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  1. Think it’s going to take time under grant, wants us to be more direct, new formation as well but we’ll see how it goes
  2. Auld Bambling Barry pulling the shirt on for Brechin 8yrs after retiring yesterday [emoji23][emoji23]
  3. sky sports saying we’ve had over 50 applicants from all over the world for the job [emoji102][emoji24]
  4. We’re getting Naysmith [emoji24][emoji24][emoji24]
  5. Needs to be someone who likes to play good football and not afraid to go at teams like Jim or jack Ross. Would be a disaster if we ended up with a park the bus merchant
  6. But a return of sir Paul wouldn’t be the worst situation
  7. I think a player like Barry Robson would be the kind of guy Mike will look at, ex pro at a good level who has done his learning up at Aberdeen under mcinnes and wants to take his first step in management
  8. What’s the dates for the pre season games
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