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  1. After Tidser was booked, did anyone else notice the Falkirk assistant manager jumping up and down waving imaginary cards towards at the ref to book Raith players, what an absolute clown.😂
  2. As complete a 90 mins we've had in a long time. Under no pressure whatsover during this match but sometimes i despair at the Rovers support....40 mins in,2-0 up and Peterhead have sat with 10 men behind the ball so far...we're keeping possession and going forward then go backwards and the crowd start moaning. By going back the way, we're trying to get Peterhead to come out a bit and create gaps...have some patience ffs.
  3. Bit on Twitter saying Stranraer will have 5 players back for todays game
  4. The downside to using the money just now is it isn't gaurenteed. I'd probably prefer the club didn't dip into it till January. That way they will know what's in the bank and how many people will have dropped out etc. On the subject of money,does anyone know when the tribunal for Nisbet is or has it been and gone and ive missed us getting he haw again ?
  5. Was that the guy with a red top on? Probably thought he was being smart in front of his pals but was actually just a dick.
  6. Heard Brechin's lovely at this time of year 🤣
  7. Did anyone see that Matthew Knox signed for Brechin. Thought we weren't offering a deal because he was going " down south"....did he get lost on his way ? 🤣
  8. I think maybe a Rovers fan pumped his wife behind his back or something ...its either that or he's been around East Fife fans too long.
  9. You do know he's a Pars fan and absolutely hates the Rovers
  10. Nah not at all. Not all Raith fans are howling at the moon type loonies when it come to talking about Pars / Raith rivalry.
  11. Fife Free Press have just posted on Twitter that Raith have accepted the bid from DAFC and Euan Murray is set to sign for you guys today. Presumably, Nisbet will follow shortly and if so, you cant grudge the pair of them the chance to move to a bigger team in a league above.
  12. That the guy who scored 2 goals when we played Brechin last time? Take it he'll be one of our PT contingent?
  13. He's a total imposter of a footballer. We should be looking to offload asap
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