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  1. Riccarton - Edinburgh College will be tenants of HWU. https://www.footballgroundmap.com/ground/riccarton/heriot-watt-university-fc This means that Ainslie Park may still be available for a tenant.
  2. Any window left open for Edinburgh City Reserves if they sorted out their ground issue? Will it be a 11 team Tier 8 Division for the new clubs? Much better to run the division with 12 teams if a late entry was accepted.
  3. The league entry criteria for the EOSFL and WOSFL may be identical but the smoke signals currently emanating from them appear to be somewhat different. No mention of a feeder division for the EOSFL or framework to enable ambitious new clubs to develop and grow. The litmus test could well be the way that the WOSFL handle the Harmony Row application where there are similar parameters to Letham AFC in terms of a caged synthetic pitch.
  4. There appears to be a big contrast now between the EOSFL approach to progressive new clubs and the WOSFL approach who appear to be bending over backwards to facilitate a feeder division for ambitious amateur and youth set-ups. The way that Letham’s application was discarded by the EOSFL management is disappointing but we of course do not know all the facts. It is noteworthy that Letham have not made an official statement on the reasons for their rejection.
  5. What do we know about Finnart AFC, the amateur club from Bridgeton ? https://www.caledonianleague.co.uk/fg/1_438189007.html Easterhouse FA would be a good addition. Both clubs also mentioned in this article which I missed: https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/19229981.best-west-hugh-kelly-shettlestons-potential-name-change-desire-buy-greenfield-park-signing-players/
  6. Brilliant news! Good morning Seasiders I have been advised by the Scottish FA that, at their meeting on Wednesday 14 April, the Scottish FA Board approved the club’s membership application. The membership (and Entry level licence award) will be effective from the Scottish FA AGM, scheduled for 20 July 2021. It’s the final confirmation for us that everyone's hard work here has been recognised. Huge thanks to you all our supporters for their role in enabling the club to make this happen. Our main focus, behind the scenes, is now on getting our squad ready for our senior Scottish Cup debut and an improved performance in the East of Scotland Premier League. Many thanks Stuart Board Chair, Dunbar United FC
  7. As ever parkcircus has provided some helpful feedback. I would like to think that Harthill Royal is the nominated club and perhaps may fill the remaining space in Conference C reflecting their full compliance with entry requirements. I can speculate that the other clubs are a selection of newbies from Amateur and Youth football. I can appreciate that many of the clubs will have ground grading impediments of varying degrees and it will be of great interest how the WOSFL management and in turn the voting club membership address the issue. The decision that they make may reflect on how the National Pyramid evolves in the years to come.
  8. There is a tie up between the Spartans Community Football Academy and Edinburgh College. The other possibility is that Edinburgh College will play at Ainslie Park.
  9. It is well worded and thought out statement. I am sure that when the dust settles the LL based Bo'ness United will benefit from the "cream" of the new club's intake progressing to the lead club in the LL.
  10. Issues to resolve: https://www.kirkintilloch-herald.co.uk/sport/football/kirkintilloch-rob-roy-seek-answers-over-further-stadium-delay-3200908
  11. A positive statement from a rebranded Bo’ness United Junior / Bo’ness Athletic:
  12. Thanks for the feedback. Dev as well. It is clear that the EOSFL executive are policing their ground criteria quite robustly. The issue that arises in my mind is whether in the future the EOSFL should be endeavouring to form a Development Division for clubs like Letham AFC that tick some boxes but not all of them. It will be interesting to see if the WOSFL Development Division materialises and the standard of the grounds that are adopted. This could then act as an example of good practice that the the EOSFL may or may not seek to emulate to form their own seedbed / nursery. Forming a direct link at the moment with the Amateur Leagues in the East is probably a bridge too far.
  13. Coverage in more than one thread suggests so. There are the ERJFA S10, Edinburgh City Reserves and they are not Club 12 apparently.
  14. Can somebody explain why the facilities at the current home of Rosyth FC are acceptable for EOSFL football but Letham AFC is not. With reference to Google Maps their setups are very similar.
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