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  1. There is the second bottom club will be relegated with the winner of the EOS play off going up and the second place filled “by invitation” l believe
  2. Last place club should go down automatically, happens in every other league why not here, Old story turkeys and Xmas etc, shite clubs like Cowdenbeath Berwick Albion are dying on there feet f**k of and let new bold in
  3. Your an absolute tool crawl back under yer stone
  4. Aye your lot fair piles them through the turnstiles anaw
  5. It’s all over social media bud so you don’t have to believe
  6. Ye is that Lego ground against shambolic manky ground
  7. Forget the west dinosaurs let them wallow and the rest of us will get on with getting on with it
  8. Apparently Brydon was asked but knocked it back in favour of a big game at........Greenlaw[emoji23]
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