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  1. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    Can anyone please exlain to me how the SJFA will sit within the SFA Pyramid? I can understand that there can be a place for a WRJFA run league sytem (revamped as the WRFA) and a NRJFA run league system (revamped as the NRFA) within the SFA Pyramid. However I cannot currently see a place for the SJFA and the ERJFA. Am I completely wrong on this issue? The SJFA in my view is a lost cause - although I still make the case that they could offered the compromise of running national non league cup competitions under a new banner. The only way forward that I see for the ERJFA is for it to split with the northern part morphing into a Tayside FA and the southern clubs joining the EOSFL/EOSFA. Is TJ prepared to negotiate this element? Please can TJ or other excecutive officers of the SJFA provide some clarity to the Junior Club membership as to what is going on. Junior Clubs in my view deserve better.
  2. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    Another TJ quote: SJFA secretary Tom Johnston said: “The difference between ours (pyramid proposals) and BSC’s is we are in negotiation, in discussion, about it. It is not somebody with a shotgun picking holes in what is there just now and putting up proposals without any kudos.” https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/plans-breakaway-feeder-league-rock-11780100 I think that it is high time that TJ outlines the actual proposals that he has submitted to the SFA Pyramid Working Group. It could just be that some of the Junior Club membership may have somewhat different goals and aspirations to TJ. It is time IMO for some openness and transparency. Why is there all this secrecy at the moment? In terms of "kudos" what could be better than TJ explaining to us what has been proposed by the SJFA and how it was received at the Pyramid Working Group meeting in early July. What are the main issues that need to be sorted out? Are there currently any stumbling blocks? Will these be addressed at the next meeting of the PWG? Has a date been fixed for the next meeting? What deadline is TJ working to? Just keeping Clubs informed makes a huge difference.
  3. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    Thanks for updating us on this article. Jaggies News – Plenty to cheer about 14th July 2018 "Over the course of the summer the Juniors have seen a number of Clubs join the East Of Scotland League believing that this might provide a quicker entry to the pyramid system despite the fact that the Junior’s have also had discussions with the SFA and also look like joining the pyramid system from season 2019/20. With the Junior League’s being re-structured with the remaining teams, Scone now find themselves playing in the McBookie.com Premier league North along with last season’s Champions from the North: Dundee North End." http://www.sconethistle.org/jaggies-news-plenty-to-cheer-about/ Personally, I think Scone are deluding themselves if they think that by staying in the Juniors would give a faster route into the Pyramid. TJ has been unable to give us any detail on what he is negotiating for the East Region clubs. In my opinion this is one of the main stumbling blocks that he faces "in the real world". Time for some transparency in my view.
  4. EoS Conference A chat 2018-19

    The opening league fixtures in August and September: Tuesday 14th August 2018 Central Taxis East of Scotland League, Conference A MD:1 14-Aug-2018 Musselburgh Athletic v Leith Athletic 7pm 14-Aug-2018 Newtongrange Star v Oakley United 7:30pm 14-Aug-2018 Peebles Rovers v Penicuik Athletic 7pm Wednesday 15th August 2018 Central Taxis East of Scotland League, Conference A MD:1 15-Aug-2018 Coldstream v Arniston Rangers 7pm* 15-Aug-2018 Tweedmouth Rangers v Dunbar United 7pm * unless Coldstream drawn to play in Scottish Cup First Preliminary Round, and have a replay on Saturday 18th August Saturday 18th August 2018 Central Taxis East of Scotland League, Conference A MD:5 18-Aug-2018 Arniston Rangers v Peebles Rovers 2:30pm Saturday 25th August 2018 Central Taxis East of Scotland League, Conference A MD:2 25-Aug-2018 Dunbar United v Peebles Rovers 2:30pm 25-Aug-2018 Easthouses Lily v Oakley United 2:30pm 25-Aug-2018 Hawick Royal Albert v Newtongrange Star 2:30pm 25-Aug-2018 Hill of Beath Hawthorn v Tweedmouth Rangers 2:30pm 25-Aug-2018 Leith Athletic v Arniston Rangers 3pm 25-Aug-2018 Penicuik Athletic v Coldstream 2:30pm Saturday 8th September 2018 Central Taxis East of Scotland League, Conference A MD:3 08-Sep-2018 Arniston Rangers v Penicuik Athletic 2:30pm 08-Sep-2018 Coldstream v Tweedmouth Rangers 2:30pm 08-Sep-2018 Musselburgh Athletic v Dunbar United 2:30pm 08-Sep-2018 Newtongrange Star v Easthouses Lily 2:30pm 08-Sep-2018 Oakley United v Hill of Beath Hawthorn 2:30pm 08-Sep-2018 Peebles Rovers v Hawick Royal Albert 2:30pm idle Leith Athletic Saturday 29th September 2018 Central Taxis East of Scotland League, Conference A MD:4 29-Sep-2018 Dunbar United v Hill of Beath Hawthorn 2:30pm 29-Sep-2018 Easthouses Lily v Coldstream 2:30pm 29-Sep-2018 Hawick Royal Albert v Arniston Rangers 2:30pm 29-Sep-2018 Oakley United v Musselburgh Athletic 2:30pm 29-Sep-2018 Penicuik Athletic v Leith Athletic 2:30pm Sunday 30th September 2018 Central Taxis East of Scotland League, Conference A MD:4 30-Sep-2018 Tweedmouth Rangers v Newtongrange Star 2:30pm http://www.eosfl.com/downloads/eosfl/The-East-of-Scotland-Football-League-Season-2018-19-Fixture-List.pdf
  5. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    If we take a step or two back - in 2005 a SFA working party was established comprising Tom Johnston, secretary of the Scottish Junior Football Association; George Peat, SFA vice president; Dick Shaw, Queen of the South secretary. They were looking at a number of issues including: - four junior clubs being invited to participate in the Scottish Cup - the pyramid system - integration There is a significant quote from TJ in The Herald on 19th March 2005: Full integration remains some way off but Johnston believes the plan is long overdue. He said: "A pyramid system can only be good and, if Inverness Caledonian Thistle and Peterhead can survive and prosper in the senior leagues, then I am confident our elite teams like Linlithgow Rose and Pollok could compete in the second or third division." Source: http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/12396614.SFA_plan_points_way_to_pyramid_system/ If this is how TJ felt in 2005 why was the man saying in November 2009: "I think the idea of a pyramid system is populist,” Tom Johnston, secretary of the Scottish Junior Football Association, says emphatically. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/junior-clubs-unlikely-to-square-the-circle-on-scottish-league-pyramid-system-nl0sv7w5267 What changed the position of TJ? Was he instructed by the Junior Club membership to change his negotiating stance? Or did he receive new instructions from the SJFA Management Committee? Or was it reflecting the mindset of TJ in terms of job preservation? Or does it simply reflect political wranglings in the working party? I think this quote from John McBeth, the president of the SFA in 2005 is quite telling: "John McBeth, the president of the SFA, revealed details of the groundbreaking plans to The Herald but admitted they must negotiate a political minefield before initiating changes." I wonder how many political IEDs will be laid down in the 2018 negotiations?
  6. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    You are right. I think that some Clubs will form a breakaway group over the next few months and establish the embryo of the independent West of Scotland Football League. TJ IMO at the moment has the option of thwarting this by placing all his cards on the table to keep the new West Region pyramid intact. Those cards should include "big compromises" - as well as those of "honesty" and "realism". The problem is that I currently see no signs of openness and transparency and a new beginning. The recent brief statement indicates that we are being fed the same old gruel. I hope that I am wrong this time.
  7. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    I can understand the huge disappointment of some respondents with the purported contribution of TJ to the regression of the Juniors and the lack of progress on very important issues such as full intergration into the SFA Pyramid. Worse still that integration over the last few years appears to have been actively stymied and obstructed. A real world solution would now be to dissolve the SJFA and incorporate all clubs under the umbrella of the SFA. However, we all know that at the present time this is not going to happen given the historic structure that has been in place for many years and the general aversion to change. The only way forward is to find a compromise and that concession in my book is for the SJFA to be rebranded to administer national non-league cup competitions. The SFA and SJFA should be actively working together to sort out a compromise for the general good of Scottish Football which will remove this historic anachronism.
  8. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    I fully understand your point but in my view it is much better to "build a bridge" to overcome what at the current time is a very difficult situation. New job descritions and working requirements can be laid down by the SFA on a contract basis. If these cannot be met say over a three year period the contracts can be terminated.
  9. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    Personally I feel an inclusive approach is best and that the the SJFA should be rebranded to administer national non-league cup competitions Source: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/loony-joons-sjfa-chiefs-talks-12117301 This in my opinion would be building on the strengths of TJ and would enable him and and his colleagues to still have an important role. Running cup competitions is not just about presenting trophies but involves media presentations, disciplinary matters, sponsorship promotions etc
  10. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    The job description of a typical Football Administrator working at a fairly junior level: "You need to be committed to deliver customer excellence and you must be able to work under pressure, handle multiple priorities and meet deadlines." http://www.nottinghamshirefa.com/news/2018/feb/13/vacancy-football-administrator Just wondering what deadline that TJ was set by the Clubs at the SJFA AGM to report back on the Pyramid assimilation?
  11. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    Plus more here: The above is a little dated - 16 months on - but nothing in my opinion has really changed with the people running the SJFA. TJ in my view has a wonderful opportunity to be more pro-active in properly embracing the Pyramid and bringing about positive change for the benefit of all Member Clubs. Perhaps a starting point is the need for management training for SJFA officers covering: How to manage change How to manage organisational restructuring How to conmmunicate effectively How to use social media positively The list is endless. If the SJFA really does have a future such management training in my view would be money well spent. Rather than allegedly blown on expenses for Scotland away days etc.
  12. League fixtures 2018/19?

    More details on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EastOfScotlandFA/
  13. League fixtures 2018/19?

    If we keep clicking on this link someone should get lucky: http://www.eosfl.com/content.php?pg=matchlge&pd=1044&frt=fixtures and here on Twitter:
  14. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    Is TJ and the SJFA fully committed to the SFA Pyramid? OR is it just a matter of having to face up to the issue having been forced into a corner? The following quotes below may give a clue. November 2009 -" I think the idea of a pyramid system is populist,” Tom Johnston, secretary of the Scottish Junior Football Association, says emphatically. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/junior-clubs-unlikely-to-square-the-circle-on-scottish-league-pyramid-system-nl0sv7w5267 March 2018 - “It will (be) democratically decided and whatever wins the day, will win the day and it will be up to those other clubs to decide what they want to do, and we’ll see where it takes us.” https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/junior-football-clubs-back-move-to-join-sfa-pyramid-system-1-4713851 June 2018 - “If we can maintain our identity and be part of the pyramid as the SJFA then that might lighten the blow.” https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/big-debate-junior-football-prepares-12717228 June 2018 - “It's more critical than ever that we join the pyramid system as we have seen collateral damage due to a host of clubs joining the East of Scotland League." https://www.pressreader.com/uk/evening-telegraph-first-edition/20180618/281998968174424 It is clear that TJ and his colleagues care passionately about Scottish football but everything that I have read so far suggests that they are being forced down a channel where they do not want to go. I see no enthusiam whatsoever and there are no soundbites of encouragement for those clubs that wish to better themselves and take advantage of the opportunities forthcoming in the SFA Pyramid system. As other posters have indicated TJ and the SJFA now have a wonderful opprtunity to take their association into the Senior Scottish football and be part of an exciting new chapter of Non League history.
  15. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    You raise an interesting point. Who is the leader of the SJFA? Felix McKenna : President Matt Bamford: Vice-President Tom Johnston: Secretary Iain McQueen: Assistant Secretary / Treasurer [NB: I assume no changes have been made in the 2018/19 line-up] I suppose it is FM but most of the soundbites are from TJ - see Evening Telegraph article as an example. https://www.pressreader.com/uk/evening-telegraph-first-edition/20180618/281998968174424