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  1. The Queens penalty reminds me of a similar one in the mid 90's V St Johnstone where Shaun Dennis slid in the box and it hit his arm. All these years later and I'm still unsure as how you can slide tackle with your arms by your side
  2. Just wanted to wish Cowden all the best for today.
  3. The Raith TV guys said they were unable to film the game yesterday and had to wait for Accies to give them footage to use for our highlights. No idea when they're going to be out.
  4. Well done to the Pars tonight, by far the better team who fought and battled for everything ,deserved the 3 points and should probably have won by a bigger margin. Not sure why McGlynn reverted to the 1 up top that hasn't worked for weeks but hey ho. Only good thing from our point of view is it's another game closer to finishing the season which can't come quick enough tbh.
  5. I just right click it and open in private window. Works for me.
  6. That's utterly disgusting. There's a difference between banter with a rival support and just sheer lowlife scummy behaviour.
  7. yeah i get that but all it does is fuel speculation in regards the actual fee . Would it not be better if clubs just told the details of the fee involved ? They're always talking about transparency after all.
  8. If the fee is what's being rumoured then why not just come out and say what it is? To me, using the "undisclosed fee" line is almost as if they're worried that if they admit it's nowhere near that amount, the fans wont be happy....so much for transparency. As for ambition, , they could have knocked back Hibs bid and at least looked like they were trying to hold onto our young talent instead of accepting the first offer of magic beans that were thrown their way. If Hibs really wanted Tait, they could have waited until January and tried again....after all, they've loaned him back to us till Jan anyway. Talk about getting booted in the balls not one day but 2 in a row.
  9. That game was when we put the ball out for an injury to one of our players, Simon Donnelly instead of giving the ball back,proceeded to take the throw in to another celtic player who crossed for Van Hooijdonk to score.
  10. Thanks Rovers_Lad. I couldn't remember what the actual outcome of the situation was at the time. I just remember Eric coming on here to discuss this.
  11. Not sure if this is any relevance to this discussion but i remembered this being spoken about years ago. Done a bit of digging and came across a post by Eric Drysdale back in 2015. Eric D Gold Members 8 My Team : Scotland Posted April 24, 2015 (edited) Right guys, let me try to explain. But first of all, can I explain that I have significant interest in this subject matter as my wife is registered disabled and a very good friend of mine has severe disabilities. Second of all, I'd like to say sorry for any confusion. As has been suggested, the original message had to be rushed out by me on Sunday past in order to give enough notice of Wednesday's sale day. In hindsight I should have taken more time with the wording. Anyway... The situation is that, very annoyingly, the girls in the ticket office and stewards / turnstile operators are regularly faced with what can best be described as 'chancers'. Fraudsters would be another way of putting it. Things like out of date passes, using other people's passes and - shall we say - not being entirely truthful about age. We have tried cracking down on it, but other ways are still found to diddle the club out of money it so badly needs. We even know of a carer who sit up the back of the stand while the disabled person sits down the front. Apart from anything else, this is placing the disabled person at risk in the event of health issues or in an emergency. We also know of a disabled person who requires a free carer pass at Stark's Park but somehow manages to travel to places like Ibrox and sit alone there. Nuff said! It's difficult to put a figure on it, but I'd estimate that fraud in various forms has cost us a five figure sum this season. My job as CEO is to try to address that, and this policy change we are talking about here is just the first of several measures that will be rolled out next season. Before anyone asks, this will most definitely include closer monitoring of all concessionary admission. So those who have admitted in this discussion to 'trying it on' can expect to be challenged next season. Issue of complimentary tickets will also be significantly reduced. That said, there is another issue at play as well that is not linked to fraud in any way. It's simply that we were arguably too generous in the past with concessionary pricing. At very many places of entertainment eg some gigs, cinemas, other sporting events etc (Graeme also mentioned the Flyers), and other discretionary spending like eating out or buying clothes there are no / minimal concessions. I know that from personal experience. At a few others, both disabled person and carer get in free. That's very generous, but RRFC is unfortunately not able to stretch that far in its financial circumstances. We have therefore chosen the middle ground, and followed the steer given by disability organisations at our last 2 (very positive) disability audits...ie we will charge the disabled person the normal price for their age and offer a free carer pass, if required. I appreciate that the price adjustment just introduced appears severe. Arguably it is, but we are simply trying to align with the market norm. Issue of the free carer pass will be strictly regulated, and card use will be closely monitored via CCTV, it goes without saying that genuine carers such as Graeme P have nothing whatsoever to fear about this tougher regime as Raith Rovers FC will continue to do all it can to accommodate people with disabilities, limited only by the design of a century old stand! Just to try to clear up one other point... The website article reference to walk up concessions was intended to refer to Senior Citizens and Juniors. Disabled match day admission has always been different and that will change for 15/16 in line with the season ticket changes. In summary, 1. Our season ticket prices are aligned to age criteria only. There are no concessions for other categories such as job seekers or students. It's an attempt to keep the offering straightforward. The only exception to this principle is the free carer concession for disabled persons. 2. We are by various means tightening up on control of access to the stadium including by away fans, and other aspects of match day processes, to try to maximise match day revenues. I hope this helps clarify, and that readers will accept that the overall package of measures is ultimately in the best interests of RRFC and it's supporters. Once again, sorry that the original website message wasn't up to scratch. Edited April 24, 2015 by Eric D
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