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  1. Ouch. tbf if someone doubted I was who I said I was, I might be wee bit miffed too.
  2. Always found this John Ashworth guy irritating - nice to see him come a cropper. Putting aside his bad choice of back-stabbing mates and his stupidly loose lips during a campaign - surely the most damning and disloyal thing must be his repeated references to Labour as "they" and "them", rather than "we" and "us". Toast.
  3. Okay. By popular request, I'll STFU now. And go remove a whole omlette from my face.
  4. In your own time, Ann. Can't be too careful - can't go blowing £200,000 on compo for Stendel, can we? After all, it's not as if we have been blowing £500,000 to £750,000 on contracts for the likes of Martin, Sammon, Wighton, Damour, Vancek...... And who cares about getting a measly1 point from games against Killie, Livi and Well. It's not as if every place higher in the SPFL is worth an extra £70-80K, is it? Oh, wait a minute...
  5. You jest. But I'd go for that. Indyref2 followed by independence for Scotland. UK referendum result honoured. Job done.
  6. Corbyn was as composed as ever and shaded it. Could say 52-48. But Boris probably happier - because he didn't screw it up monumentally. He's 1-0 up going into extra time and just survived a free kick on the edge of his box.
  7. Well argued. You've shifted me from 5% doubt to 10% doubt. But still, nah. McAimHere?
  8. 1. The high % of his supposedly bad English "translation mistakes" that would be bad Spanish too. If you were struggling to write in a foreign language you think you would suddenly "forget" to use capitals for proper names and sentence starts? No chance 2. His encyclopedic knowledge of Dumbarton, Arbroath, Stirling Albion etc. 3. The high % of mistakes that just happen to have (gratuitous) comic value. You've been played.
  9. And if you read it properly Jamie - as opposed to dipping in and out with your trademark one line wise-cracks - you'll see that you are wrong. btw got any quote at all where I have said anything remotely xenophobic? Nah. Didn't think so
  10. But I don't believe any supermarket does have bare shelves. And I don't believe any developed western economy can't prosper without the comfort blanket of the EU
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