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  1. This 100%. I’m sure some of these players a right arseholes but it’s the the Managers job to manage them - the clue’s in the f***ing job title. He needs to show a range of responses/approaches to dealing with problems, but he seems to be a one-trick-pony where that’s concerned.
  2. I think it’s a predictive text issue - I just typed in ’Sevco can f**k off and just finally die’ and it came out as the above nonsense as well
  3. I’ve nothing particularly against Nelms etc but why do they ‘deserve it’? If it’s just a business then it’s got f*** all to do with them deserving anything - any profit would simply be a return on their investment. Maybe best to wait until we’re signing the lease on a fully built stadium before we get too much of a hard-on for them though.
  4. That’s hardly a reference point given the current crop - that’s on a par with being the brownest jobbie in the bog
  5. The third was an open goal so needless to say instead of going in it hit the old boy in seat 4 row z
  6. Not at all, we’re simply saying it was funny as f**k.
  7. The reason is that he’s ostensibly a half-wit. Putting a suit on a chimp doesn’t stop it being a chimp.
  8. No - think that’s that clarified. However, in the spirit of goodwill here’s a photo of another parade with people in colourful outfits for you
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