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  1. Bankies v Talbot tonight

    One of the worse refereeing performances I’ve seen for both teams tonight . Talbot came out traps flying 2-0 up could have been a lot more. Bankies get themselves back in it with a chance to take the lead then poor defending cost us. Talbot subs changed the game particularly no12. As for bankies looking for a few wins in our last games then plan for next season.
  2. largs 3v3 pollok

    What was McCann sent off for at end could see it right was it a kick out ??
  3. Macron Scottish Junior Cup Round 5

    Can only see the Ayr victory kicking yous guys on another level. Watching the game back on tv after getting home from Largs , Yous guys weren’t even at your best on sat against Ayr and won that’s worrying. Guys with the quality like shankland and samson can’t even get a game for yous have strength in depth and that’s why I think yous will win most this season.
  4. Cambuslang Rangers And Manager Part Ways

    What players are defo away ??
  5. Todays scores 12/1

    Bankies clinical today 5-0 going on more . Buffs discipline killed them .
  6. Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United televised

    All the best to Talbot when this game comes around . Your selves and beith have done the juniors proud regardless of the result. Every junior team would bite your hand off for a home draw against a championship team. The whole of auchinleck will be buzzing.
  7. Today's scores 3rd nov

    Clinical Clydebank today , great wee set up at Troon aw the best .
  8. Poaching players and not paying the money

    Gee it a by noo it was embarrassing enough now 6 pages in is ridiculous.
  9. Poaching players and not paying the money

    This thread should be deleted it’s embarrassing . No wonder so many young players leave the game at all levels with clowns like this . I don’t know him but from watching when playing against us over the past 3 in all comps I wish him all the best cracking young player just hope he manages to get game time as Talbot have serious fire power up top will be hard to get in.
  10. Poaching players and not paying the money

    Think everyone needs to grow up a bit it’s junior football at the end of the day . There’s 100 worse things that happen at clubs than someone moving on. One of the best young players I’ve seen in that league along with the likes of Stuart McCann and Thomas Collins in games I took in last season.
  11. Pollok

    Southy at glenafton must be one. Ex kelty courts could b another one . Martin lauchlan who was ex eK another who cld b in frame .

    Well deserved for the bankies today. Cracking wee club the glens good set up. All the best for the season.
  13. Auchinleck v Clydebank

    What is happening to the lok ? Who did Stefan McCluskey go to ???
  14. Auchinleck v Clydebank

    Have yous signed anyone ? We’ve a good few new players had a good start but this will be a test.
  15. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    Has Phil Johnston signed back on ?