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  1. 2 minutes ago, Marten said:

    There have been rumours that there will be a joint North/Midlands "superleague" at tier 6, which would mean the remaining teams end up in tier 7. But I'm not sure how far those talks are.

    Cheers Marten. This in my opinion would be a very sensible and meaningful move for the stronger East Region/Midlands and North Region clubs. It would also present those clubs dropping to Tier 7 with a more balanced competition. The new road infrastructure - AWPR - also helps facilitate such a ‘super league’ initiative.

  2. On a similar vein are there any bottom drawer plans to split the Midlands League into two divisions for season 2022/23 - particularly if there are a couple of applications from new clubs pending?

  3. On 21/12/2021 at 11:02, LongTimeLurker said:

    Line of latitude completely gone so there is no longer any apparent anomaly where Luncarty, Letham, Scone and Tayport are concerned. I doubt there's any huge enthusiasm in EoS circles to drive to Dundee and beyond for away games so Forfar WE, Broughty and North End are unlikely to receive a positive response in the unlikely event that they tried again because they fancy trips to a West Lothian heavy tier 9.

    The EoS managed to get the east region eliminated as a potential rival LL feeder over almost all of their perceived catchment before this rule change happened so any mission creep is more likely to be southwards by the Midlands League to expand on their somewhat limited numbers rather than northwards by the EoS to expand further on their already bloated ones but there probably won't be anything too dramatic going on if it ever happens.

    Nothing retrospective in the rules to get Brechin City into the LL after the fact but that doesn't mean nothing is happening behind the scenes on that. It isn't Forfar, Montrose or especially Arbroath that were the main inspiration for this rule change. Brechin have been playing well enough in recent weeks that there is a fair to middling chance they will get promoted this season so that possibility probably has to unfold first.

    It is fascinating the way that the Pyramid is evolving. Just when we thought that we were getting some certainty and common sense with the ERJFA Midland League feeding into the Highland League along with the NRJFA North Region League and North Caledonian League, the line of latitude separating the HL and LL gets blitzed.

    I think the ramifications are much wider than SPFL2 clubs simply electing to determine whether they would drop into the HL or LL catchment in the event of relegation following play-off of Club 42. I think that dropping the HL/LL boundary will open the doors for ML clubs to participate in the Tier 5/6 LL Play-offs. It would not make sense for say Arbroath or Montrose choosing the LL over the HL as a destination, while Lochee or Broughty to the south would only have the option of playing in the HL.

    It will be very interesting to see what the LL Working Group are going to determine for Tier 5/6 Promotion/Relegation. With potentially two promotion places from Tier 6, this would open up the possibility of both a western and an eastern play-off. The western play-off would be between the licensed champions of the WOSFL and SOSFL. The eastern play-off would be between the licensed champions of the EOSFL and ML. The ML champion might of course opt to participate in the play-offs to the HL, but in the case of Dundee clubs I believe this would be unlikely.

    It will be interesting to see whether clubs like Luncarty and Kinnoull drift back to their family group in the ML. At the current time I think this to be unlikely as EOSFL Tier 7 will provide highly  competitive football with most of the prospective opponents being reasonably accessible in terms travelling times. Newburgh and St Andrews, who potentially will be in Tier 8, will have a few trips to the Scottish Borders. However, the football will be competitive with the opportunity for advancement to Tier 7.

    Looking in my crystal ball, I still feel that the SOSFL might eventually have a promotion link into the WOSFL Premier and similarly the ML into the EOSFL Premier. But this will take time to materialise. Time will tell.

  4. On 02/11/2021 at 17:56, LongTimeLurker said:

    Hopefully they'll receive more of a welcome and flexibility on meeting ground requirements than Letham did. Still quite a few more large towns other than South Queensferry with no pyramid club such as North Berwick, Dunblane, Alva, Kinross and Cupar.

    Agreed. From a recent visit to the Queensferry Sports Hub I did not feel that I was at a potential EoSFL ground. EOSFL management will need to show a high degree of flexibility so that new clubs can come on board. The distance from the new AWP to the changing rooms may be an impediment.

  5. 4 minutes ago, HibeeJibee said:

    Applications and voting is long done. AGM is tomorrow. (I was partly jesting anyway... just because LTHV's first-team move on doesn't necessarily mean their facility lying empty. They have youth/amateur/womens teams... heavily used for athletics currently... doubt any Tom-Dick-&-Harry could acquire lease from Edinburgh Leisure just like that... etc. etc.).

    Incidentally why would it be better to run with 12 rather than 11?

    Same number of matchdays and you'd actually produce an imbalance in home+away games (17+16 / 16+17 not 15+15).

    Thanks for the feedback. With an 11 team division you will  always have a club without a league fixture during each league round. I appreciate that the EOSFL are pretty good at filling in the void week with a cup game if you are lucky.

    The possibility of Saughton or Peffermill being available for a new club(s) represents an interesting opportunity for 2022/23.

  6. 1 hour ago, HibeeJibee said:

    I've certainly seen claims here and on other websites the current expectation is actually October or November... e.g. check out Edinburgh City's thread in SPFL2 sub-forum.

    City's home games in League Cup groupstage have - interestingly - been fixed upon non-standard Friday and Wednesday (and they don't clash with Spartans friendlies either).

    Unlikely to bother Leith as they could just wait-it-out at Peffermill.

    EDIT: if true perhaps City missing-a-trick... they should use Saughton, and let Scottish League action grace the Stenhouse San Siro 😄!

    With the bottom “ex West Lothian” division running with 11 teams would there any benefit in the EOSFL allowing some flexibility and accommodating a late applicant - “club 12” - that would be focussed on using Saughton as their home ground? It would be much better to run the new division with 12 teams rather than 11.

    Is it too late? The unusual position could be made known in the press.

  7. 7 hours ago, Mr Positive, sometimes. said:

    Not sure if someone has since came along and shed more light on this since I posted asking more about it a while back. I know you you were not being serious re the investigative journalism but I'm interested in knowing so I've been asking around... 

    I've been back playing football this week and the subject came up and one reason I was given is the dressing rooms are not attached to the pitch area. That was apparently an issue...

    Another game later in the week so may hear more as that game has a few people involved that may know more about it. 

    I'm a nosey b*****d it seems...

    There must be a few existing clubs in the EOSFL that do not have adjacent changing rooms - Peebles and Inverkeithing certainly come to mind. There are likely to have been other issues that also played a significant part in Letham not meeting league entry criteria.

    I hope Letham can address the issues and reapply to the EOSFL for the 2022/23 season rather than try to join the emerging Midland League.

  8. 10 hours ago, Burnieman said:

    Structure confirmed.20210521_205218.jpeg20210521_205254.jpeg

    Referring to the “blue” Second Division for 2022/23. Why will it have 18 clubs rather than 16 clubs.? This will leave the “red” Third Division with only 9 clubs for 2022/23 (if new applicants do not materialise).

    It all appears a little messy to me and in my view does not accord with the high standard that the EOSFL has previously set. I say this as a firm supporter of the EOSFL and the progress that the league has made in developing the Pyramid.

  9. 7 minutes ago, latapythelegend said:

    The 2nd Bo'ness team will fold within 5 years. They won't get a share of the local support beyond the friends/family of players.

    I'm not a Bo'ness Utd fan but I jut think the whole situation is very odd.  I wonder what will happen with the amateur team Bo'ness Community? Weren't they meant to be the feeder to the junior team? I suspect Bo'ness Cadora (themselves a relatively established amateur team) are probably unhappy about another amateur team trying use the Bo'ness name on a Saturday.

    Could be a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth in EH51 football circles.

    Sink or swim? Football is constantly changing with new clubs evolving and long established clubs declining, stagnating and sometimes dissolving. It will be very interesting to see the "football map" and the changing landscape in the next decade or so. New initiatives in my view should not be stifled at birth but they do need to prove themselves. Bo'ness Athletic have been given that opportunity and now need to prove that they can sustain themselves.

  10. Harmony Row Youth Club to join WoSFL

    Harmony Row Youth Club are delighted to announce that our application to the West of Scotland Football League has been accepted.

    We would like to thank all the members of the WoSFL board, and member clubs for your support and acceptance of our application.

    For the first time in our 106 year history we now have a team in senior Scottish football. This is something that we are immensely proud of. This development now means that our male pathway is complete. From mini kickers to senior football.

    We hope the foundations that have been made by those who came before us can now be built upon to make Harmony Row a famous name within the senior leagues of Scottish football as it is currently within the youth and amateur leagues.

    We would like to thank all the people who have worked tirelessly over the years to grow our reputation and make Harmony Row the club that we are all proud of. We would also like to thank the current Harmony Row board, the football committee and coaches at Harmony Row Youth Club for their support and tireless work at our club. We have a membership now of over 400 boys, girls, men & women playing football at Harmony Row. Without the volunteers we have supporting us, we could not play the part we do within our local community.

    Please follow our social media accounts to keep up to date with all the latest news from Harmony Row Youth Club.





    WoSFL purple.jpg
  11. 18 minutes ago, FairWeatherFan said:

    That's already happening. None of the new applicants have said anything against the division below the current Conferences. It's it a version of what they were expecting to take part in for 2021-22.

    Neither of the proposals are unworthy and both have different pros and cons considering the situation caused by COVID.

    Under Option 1 how do you establish the number of promotion places from the newly created 11 team “Division Three (Tier 9 )” ? How many teams will be promoted to Division One (Tier 7) and Division Two (Tier 8 ) from the new division? How many teams are to be relegated from the Division One Conferences to the 2022/23 Division Three (Tier 9). What are the basic workings behind Option 1?

  12. 1 hour ago, FairWeatherFan said:

    Your use of sporting integrity seems to be on the opposite end of the spectrum from how I would see it.

    Colts jumped the queue and entered at a level above where they should have started, only able to do so because of COVID. You're now saying it's perfectly fine for these EoS teams to jump the queue, which is only happening because of COVID.

    You have missed my main point completely. How would you solve the conundrum in a fair and equitable manner that both existing and new clubs consider acceptable and a worthy management approach for the EOSFL to follow?

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