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  1. Be surprised if we pick up any more points. 🙈
  2. No argument here but we do make it difficult for ourselves.
  3. First week back and my nerves are shot to shit. Can't handle another 6 weeks of 1-0 for 90mins.
  4. "I was at at the game on Monday with Brora Rangers travelling all the way to Camelon and I don't think that's a good idea for teams who are not testing," he said. Quote from Robbie Neilson on bbc sport scotland website. Is this not exactly what's wrong with our game just now, giving the current covid situation. Surely there shouldn't be anyone outside the competing teams at matches. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Yeah I heard about Ian from the Elliotts crowd never heard about the other guy. Sad times
  6. Apologies my bad. Double substitution at the end. 🙈
  7. Not been following all the rules but I thought 5 subs could only be used over 3 substitutions. Following sky's commentary and looked like we made 4 separate substitutions???
  8. Looks like we'll get to see Morrison get a game then.
  9. Probably just bad texting. No need to get caught up in some dull argument about race. Let's just look forward to tomorrows game and hopefully a slightly brighter future. 👍
  10. Reading the last few pages is grim. Not a shareholder but can only see this ending in tears. If this goes horribly wrong, as has been said on hear numerous times that the fans won't do it. All that should be left in that stadium is the cardboard cut outs.
  11. At least its a win on the opening day for a change.
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