should be humping us. Where were you when they were pish and had no money probably like most of your fans sitting in the house ya dick Do you get this angry after every defeat :(?
  7. Slept on it and yous still got pumped last night!
  8. must win on Saturday, 3 points needed v girvan
  9. if I was a current player id look at these new boys coming in on higher fees and see it as a plus that the club has extra cash and work hard all season to demand a higher next contract
  10. Spending a bit of money does not guarantee success & to start saying at this stage of the season about winning the league is just daft promotion next year after finishing 9th season before would b solid progress. easier said than done
  11. I can understand the frustrations of the original players when they see new players coming in on more money but some of them have been there and done it and that is what we were lacking last season and is also why they command a higher fee. seeing games out etc, depends on the aspirations of the current players some might be jealous others might look at it positively and see the growth of the club and a potential promotion campaign. if we never added to the squad from last year there would not be half as much buzz about the place
  12. you just counting the bus numbers ?
  13. Good game last night, thought the atmosphere was brilliant start to finish. Your boys strolled the game in parts, thought darvel started well first 10 minutes. Then you took over. That number 7 of yours looks a cracking player, good luck on wed
  14. busy page this. looking forward to a good game on Monday night
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