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  1. Staying up is a good season, going down is never good [emoji23] the start we made and the way we have played isn’t worthy of a relegation. If we done a Dumbarton and parked the bus every game and played “anti football” then fair enough but the fact Jim has spoken about looking above us in the league instead of over our shoulder shows what he thinks is a “good season”
  2. The pitch completely kills dario/trouts and shields game with hardly any space for them. Hamilton never got out of a jog, heard pat the kit man of all people saying jacks one of the laziest footballers he seen [emoji23][emoji23] how Kev and robbo don’t play is a mystery to everyone I think.
  3. Squeaky bum time now
  4. I think putting Kirky In has disturbed what we had in the midfield, not as defensively switched on as Robbo or stevie H with robbo playing left back and kirky left side of the midfield it leaves us defensively open there and that’s where the 2 Falkirk goals came from.
  5. All I see are 2 doomed clubs deserving of relegation....
  6. Would be a bench warmer
  7. Jack Aitchison signed today
  8. Knew Zanatta was done days ago
  9. This Is just glorious [emoji23]
  10. Wheres aitchison going?
  11. Was reported in the advertiser with him saying he is staying
  12. Dario staying confirmed
  13. Never in doubt...
  14. Clearly he’s no... mon the goodie