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  1. No midweek will be played Next week because Scottish cup weekend
  2. Better than monti or shankland at dead ball ??
  3. One of the worst attitudes I’ve seen.
  4. Do yous feel this has lost its importance ??This use to be a massive tournament seems to have lost its importance over the recent years. Do teams still take this seriously as other competitions like Scottish cup and league . Likes of talbot and pollok with the size of squads they have do they give the lads who haven’t been playing a game ? Would love to see us go full strength and try to win it.
  5. Who’s turned down new deals ? I would take any of that squad at the bankies
  6. Watched they highlights this morning . Surely someone from the club needs to tell him to stop acting like a clown. Not the first time over the years
  7. What happened after your game today heard bother
  8. Took in this game today. Rossvale are a very tidy outfit. Seen people on talbot thread questioning tucker tactics well the man is barely wrong today his subs were bang on 1-1 brings on a fresh striker when rossvale were tiring who goes on to link up with Wilson for the winner. Then brings on a legend in the game that is Steven white to see the match out. Talbots work rate is immense triggered by forwards Wilson Samson and Boylan . I would love to know how talbot are so fit as there is a few bankies boys that could need talbots training ! As for rossvale I can see them winning many more games no where near relegation fodder
  9. Thought it was a pen imo. Talbot are a machine and will be hard to be stopped. Talbots strikers optimise everything that they are about they amount of work they do is frightening!!!
  10. Anyone fancy any shocks this weekend or do you expect the favourites to get through. there are a few tasty fixtures. Cumbernauld my pick to shock hurlford.
  11. Heard tonight it’s tony mc job. Good appointment
  12. Why does everyone hate talbot so much down there way lol ??
  13. Very good young player yous have got there
  14. Must be a lot of players coming in at pollok . Watt young McKluskey anson all be leaving
  15. One of the worse refereeing performances I’ve seen for both teams tonight . Talbot came out traps flying 2-0 up could have been a lot more. Bankies get themselves back in it with a chance to take the lead then poor defending cost us. Talbot subs changed the game particularly no12. As for bankies looking for a few wins in our last games then plan for next season.
  16. What was McCann sent off for at end could see it right was it a kick out ??
  17. Can only see the Ayr victory kicking yous guys on another level. Watching the game back on tv after getting home from Largs , Yous guys weren’t even at your best on sat against Ayr and won that’s worrying. Guys with the quality like shankland and samson can’t even get a game for yous have strength in depth and that’s why I think yous will win most this season.
  18. Bankies clinical today 5-0 going on more . Buffs discipline killed them .
  19. All the best to Talbot when this game comes around . Your selves and beith have done the juniors proud regardless of the result. Every junior team would bite your hand off for a home draw against a championship team. The whole of auchinleck will be buzzing.
  20. Clinical Clydebank today , great wee set up at Troon aw the best .
  21. Gee it a by noo it was embarrassing enough now 6 pages in is ridiculous.
  22. This thread should be deleted it’s embarrassing . No wonder so many young players leave the game at all levels with clowns like this . I don’t know him but from watching when playing against us over the past 3 in all comps I wish him all the best cracking young player just hope he manages to get game time as Talbot have serious fire power up top will be hard to get in.
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