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  1. If I'm right I remember he could take a good penalty. And talking of own goals. Brian Rice, diving header from the edge of his own box has to be up there with the best one I've seen. Think it was against Aberdeen.
  2. As much as people on here are appalled at the usual names being banded about. Can anyone seriously see our board doing something left field and going for anyone different or even leaving it a few weeks to step back and assess the whole [email protected] mess that we are in.
  3. https://www.falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/football/falkirk-fc/falkirk-s-takeover-deal-with-mark-campbell-cancelled-1-5037319
  4. I know we love a bit of crowd [email protected] on here. Hope street end looking pretty busy. Ahh the good old days.
  5. Andy Gray was fucking brilliant. Just looked at his wiki, has him as a forward but despite being very young, I remember him being a right back for us.... Am I misremembering? In pretty sure he played as a defender for us.
  6. Totally get your point but this made me laugh out loud.
  7. Looking at some of the late moves that's happened at the end of the window, just goes to prove how much of a sorry state we are in (example being Kiltie to Pars etc). Great move for the Pars. Were currently stuck with Rays experienced,slow old guard and his boring tactics. After suffering the game on Saturday and as has been said previously on here I'm genuinely worried as to what rock bottom will look like. #slowlyslippingintotheabyss.
  8. We probably should but if his contact is up at the end of the season I really can't see the board paying him off. Imagine how embarrassing that would be for them,just can't see it. Games have been pitiful so far and a few more games of the same clueness nature and they just might surprise me.
  9. Today was the date he kept quoting. Done by the 28th then a few days to potentially sign anyone.😂 Doubt we will hear either way till Friday as BPM suggested. Time to fasten ourselves in I think.
  10. Totally agree with you. Looked pish in most games so far. Don't know if he's fit or not but certainly looks way off the pace.
  11. Davis Keillor-Dunn, 21, wants a move away from Ross County after growing frustrated at his lack of playing time. (Sun, print edition) Come on Ray , sort it out .
  12. Ahh #Falkirkbairns more twists and turns than a twisty thing.
  13. Damn you Al-ffc you stole my thunder. Was just about to add her. 😂
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