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  1. A gang with a good leader just hope they can keep hold of Ryan if the roomers are anything to go by he is off to to HT at the end of the season
  2. Yeah and i hope i win the lottery but hey ho i didnt so it will be back to work next week for me then
  3. Scottish cup predictions

    Well lads if the gossips are to beleaved the Pieman has agreed to the sale of Darvel juniors to the tarmacman he will then shut them down and change it to the Thistle home ground new manager to be in place for new season.new committee will be given an account at cruise in Glasgow for their kit and JD sport for any sports kit they need applications for managers job will start next month (Mick u can apply apparently as u have a proven record in the game )
  4. Scottish cup predictions

    Explane's where all the gear comes from (no pun intended lol)
  5. Scottish cup predictions

    Stucafu tbh mate i don't get on this much as i work offshore and you don't get internet at the bottom of the N/sea . it just seems every time i do come on here all the talk is about HT and Hamilton's money and my personal opinion on what i saw on Monday night is all i said people should take off the blinkers and look at clubs before slagging other clubs off its just my opinion (again) when i played everything you had from a club was plastered with the sponsors name/company hence why they are called sponsors
  6. Scottish cup predictions

    Only an observation and my personal opinion tbh and it couldn't have been that pointless post as you commented on it i will say no more on the subject and wait with baited breath for next season
  7. Scottish cup predictions

    Totally one sided game . But once again its all about HT getting paid ffs open your eyes people that was the first time i have seen CP play and even i can tell something isn't rite about CP even the way they turn up to games ffs they had a kit van matching trainers never mind expensive tops and body warmers And before everyone jumps down my throat please think about what i just said after all HT have one of the richest backers in the amateur game and cant turn out like pro-players . so the question has to be asked if they can afford all that hi-end kit what other money is available to the manager and committee as im sure they all play with their mates that said im sure the cup is MIck and his teams this year again and next year will be the year that CP need to deliver on the pitch
  8. Scottish cup predictions

    So who will win tomorrow and Tuesday whats everyone's predictions
  9. no need to apologise mate we're all entitled to our opinion just feel Ryan should be given some credit for the work he has done i for one have enjoyed watching them this season when possible they work hard for each other
  10. Have to ask not been on this in a few weeks but what the f**k has Ryan's success at newfarm got to do with W Hamilton or HT ? Give the guy and his team some credit and judge them at the end of next season
  11. SAFL

    Come on my man you cant take him to junior ffs just stick to your 90k budget u have and enjoy
  12. Managed to get down to see the Hurlford Darby today not the best game thats for sure but have to ask?? what the f**k does the man with the money see in any of them ?
  13. The website and twitter are run by aresholes and old men who are only interested in their own teams or should i say de-funked teams

    pmsl So what your saying is the team you have at shortlees NOW where cheats and happily took the Devil's coin when they played at HT ? but now they play for you that its all ok because they have turned over a new leaf lol
  15. Stewarton United Testimonial

    Well done lads great reward for a loyal player . Rab more than deserves it. if only more players in the game showed half his commitment and loyalty to one club