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  1. Hopefully no pitch invasion and breaking of seats at this one
  2. 2-1 Celtic for this one killie have dropped a bit of late 3 games against old firm in 10 days isn't going to be easy
  3. He never mentioned Defoe.stevie g just assuming it was for a dive in which case he thinks it was a dive ha
  4. What's everyone's thoughts on this. is the Kilmarnock manager within his rights to be pulling up a rangers player for diving.this must add some extra spice the the cup game on sat with Gerrard attacking back and also slagging a player that's going to play for them soon and will win them penalties in the future.the refs are at fault everyone outside the old firm get very little back up from the corrupt SFA
  5. Heard from a good source that Mullen is defo going to sign.i think a new challenge will get him back to the levels he was at few seasons ago
  6. Agree the rose are a good team but in a 1 off cup games it's anyone's.think it will be closer than 5 or 6
  7. Yip colville were well on top pulled shortless all over the place.they are the benchmark for amateur teams
  8. That's good penalty cause the games at East Kilbride
  9. I don't think Billy will be the answer.dont think he's playing anymore.hes played a few times with lees before and also was playing with thistle last year.hope they can get someone decent as they will miss Gary's quick play from the back and also reads the game well
  10. Garry will miss 2 games .well so I have heard and he's going no where just a shame that he's missing this massive game for the club.hopefully lees can get threw but it's another hard game if they do.
  11. Good luck to hurlford ammies,great to see a team go Fae boys club to where that are at.same as Kilbride thistle guys put the work in.and as for slating Ronnie McGill.big man's a gent and a very good player so if he goes to hurlford that will only improve them but I think he's happy at craigie
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