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  1. Just in from work and catching up with the last few pages and signing. These last 2 guys may turn out to be good or they could be utter mince. But boy I do love a little left field signing. As said on here plenty times, it's the hope that destroys you.
  2. Boy might not have scored a professional goal but scored 14 in 32 for Boro under 23. Fingers crossed he can stay fit and find the net for us. A bit meh on the face of it, but hey expect the unexpected.
  3. https://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/2022/07/30/remembering-euan-anderson/ Link added for whoever mentioned this.
  4. Just catching up and was going to post something similar. Thought he had sold it on but maybe he hasn't, he is a falkirk man through and through. Quite a few family members have worked /volunteered at the club over the years.
  5. If we were to be a few goals up, I'd like to see Connelly be given some game time tonight.
  6. Just good to see a team actually trying for once.
  7. Not that it needs repeated but it's glaringly obvious we need someone up front. Horrific attempt from Nesbitt and we should be winning. Queue a flurry of goals from hibs.
  8. @Andy Dufresne is this some sort of sick joke
  9. and I thought this was a football forum.
  10. White shorts definitely needed. Carrot doesn't bother me but every time I look at it all I see is Dick Dastardly's car.
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