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  1. I am absolutely here for this kind of signing. Either gonna set the heather on fire or play 2 games and never be heard from again. Dont even care if hes another midfielder, we only have 2 good ones anyway
  2. He's an option an area of the park we dont have a lot of options. While I'm not singing from the rooftops about it, I'm quite happy with it
  3. Can't wait to see Celtic twitter meltdown when we Vigurs gives away a stonewall penalty. Would be delighted if we can get something out of this but with the way Rangers have been playing recently, I can't see it.
  4. Easily done! (actually cut grass in the summer there in younger times) Dont want people to get disappointed when they realise they wont actually be able to see the pitch from there! Will see the odd goal kick and get the ball in your garden though
  5. It's not a B&B. As an expat from the village, it is still surprising to see the name pop up each week! But very much doubt it'll be a one and done scenario.
  6. Look forward to us ruining another Saturday by conceding from a corner & giving Stevie May his mojo back 3-1 Saints. Totally disillusioned with this team just now. Constantly poor. Now ive said that Fontaine will score the winner from a Lee Erwin cross
  7. I hope all this ticket nonsense doesn't lead to people sitting at the back of the stand because "that's their ticket number"
  8. I hope for future rounds, they make the balls in the shape of teacakes
  9. Amazed this hasn't had a nomination yet. ETA: Didn't notice its now their pinned tweet[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  10. Keys handed back to the landlord. Believe there's some Clackmannanshire squatters who have made their home for the summer.
  11. 1.Celtic 2.Rangers 3.Hibernian 4.Aberdeen 5.Motherwell 6.Kilmarnock 7.Hearts 8.Ross County 9.St Johnstone 10.St Mirren 11.Hamilton 12.Livingston
  12. He is out of contact so perhaps a bigger offer came in? Dissapointed to see him go. He's certainly had his moments but he's been excellent more often than not for us.
  13. Can we offer Kenny a new contract on the prevision that he takes Alex Schalk with him please? I miss him so much
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