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  1. Letham Afc


    After a long hard winter for everyone connected to grassroots football we are now hopefully moving into an easing of restrictions and back into some form of training shortly. 

    Whilst football has been called to a halt over the last 4 months the management team and committee at Letham have been working tirelessly in the background and last week we submitted an application to join the East of Scotland Football Association structure. 

    We as a club feel the time is right to seek new challenges and opportunities after the successes at amateur level over the last decade. 

    If accepted by the members of the EOS association we look forward to a new and exciting chapter in our history.

    The future is bright, the future is Tangerine!


    I wonder how many other clubs are working tirelessly in the background to submit their application to the EOSFL by the deadline of 31st March. I could mention Armadale Thistle but that might be interpreted as being churlish.

  2. 14 minutes ago, Junior Pub League said:

    An interesting dilemma. I hope that the two clubs can sort the matter out harmoniously. Perhaps if BUJFC adopt a different title that does not include Bo’ness will go some way to resolving the issue.

  3. 1 hour ago, Dev said:

    A list of clubs which are thought to have applied to the EoS or have stated somewhere that is their plan:

    Bathgate Thistle
    Bo'ness Juniors CFC
    Livingston United
    Pumpherston Juniors
    West Calder United
    Whitburn Juniors
    Cupar Hearts

    Other East Juniors which may or may not apply:

    Armadale Thistle
    Fauldhouse United
    Harthill Royal
    Sauchie CFC
    Stoneyburn Juniors
    Scone Thistle

    I was hoping for between 12 and 14 applicants joining the EOSFL from the East Region + Cupar Hearts.

    I think that there are now 10 certainties

    Armadale Thistle

    Bathgate Thistle

    Bo’ness Juniors CFC

    Fauldhouse United

    Livingston United 

    Pumpherston Juniors 

    Stoneyburn Juniors 


    West Calder United 

    Whitburn Juniors


    It remains exciting times with the possibility of a couple of other additions.

  4. 1 hour ago, suitsuit said:


    10th March

    Football club aims to develop home ground in Newton Mearns

    A FOOTBALL club hopes to take over the running of grass pitches in Newton Mearns to develop a home ground.

    St Cadoc’s Youth Club wants to rent Crookfur playing fields from East Renfrewshire Council.

    It has plans to build two artificial pitches on the land, a council officer revealed.

    Andy Cahill, East Renfrewshire’s environment director, said a 25-year lease, at £1 per year, is proposed.

    He added the minimal rent would allow the football club to direct money towards developing the site.

    Annually, the council makes £4,200 from renting the pitches but the upkeep is around £13,000. If a lease is agreed, the football club would take over the responsibility for the maintenance.

    Council leader Tony Buchanan said: “We’re extremely fortunate in East Renfrewshire that we do have three quality clubs that deliver health and wellbeing for all of our children and many adults as well.

    “I think that’s testament to the area that we have. We equally know that the pressure on the pitches we have across the authority, and they are numerous, is extremely tight.

    “We would encourage the community to take ownership when they can in order to ensure those clubs continue to grow and provide those services.”

    A new pavilion, with four changing rooms, was recently built by the council as part of a nursery development in Crookfur Park.

    The changing rooms are in the same building as the nursery but can be secured to allow exclusive use by teams using the pitches.

    St Cadoc’s – which has over 750 registered players – currently gets priority booking of the pitch at Eastwood High School.

    Mr Cahill has proposed transferring changing room lets to East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure Trust to “compensate” for any potential losses incurred if St Cadoc’s no longer rents the pitch.

    The council is legally required to advertise the proposal, allowing any objections to be made. However, this will not happen before May’s Scottish Parliament elections.

    Building two artificial pitches would require planning permission from the council – and the club would need to secure funds for the work.

    A council report stated: “Grass pitches by their nature offer less playing time through condition and natural elements than artificial pitches and incur more revenue costs in terms of maintenance.

    “The construction of artificial pitches is however a significant capital cost and the council has diminishing capital reserves available and other priorities to consider.

    “There is an opportunity within this proposal to offset revenue costs and to enhance local sports provision through partnership working with a local club.”

    Barrhead Youth Football Club has previously received council funds for a pitch and changing rooms at Cowan Park and Giffnock Soccer Centre got money for a pitch in Eastwood Park.

    Source: https://www.barrheadnews.com/news/19149119.football-club-aims-develop-home-ground-newton-mearns/


    St Cadoc’s are a club that are clearly going places. I wonder how many of the WOSFL Amateur / Youth applicants are similarly geared up?

  5. This article relating to George Fraser, the LL Chairman, highlights the growing administrative problem if / when the  season is curtailed.

    "I've got a duty of care to the teams at the bottom of the Lowland League as well and we need to decide the fairest way to do things there as well.

    "We need to know from the East of Scotland and South of Scotland League [who play in the tiers below the Lowland] what they are doing at that end of the table, so there is a lot of balls being juggled at the moment.


  6. 2 hours ago, GordonS said:

    The line actually runs through the north end of Tayport, though their ground and most of the town are on the south side. You could say they're in a similar position to Luncarty, if a bit less so.

    It is much more messy than I previously understood. I had taken the view that all of Fife is within EOSFL territory. If we now start making the case that Tayport can compete in a Tayside League filtering into the HL, it perhaps makes room for a counter case for Dundee clubs participating in the EOSFL.

    League structures and administrative boundaries can be defined with a degree of flexibility. Hypothetically, if Lochee United were accepted into the EOSFL and subsequently won the Premier Division, the league rules could be aligned to direct LUFC into the HL Play-off system and not the LL Play-off system as the club is north of the Tay boundary.

    Similarly, if Tayport competed in a Tayside Senior league feeding into the HL and won the competition - they would compete in the LL play-off and not the HL play-off as they are south of the Tay.

    Rules and situations can be worked through to accommodate the Tayside issue. I hope that a lasting solution can be identified and implemented by league officials. Personally I feel that the SFA should be leading on this difficult issue but the world cannot be perfect.

    With Lockdown sadly still with us there would appear to be plenty of time at the moment for league officials and the affected clubs to devote to establishing and delivering a workable solution that will last for the foreseeable future.

  7. 1 hour ago, Marten said:

    AFAIK, no Tayside clubs have applied to the EOS. That doesn't mean nothing is happening in Tayside, I know for a fact talks are ongoing between different parties re. the Tayside issue but it's not up to me to say what's going to happen. Nothing is official yet anyway so let's wait for news to come out.

    I suppose there is also the issue of where Tayport and Scone Thistle see their respective futures.  If Tayside goes Senior north of the Tay then those two clubs are clearly in EOSFL territory. 

  8. Dunbar United:


    I was delighted to head over to Hallhill this week and sign a new long term lease agreement on behalf of Dunbar United Football Club.

    This lease is the final piece of the jigsaw in our application for our SFA Licence.  Our licensing application has now been put forward by the club licensing team for consideration by the SFA Board at their meeting on 31 March 2021.

    We will keep you all posted as soon as we hear the outcome of this meeting, but we are not aware of any issues in the club meeting the criteria and we are expecting a positive outcome.

    This pandemic has been incredibly testing for all football clubs and for ours to have moved forward during this is a credit to everyone who has supported us.  A huge thanks to everyone once more for all the continued support through our Sponsorships, Season Tickets, Donate-a-Ticket and our weekly Lottery.

    All we need now is some good news, in the coming week or two, on the return date for the East of Scotland Premier League.

    Best wishes,
    Stuart Robertson
    DUFC Board Chair ⚪⚫

  9. Renfrew manager Colin Clark: 'It's time to pull the plug'

    He told Gazette Sport: “I think it’s just a holding pattern we’re in just now.

    “We all want football back but to the detriment of who? One life lost that has came from unnecessary contact is one too many.

    “I don’t see the point in finishing the conferences. They are non-competitive, there’s nothing at stake apart from a trophy.

    “There’s no justification for throwing them back and somebody then gives the virus to their granny or someone else. I just don’t think the risk is worth it.”

    Additional info: 

    The Scottish Football Association (SFA) confirmed talks have been taking place to determine whether or not the WoSFL should resume.

    Rod Petrie, SFA president, said: “There remain significant numbers unable to return to play, including our amateur and grassroots clubs across both the male and female game.

    “We are acutely aware of the desire within those levels of football to return to playing and will work with the Scottish Government to ensure they are able to as soon as it is safe to do so.”

    Source: https://www.the-gazette.co.uk/sport/19148934.renfrew-manager-colin-clark-its-time-pull-plug/

  10. Muirkirk boss says West of Scotland Football League should be back

    Muirkirk manager Kevin Muirhead says the West of Scotland Football League (WoSFL) should be back in action alongside the returning Scottish leagues.

    Last week’s announcement from the Scottish Government saw Scottish League One, Two and Women’s Premier League allowed to return to training and consequent league resumptions in the coming weeks.

    However, those were the only leagues that were allowed to return as the WoSFL continues its now almost two-month ongoing suspension.

    Speaking to the Chronicle, Muirhead said: “What difference does it make for a League Two club to come back and start training than it would for Muirkirk, Johnstone Burgh, Lugar to start training again.

    “It is not as if they are full time professional clubs that remain in a bubble, they go to work the same as our players.

    “To be honest, it has been frustrating for a long time in terms of the information coming from the Scottish Football Association being poor.

    “Cancel football or restart football, it is time they made a decision. We are now into March and there is no way any league campaign is going to get finished in time now. “

    Despite Muirhead’s concerns on completing the season, the WoSFL are sticking by their guns with their last statement in January reinforcing their aim to get the full season completed across all the leagues.

    In that statement they also said their fall-back option, if they are unable to play all the remaining fixtures, would be getting to a stage where all the teams in each league will have played each other at least once.

    Muirhead said: “I don’t see the point in coming back now, the only reason would be to try and get someone promoted out of the Premier Division, what is the point in the Conferences going?

    “Everyone would be just going out of their way to help Clydebank, so it doesn’t make any sense.”

    “The players haven’t trained now since before Christmas and by the time we got them up to speed, then started competitive football, it would be well into April.”

    Source: https://www.cumnockchronicle.com/sport/19149094.muirkirk-boss-says-west-scotland-football-league-back/

    I am a little confused by this article which starts off making a case for a much needed return to action and then says basically that it is somewhat pointless as a return will only benefit Clydebank.

  11. 2 hours ago, craigkillie said:

    In what way does a newspaper literally quoting the league statement act as any further sort of confirmation?

    I was just referring to more press coverage on the boundary issue. I do not understand why anyone would wish to red dot such coverage.

    I have amended my comment to avoid any further misunderstanding and confusion with the Dunipace discussion.

  12. 14 minutes ago, Whitburn seniors said:

    Now sense has been seen and the west Lothian teams are all going to the eos there is plenty to look forward to for everyone involved. in its day the juniors was a good grade of football to watch but time moves on new grounds to visit  old rivalries  to resume. and no glass ceilings for teams with ambition heres hoping we are back talking about the fitba soon 

    Having read the latest on the WOSFL thread it would suggest that Harthill Royal can now go to the WOSFL.

  13. 1 hour ago, patriot1 said:

    So are the EOS or HL actually engaging in dialogue with the Tayside clubs at the moment?

    I suppose the answer must be NO.

    The EOSFL in my view is a very progressive and dynamic league. However, we have clearly reached an issue where there appears to be a reluctance to help deliver a satisfactory outcome. This is possibly because the membership is divided on the issue.

    Perhaps the Tayside boundary and acceptance or refusal of Dundee clubs should be put to the EOSFL member clubs at the AGM. If there is a negative response we can then move on. I suspect that most clubs in Fife and Perth would be delighted for Dundee clubs to join the EOSFL. Opposition probably grows steeply the further south we go.

    The issue needs to be properly addressed and the helpful feedback from EOSFL officials should reflect current decisions.

  14. Bathgate Thistle boss Andy Colley has called the club’s decision to turn senior ‘hard but logical’ after the Jags confirmed they have applied to join the East of Scotland Football League.

    The move would see Thistle become a senior club and join the Scottish football pyramid system as well as potentially enter the Scottish Cup.

    The Jags started off as a senior club after they were founded in 1937 prior to a move to Junior football but now they look likely to join the senior ranks once more.

    Read more at:  https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/bathgate-thistle-boss-calls-east-23638042

  15. 1 hour ago, Burnieman said:

    The boundary issue doesn't need to be ratified at an AGM.

    Given that it is a “hot issue” in terms of the futures of a number of clubs in the Dundee area perhaps it would be wise that such an important issue is ratified by clubs at the AGM to avoid any prospect of legal challenges.

    If the boundary issue is not ratified the affected clubs will be left in a state of limbo.

  16. I went to bed last night pleased with the fact that the West Lothian and Tayside boundary issues has at long last been resolved.

    I woke up with the thought that the EOSFL member clubs have yet to approve the the newly delineated administrative boundaries. 

    In football’s administrative terms the matter has not been resolved until ratified at a SGM / EGM / AGM. The agreement between the EOSFL and WOSFL Officials provides a clear signpost for the West Lothian clubs. I suggest that the Tayside issue may still be in limbo until member clubs have voted on the issue.

    There may be some support among the membership to allow Dundee clubs into the EOSFL  given the close juxtaposition and accessibility to Fife.

  17. 1 minute ago, Antony said:

    East of Scotland FA confirmed on twitter that clubs applying from north of the Tay boundary line would be directed to the Highland League or a feeder to it. 

    Glad that the league administrative boundaries are being sorted out providing both clarity and certainty fo the affected clubs. This just leaves the respective boundaries between the WOSFL /  SOSFL and EOSFL / SOSFL to be verified.

    Where for example do Newton Stewart stand if they apply to the WOSFL for that last remaining place in the Conference C? Unlike other applicants they would be a Tier 6 club from the SOSFL.

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