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  1. 8 minutes ago, gaswork said:
    47 minutes ago, Footballfirst said:
    As others have said, it is an Interesting statement from the SJFA when it talks about "further developing our relationship". I wonder if that means that the SJFA would continue to administer the NRJFA and Midland Leagues (ex ERJFA).  It would put the SJFA on a par with the EOSFL, WOSFL and SOSFL in running tier 6 leagues.  It also raises the possibility of the continuation of the Junior Cup.

    Junior association and junior membership and football will continue great news for all involved and many excellent football administrators from the juniors being more and more involved. Delighted.

    The SJFA as an organisation might more fittingly be described as the Grampian and Tayside FA given their reduced footprint. In that respect they would not be that different than the EoSFA. But I do acknowledge the remnant Junior Cup and the considerable assets held by the SJFA.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Marten said:

    If the ML does indeed happen, I'd expect north of Tay EOS applicants to be directed to the ML.

    But I wonder what will happen if there are any south of Tay non-EOS applicants including one club located in the Perth suburbs. Would the embryonic ML direct them to the EOS?

    A decision needs to be ratified on the Tay boundary and the administrative area of the new league at the outset in order to prevent irregularities and disharmony.

  3. 15 minutes ago, invergowrie arab said:

    Based on nothing more than my gut I think Broughty might have applied 

    Speculation should keep us going over the next 4 weeks. If we think about the best 4 clubs in the East Region North and those that would have the most to lose if the ML initiative “turns turtle” I would go for:

    Broughty Athletic

    Carnoustie Panmure

    Lochee United 


  4. 21 minutes ago, JustBecause said:

    Four clubs from Tayside have submitted applications to the EOS so apparently not all fully supporting what's on offer or possibly don't believe that those in charge will manage to get the Midlands league finalised.

    This is quite a significant update. Are the 4 clubs just covering themselves in case the ML is not delivered or is there a genuine desire to join the EOSFL? 

  5. 22 minutes ago, glensmad said:

    As I said on the other thread, the proposed Midland League has a fair distance to travel before it is a done deal.

    Always good to get some informed feedback glensmad. Do we know if the Tay boundary issue is being addressed with a definitive administrative area being identified for the ML. If it is ignored it could come back to bite us with future disharmony.

  6. At long last the whole saga is reaching its natural conclusion. I thought that I would have a feeling of triumphalism but instead there is a general sadness and despair that Junior officials through a mixture of neglect and self-interest allowed the grade to stagnate and decay.

    I now realise that with motivation, innovation, general updating and the introduction of new blood that Junior grade could have moved seamlessly as one into the National Pyramid. The East Region, a fully functioning regional pyramid, would probably not have been carved in two and the likes of Lochee and Tayport etc could still have enjoyed their occasional trips to Linlithgow et al.

    I wonder how history will reflect on the wasteful demise of the Junior grade. It could have been so different.

  7. Look what can happen when an Amateur set-up moves to the WOSFL:

    Thistle Poised For Off-The-Field Club Expansion

    Kilbride Thistle AFC have given notice of their intention to expand and introduce new ideas at the Club, writes Tom Scott.

    There are seven different categories which would require volunteers, and anyone interested should send West Kilbride Officials a DM via their Social Media platforms.

    The list reads as follows:

    1. Social Media / YouTube Team.

    2. A Charity Team.

    3. Coaches.

    4. Scouts.

    5. Expansion of Sports Science.

    6. Physiotherapy Department.

    7. General Committee Members.

    Source: https://scottishamateurfootballnews.com/2021/03/30/thistle-poised-for-off-the-field-club-expansion/

  8. 34 minutes ago, PastyMan said:

    See that Brora Rangers have been announced as champions from the Highland League to take part in the play offs.
    The intersting point to note here is in their statement the Highland League state the following

    "The SHFL is a committed member league of the SFA Pyramid for Scottish Football. This commitment brings with it an obligation to produce a champion club to take part in the annual Pyramid Play-offs and, once the appropriate arrangements are in place at Pyramid Level 6, to ensure that play-offs between Level 5 and Level 6 in the North/North-East of Scotland are established."

    Sounds like the door is wide open for Level 6 feeder leagues in the Highland League

    Interesting. It says play-offs between Pyramid Levels 5 and 6 not automatic promotion and relegation. Am I reading too much into the statement?

  9. It is being reported on another thread that there are now 11 applications to join the WOSFL for the 2021/22 season which suggests that there may be enough clubs to form a separate “development division”. One of the applicants is rumoured to be from Argyll.

    Any other prospective clubs only have until this coming Wednesday to get their applications in.

  10. On 20/03/2021 at 11:42, Pyramidic said:

    The deadline for applications to join the WOSFL for the 2021/22 season is 31st March 2021. To date there have been 17 expressions of interest, the majority of which appear to be Amateur clubs. There may be the possibility of establishing a new division.

    If you are interested enquire here:



    NB: It is possible that ground entry requirements will be relaxed for new applicants in an Intermediate Division.

    It is being reported on another thread that there are now 11 applications to join the WOSFL for the 2021/22 season which suggests that there may be enough clubs to form a separate “development division”. One of the applicants is rumoured to be from Argyll.

    Any other prospective clubs only have until this coming Wednesday to get their applications in.

  11. 14 minutes ago, FairWeatherFan said:

    We already knew that the ERSJFA were talking with Highland and Lowland going by the information accredited to John Reilly. So it's no surprise that everyone is getting represented. Since this are likely to be "Zoom" calls as well there's no excuse travel wise in not having everyone there.

    When it was brought up in conversation there was nothing further mentioned beyond the usual chat. The only other comment relevant was below:.


    Very interesting. Hope the Pyramid Working Group are able to also look in detail at the implications and fairness of Tayport and Scone Thistle looking towards the Midland League as a future abode. Those two clubs also present a tricky situation that needs to be sorted out once and for all. Both clubs historically look towards Tayside as the area where they have been accommodated. However, you could say the same for Jeanfield Swifts, Luncarty and Kinnoull who now see their respective futures south in the EOSFL. Whatever decision is made could have huge implications for a number of clubs. The whole position makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

  12. This is an interesting tweet from the ERSJFA:

    Is it preparatory groundwork to map the clubs that will participate in the proposed Midland League? Or is it the ERSJFA undertaking a rebranding exercise for their remaining clubs?

  13. Just wondering how the Sauchie Juniors Community FC application will progress. One option would be for the Tullibody Community FC name to re-emerge:

    Tullibody Community of course is recognised as one of the few Legacy level clubs with reference to the FA Quality Mark standard.  Syngenta is another club that has achieved that award.

    Pure speculation on my part but a name change is to be expected in my view.

  14. 21 hours ago, Arthurlie1981 said:


    I’ve heard another one is a youth football team. If it’s true that makes 4.

    Edited to add: they are not from Argyll and Bute emoji23.png


    Your info would suggest that the big youth set-ups are better equipped to make submissions to join the WOSFL than the top Amateur clubs in the region. It is a shame that the gap between the best Amateur clubs and the WOSFL is so wide in terms of playing facilities as some of their leading clubs would breeze into the semi-professional league in terms of their general playing standard.

    If a Development Division can be started by the WOSFL for the 2022/23 season at tier 10 it would make a huge difference.

  15. 2 hours ago, FairWeatherFan said:

    In the message attributed to John Reilly of the ERSJFA it was said there would be a PWG meeting on either the 29th March or April 2nd.

    The shorthand of PWG has been used to represent different things (Everyone, Lowland subgroup, Highland subgroup, whatever that mini-one was supposed to be around the creation of the WoSFL).

    Given the nature of the ERSJFA's attempts to get into pyramid, it's fair to assume the EoSFL would be represented unless it's a purely Highland affair. I was just wondering if anyone with EoS connections has heard any rumblings of this meeting actually taking place? Especially with one of the proposed dates falling after March 31st.

    Is the current lack of communication from any quarters by those seeking to initiate the ML a sound strategy or a weakness? I am not sure. Certainly Tayport do not appear to be providing any updates to their followers this time around.

    From the touch line the whole process appears to lack momentum but another poster indicated that things have moved from 0-100 mph. Overall it presents a rather confusing picture.

  16. Are Tayport FC fully committed to football on the north side of the Tay? This news item has just appeared on their website.

    Amateur Football returning to Tayport!

    Tayport Football Club are thrilled to announce that Amateur football is returning to the club and the town. From the start of the 2021/22 season there will be an Amateur team in Tayport again in the form of Tayport FC Amateurs who will be competing in the RJM Sports Kingdom of Fife AFA Division 1. They will play and train at East Common, Tayport, and will play in the same colours as the Junior team. The Amateur team will be part of the club structure, meaning there will be opportunities for players to progress into the first team if they impress for the amateurs. Former English Semi Professional footballer Ryan Anderson, previously with West Allotment Celtic FC and Barnoldswick Town FC, will be player manager of the team.

    Source: https://www.tayportfc.org/


    So the club that we are led to believe are no longer interested in joining the EOSFL and see their future in the embryo ML are really a Fife oriented club after all and wish to put their new amateur side in the Kingdom of Fife AFA Division 1.

    The move does send out a rather mixed message.

  17. 4 hours ago, Buddy said:

    So Forfar West End are willing to give up on derby matches, local teams, limited travelling and playing at Tier 6 to have a huge increase in travelling, loss of local matches and play at a lower tier? They must really want away!

    I get the impression that Forfar West End are testing - 1) the robustness of the Tay bridge boundary line, 2) the EOSFL league constitution itself and 3) the overall inclination of the club membership - to establish whether a club north of the Tay can in fact compete in the EOSFL. I see nothing wrong in establishing the position on the ground and the general feelings of the league membership. Perhaps the temperature should have been taken a couple of years ago, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    It could be that Forfar West End would prefer a future playing at a more competitive level in the EOSFL against sides (and friends) that they previously regularly faced in the East Region.

    It could be that they see that the additional travelling is more than adequately compensated by the higher standard of football in the EOSFL and the ability to achieve promotions or relegations according to performances on the field.

    It could be that Tier 6 in the ML playing against the same old sides of varying standards is not a particularly attractive proposition (especially in the medium to long term)

    It could be that they have no ambition whatsoever to play in the Highland League (or the Lowland League).

    Perhaps these are some of the reasons and influences why they "want away".

    In a few weeks we should get some feedback on their predicament.

  18. I think that the new teams joining the WOSFL (possibly 5) should do so on the basis that it is a “probationary” first season in the Division 1 Conferences after which they will compete in the bottom tier for the 2022/23 season.

    However, I feel an exception should be made for Harthill as they are a recognised semi-professional football club and not a “starter” outfit. I suggest that a special case should be made for them even though I would much prefer to see them join the EOSFL.

  19. 2 hours ago, JustBecause said:

    Initial rumblings are very underwhelming. Remain as Juniors, remain governed by the same administration, no link up with NRSJFA, no link up with NCL, playing the same teams, win the league no promotion(unless licensed) finish bottom no relegation. Where is the difference for the Tayside clubs? 

    If we compare the position of the emerging WOSFL this time last year when there was real leadership and almost daily pronouncements of support from clubs who were committing themselves to participate in the new league, the current silence on the embryonic ML does give cause for concern at this critical time. Not even a news update in the Courier.

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