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  1. Bo’ness is special to every bo’ness fan you won’t understand if your not from this wee place or appreciate being part of bo’ness really that simple
  2. Serious question does the committee have the drive to search for a manager befitting bo’ness to take it forward what strengths do you think new man needs
  3. bucfc cc play in stirling amateur league thistle in Edinburgh league cc amateur team just moved from Sunday to Saturday amateur thistle 12 year amateur a wee bit of a difference
  4. Geordie and Ryan would do brilliantly for team great coaches
  5. Yes I think rose have missed a trick here which should help Bo’ness united
  6. Linlithgow thistle it is we’re talking about are a stand alone team mainly made up of bo’ness lads the guy running them is a bo’ness man if you support bu going away your paying the opposition not BU in present format and if you support BU you go to BU game if he is good at getting sponsors is Bu no better tapping into that to help them cause let’s be honest there not good at it
  7. Dunipace have more joined up thinking than bo’ness at moment what I know is there’s the community club with community amateur team and bu who are senior team thistle proposal is to be junior team for astro majority of time be used by the kids with bu having usual Saturday slot when at home. Bug free to use by anyone outwith that time so make sense to gave s bo’ness team using it surely
  8. How many age groups does the community football club have At present does anybody know what is relationship like between both groups does bo’ness united havd the desire to run an under 20’s the junior league will join pyramid system but what effect will that have on any potential junior team and senior team None really different pathways surely I can’t speak for committee of bo’ness and relationships with others but more bo’ness teams pulling together is better than one now that is a united set up
  9. No .. Bo’ness united have been gauranteed Saturday afternoon slot when at home this has been in place since start. Deanburn Dave says about more teams the better I think more teams with bo’ness links the better
  10. It’s not bo’ness united place to speak about ground development surely that be NPA unless BU feel aggrieved about something.
  11. See if the key issue regard other parties as a commented on other posts could bo’ness united no invite these other parties to explain ideas so members have a balanced view going forward or is there something to hide. Just with folks points in here
  12. Be a shock to many BU supporters staring at the future tomorrow as in football pitch might change people’s minds might change he haw lol
  13. No this year there at Little kerse winter training so be a Braw penny down there
  14. What does lithgi pay to train on Astro at Linlithgow ? Won’t be peanuts
  15. I'm not sure if the BUs could legally own the park hence the NPA who still don't own the park but hold it in trust the same as others before them. So NPA don’t own newtown park but hold in trust as a community asset to be used by public and bo’nesx United a like
  16. We all know how it came about but thanks for history lesson so at start the park didn’t belong to NPA either so if bo’ness united committee had vision they could have got ground for themselves and do what NPA are doing instead of NPA being land lords. again that’s then thus us now just a trick missed. i completely understand venture needs dedicated people to drive it and is not a 5 minute job, maybe you should get involved
  17. He didn't say it was the best, he said it was one of the finest. My apologies thanks For pointing that out John
  18. I understand all that work took place but I wouldn’t class that as recent work would you ? I think over 10 year on roof is it not understand what your saying on revenue with huts but surely better planning when working to get huts in place NPA is a great idea but why did BU as a club not take control of this situation and be no need for bu to become a lodger at place they used to rule pitch it’s not best in Scotland you’re deluded if you think it is . Anyway merry Christmas
  19. I tip my hat to any volunteer who gives up time to look after newtown especially guys I knew personally who looked after at never be forgotten but this is now and not then do you think it’s as good as it used to be .
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