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  1. Shame that we are going for Conferences again for 2020/21. I note the concern that others have made that there may only be one promotion place per conference. In this respect I suggest that the fourth from last club in the Premier along with the 3 second place clubs in the conferences should play-off for the final place in the 2021/22 Premier. This will give teams something extra to play for. What do you think?
  2. Irvine Meadow XI FC 7 hrs · Irvine Meadow have submitted an Expression of Interest to join the new West of Scotland League [WoSFL] at Tier 6 in the Pyramid. We believe we will receive further information regarding the West of Scotland League from around 5th March. We have set a date of Sunday 22nd March at 2.30pm for a Shareholders Meeting as we have to decide by end of March whether to join. Shareholders will have 1 vote per share. Shares are still available for any Meadow supporters to purchase. We will use our Fans Forum and Social Media to post any further developments to keep our supporters up to date Votes can be cast by Proxy for those shareholders unable to attend the meeting.
  3. Anybody who has followed my occasional posts over the last couple of years will understand that I am very very pro-Pyramid. To clear up any misunderstanding I am not part of some SJFA conspiracy and know nothing of the inner workings of the SJFA and WRJFA (although I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall at some of the recent management meetings). What I have been trying to preach is that compromise is always the best way forward if it can be achieved. In my view the WRJFA have one last chance over the next couple of weeks to adopt an "all-in" approach for the West Region as put forward in my scenario. It is the the last chance saloon. I do not think they will grasp that opportunity for one moment and it will be their loss as the West Region begins disintegrating and a new and more virile organisation is born. If no attempt is made to save a competitive 63 club pyramid, it will in my view demonstrate what an inept and backward looking organisation the WRJFA has become. At the vey least hold an EGM and explore whether there is a desire to move together as a group. What is there to lose? If nothing happens we will soon see the dominoes falling next month one by one as we did in the East.
  4. Probably been promoted in a different format already but I still like this news:
  5. They are interested. Good news. But would like to see a Twitter Feed or Facebook confirmation.
  6. I would not wish to to move Kello Rovers to the SoSFL. Disappointingly you have previously indicated (many posts ago) that Glasgow University are unlikely to be interested in the WoSFL / going senior. It is therefore unlikey to be a problem that will need to be faced.
  7. There is no reverse being suggested just a booster to "turbo-charge" a new WoSFL senior league. I would hope that LL/EoSFL firmly administer the new league at the outset. Perhaps supported by any progressive administrators from the WRJFA that want to come on board for an exciting new journey.
  8. Can you suggest a better way out of the current Labyrinth while enabling the retention of everthing good that has been achieved? TJ in my opinion has an awful lot to answer for given the mess that he has overseen but in my view there is no harm whatsoever in seeking a compromise which makes everyone a winner and enables the Pyramid to flourish.
  9. I possibly need to add some meat to the bones for this scenario is to be successfully implemented: a) The SJFA would have no part whatsoever to play in running or overseeing the new WoSFL. b) Committee members of the old/current WRJFA that wish to be part of running the WoSFL would need to be fully converted to the role that the Pyramid has to play in the progession of Scottish semi-professional football. c) There would be no place for "old-school" acolytes of the Junior "we have always done it this way and I know better because I wear a blazer" mentality. d) The 63 WRJFA clubs move over as a group to become senior clubs while keeping their current structure. e) Geographical integrity is maintained with ERJFA clubs going to EoSFL and SoSFL clubs remaining in their current league - with one exception Bonnyton Thistle. f) Bonnyton Thistle as a current Tier 6 senior club may play as a 17th club in the WoSFL Premier Tier 6 if they desire. g) New clubs such as Drumchapel and "separate entity" Community Clubs and Academy clubs may join at Tier 9. h) All clubs may retain a link to their Junior roots by competing in the SJFA Junior Cup. Associate membership of the SJFA would be necessary to maintain this link. i) The Junior Cup round dates are programmed by the SJFA to be assimilated within the Senior calendar.
  10. Just wondering if there is any room for a compromise at this late stage. 1. WRJFA hold an EGM in the next couple of weeks. Declare that the league proposes to withdraw from the SJFA for 2020/21 season and applies to the WoSFL as a whole keeping its 4 divisions intact in the process. 2. Their clubs retain associate membership of the SJFA enabling them to enter the Junior Cup for 2020/21. 3. Other senior clubs in the HL, LL, EoSFL and SoSFL can apply for associate membership of the SJFA enabling them to enter the Junior Cup for 2020/21. 4. TJ and the SJFA Committee show some flexibility and common sense for the good of the Scottish semi-professional game and not continue to act as an obstacle to progress. Could this act as a template or "has the horse already bolted"?
  11. Peebles Rovers and Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts comes to mind. Thornton should not be treated differently from these two clubs in my view.
  12. Here we are in February 2020 when Gordon Parks writes that the "Pyramid scheme is ripping game apart and clubs are dying": While in June 2018 he was writing: "Scottish football won't move forward until we stop living in the past - Gordon Parks - Daily Record" "Gordon believes it's time to focus on the future and stop looking back on glory nights of the past." https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/scottish-football-wont-move-forward-12710905 Here is a message for Gordon (and his followers) with regard to the Pyramid Scheme - STOP LIVING IN THE PAST!
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