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  1. Bathgate Thistle would be a more exciting project for a takeover and progess a great football club into the real world. So much potential has been aborted to date.
  2. Another reincarnation and more negativity. Suggest that you do something positive like downloading the Futbology App and for £6.00 a year you can log every Junior match you have been to since you were a wean. Should give you hours of satisfaction and nostalgia. It is giving me huge entertainment during lockdown with more than 1,300 matches to log around the world.
  3. It is hard to keep track of this one. Has anyone a list of those clubs that have declined membership of the SJFA for 2020/21?
  4. It is amazing to see the energy and enthusiasm for the Lowland Under 20 Development League. The West are moving fast-forward out of the “dark ages”.
  5. No cover at Crossgates at present but the ground looks great on a sunny day.
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