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  1. If I remember correctly was there not a song about Finnigan and a pretty famous Columbian export.
  2. Not ideal but let's see if the team has some character to grind out the result. Airdrie should come at us just need to nick a goal on the counter attack.
  3. Yeah just saw this pop up on Facebook. Hopefully moves on without a hitch. Great job from everyone involved.
  4. You just know that we will tough it out to the January window before we see any more players. But they may surprise us.
  5. Never watched the game, seems like a good point. Glad to see some semi positive posts about the team on here too
  6. I see Killie have made a good start to the season, fielding an ineligible player. Shouldn't really mock as that would just sum up our board.
  7. Any news, rumours on a game lined up for today or are we just going into Tues having only had a kick about against Irvine and Hearts.
  8. Sheerin and Grainger to fill out the rest of the squad.
  9. Maybe the fact it was going to be shown free to the fans, they pulled the plug as not not affect season ticket sales going forward.
  10. At least it's not one of the usual jobbers that constantly does the rounds. When you think about it he fits into the role of the plans the Rawlins apparently have. If he was bringing through players into the Aberdeen squad then they will hope he does something similar here so they can move them on, if he is given any time that is. We wait in trepidation.
  11. Hearing those names, this is exactly what I was thinking. Seems to be a few different sources convinced Grant is heading our way so wouldn't be a surprise really.
  12. Montrose doing their part just need Airdrie to put an end to this shambolic season
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