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  1. And yet, somehow, everything is still a masonic/papist (delete according to preference) conspiracy.
  2. The SOS doesn't cover a small area, it covers a bloody huge one. Yes, indeed, the standard may not be high, as the small population naturally means a small player pool. I remain to be convinced that it deserves to be moved down a level because people whose idea of a "big" game is playing their neighbours from three miles down the road think it should be. I don't mean you personally, btw, I mean this site's "SOS bad"-bots in general.
  3. Has Lochee Larry been on the fortified wine again?
  4. I can't stand Alex Ferguson. My dad hates Pat Nevin. Terry Christie is a good lad, probably the best shout so far. Can't think of anyone else offhand. I avoid punditry like the plague, but Steven Thompson's metrosexual coats annoy me even with the sound off.
  5. Nope. Celtic fans would smash even more seats than usual at Rugby Park. Though admittedly that may not be an issue next season.
  6. I live near Dumfries, so am taking consolation in the prospect of trips to Palmerston too.
  7. We've missed Hearts' triumphant stroll to the title. We'll probably still be around for the next one though. I've just had the depressing thought that Ayr are so shite they might get relegated too. That would be irksome.
  8. I also just turned it on. Assuming bankruptcy can be avoided, I think we can start looking forward to derbies next season.
  9. Jo Cherry may be divisive but IMO she's on the right side of an admittedly pointless, distracting non-debate we shouldn't be having. While being a Godless heathen myself, I have no problems with Kate Forbes. I've seen nothing to suggest that she wishes to impose her beliefs on anyone else. Angus Robertson is fine, but a bit last decade surely.
  10. I'm pretty much back at my pre-Clarke position of any random German pulled in off the street. Failing that, and if we are going to go down the comedy route (and I think we are), Ian Cathro for the truly Homeric lulz and seethe combined.
  11. Celtic are hilariously and heartwarmingly shite at the moment, and will therefore win 4-0, at least.
  12. Thanks for your replies, folks. At some point, closer to the time, I'll read up about iton Wiki, which is usually pretty exhaustive (often overly so). FWIW, I think we could finish anywhere from top to fourth, and not having to count a possible away hiccup to a minnow helps us too. So I see second as a realistic goal.
  13. Am I right in thinking that, due to the imbalance in group sizes, results against the bottom seed (or lowest placed when the group is done, perhaps) in six team groups are ignored when deciding the best runners-up spots?
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