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  1. I don't think that's strictly true.
  2. He's out of contract this summer I believe....
  3. They don't go on general sale until next month?
  4. He is out of contact so perhaps a bigger offer came in? Dissapointed to see him go. He's certainly had his moments but he's been excellent more often than not for us.
  5. Looks like Fox is away.
  6. Can we offer Kenny a new contract on the prevision that he takes Alex Schalk with him please? I miss him so much
  7. Is it possible to have an 7/10 season even though we won the league and challenge cup? I mean, its been lovely winning most weeks and getting 2 trophies but some performances have been pretty lack laster. Limped over the line but we got there. Injuries have been our downfall but I don't think we need a massive overhaul a la St Mirren. Would much rather us go down Livis route and keep most of the squad. Highlight- Possibly the 2-1 new year Derby. Pummeled all game yet we won. And then Graham pummeled Rooney. 5-1 @ Tannadice was good too and the 3-3 @ Somerset (which is where the title run began IMO) and the real title winner when Lindsay scored in the 94th minute was great too. f**k it, 9/10. There's some great moments to look back on Lowlight- The first week in January when we lost to Morton on a Friday night and then got pumped by Queens 4-0. Was also during our indiscipline time when we for 3 reds in as many games and Ketts got a ban. POTY- Josh Mullin. Unbelievable that he didn't win all the club POTY's and didn't make the team of the year. He literally won us a cup. And has single handedly dragged us out of holes this year.
  8. Aye but the rolling out of the banner and the like. That was funny
  9. Yesterday was tremendous fun. Highlight possibly being the Falkirk fans starting their protest then immediately scoring twice and not being quite sure what to do. That or getting onto Sportscene
  10. The day is finally here. County to score a last minute equaliser to relegate Falkirk and Davis Keillor Dunn to run onto the pitch and do a knee slide in front of the home fans pls.
  11. Almost time to hand over the keys. We really have made this house our home in whenever we come for a visit to our less fortunate neighbours.
  12. I could've sworn I used cash in October
  13. ICTFC 18/19

    Ladies and gentlemen, we got em.