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  1. You might be right but his application was perfect today and I suppose that's all we can ask for.
  2. He wasn't in the team when they beat us either on boxing day
  3. He might be a consummate professional but man he has to surely have a dig in his interview.
  4. Should have been out of site in the first half now it's squeaky bum time.
  5. As a side note. When is Yogi getting punted. They're mince
  6. There is also one plays for Coleraine. 29yo Centre half, club captain.
  7. If the whole back room staff don't get punted along with Sheerin, would Grainger be an option for a few games? I know they are all as culpable as the manager but Sheerin really comes across as, it's my ball type situation and as has been said on here multiple times the he's stubborn so might not actually be listening to anyone. I could be wrong but a few times on the side lines they do seem to distance themselves from each other.
  8. My bad, didn't realise that was from last year. Needless to say that dig at the man involved went right over my head.
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