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  1. Highlight of the League Season

    Hate to burst your bubble, Bohemian. But finishing 3 points ahead of a Hearts team so insipid that half the fans want the manager's head, is surely not a "highlight of the league season". Not outside of EH7 anyway. Maybe not even there.
  2. A View From The Terrace.

    Is he quite a hard boy, you ask? Well, he might be if you are offering to give him a lickin'
  3. To annoy them? Nah, common decency says you have to do it - even if it is through gritted teeth. But expect it to be long forgotten Hearts players clapping on unused Celtic players. The likes of Malaury Martin congratulating Scott Allan on his efforts to secure the title?
  4. 3rd ? Pfffftt. We managed 2nd. So there!
  5. On here? This place will be, relatively, an oasis of calm sanity. But what about Kickback? That's going to go into complete meltdown. Think of the number of combinations and factions there's going to be. Sack the FoH reps - sack the Ch Ex - sack The manager. Or Sack the FoH reps- Keep the Ch Ex - Sack The manager. Or Keep the FoH reps - Sack the Ch Ex - Keep the manager. Etc. 6 8 combos in total? Kickback is going to look like Beruit in the 1980s.
  6. Friday night football - SSBs v GSBs

    We're saving it all for Hampden, when we are going to look like Barcelona Liverpool.
  7. Friday night football - SSBs v GSBs

    Eh? Define "decent". Apart from us losing, obv.
  8. Friday night football - SSBs v GSBs

    When things look tough, Levein likes to throw a few kids under the bus give youth a chance. Started at ER with a central midfield of Smith, a 17 year old making his first team debut plus 18 year old Cochrane making his first (?) start of the season.
  9. Friday night football - SSBs v GSBs

    What you girning about? You don't even have to watch it. You can get Gardeners World or Corrie, if switch the doofer.
  10. Friday night football - SSBs v GSBs

    Get your stereotypes right, ya peg-seller. Smack-heids - that's Hibs you're thinking about. We are cardigan-wearing, Rover-driving, Tories, if you don't mind.
  11. Friday night football - SSBs v GSBs

    Every Jambo. If we have a performance left in us, we better be saving it for Hampden.
  12. We'll have to disagree. One goal every three games for Raith, Dundee and Hibs isn't too shabby.
  13. Keith Wright was a decent player. Certainly not deserving of being singled out from a team containing McKinlay, McInally, Morris and Boyd. btw how in God's name did Boyd get 72 Scotland caps ? Apart from playing for Celtic, obviously.
  14. Just the name will do, thank-you, Jim. Anything else is gratuitous gloating.
  15. Ally MacLeod front centre?