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  1. Updated Ayrshire website still not good enough in my opinion Wed 29 May, 2019 Now that the last game of the season has been played, everyone at the Association would like to pass on their congratulations to all the League and Cup winners, and those clubs who have gained promotion during the season, and commiserations to those that fell just short. All of the leagues have been hotly contested with many of the promotion and relegation places going down to the least game of the season. Special mention to New farm Loch AFC on a second successive unbeaten league campaign. There have also been some very competitive Finals in the Cup competitions. We hope many other clubs enjoyed success in some way or another and look forward to seeing you all at the AGM on 4th June in Loanhead Primary, followed by the League Formations Meeting on 20th June before a well-earned rest for you all and preparations for the 2019/20 season begin! Downlo
  2. i follow the loyal mate i'm not part of it but my point is simple Glenburn beat HT nothing on the website disrespectful in my opinion Ht win the league nothing on the website disrespectful in my opinion the two teams in question pay their money to the league so should be shown some respect after all the money they and the other teams pays for their jollys and without them we dont have a league hope that clears things up so lets look by the petty shit and at least expect our association to show some common courtesy to it members
  3. I see the Ayrshire have let themselfs down once again . Not updating the web site wont make THEM go away all it does is spur them on . And it just show's what little class and integrity they have as an association
  4. we could bounce this back and forth all day mate but its just my opinion i try and see the best in people before the bad i know a few of their committee and their not all bad
  5. so if they have said FALL and not FAIL could it not be explained as a fall from grace/top and have nothing to do with wanting them to go bust ?
  6. First off i have nothing to do with HT . I'm only giving an opinion and as i said i have'nt read or seen the comment so can't comment on it however i have seen the last few game's they have played eachother and it is pure venom from both team's and fans so it is not a suprise they give it to eachother on social media
  7. tbh i cant comment on the post as i never read it only going by what i have heard but we all know boath clubs have no love or respect for eachother so just leave them to it
  8. What can the league and other clubs do about it ? get a grip it was a bit of banter i beleave . And after the antics of the Lee's last year did we all expect HT to just walk away and not enjoy their win . The past couple of years teams have not played games at the end of the season and just gave the points away nobody expected them to go under its just part of the game now mind you it seams its ok to do it aslong as your fucking HT over
  9. well said mate let the boys enjoy their league win and the new challanges of the premier they deserve it
  10. So really the only thing we can agree on is none of us knows if he was or if he wasnt lol the new season will bring a few suprises i expect
  11. Hope your rite about not going under and can afford the money if its true the past couple of seasons have been the best for a long time with Glenburn throwing in a few upsets and if they can build on the past couple of seasons then it could good again and with NF coming up (not saying for one min we will win lol) but i think Ryan has a point to prove to HT as it looks like he isnt going back to them as i had heard
  12. And going by the lack of response from the Shortlee's guys on here it looks like my mate could be spot on hope not because that possably could be enough to put Shortlee's out the game and then it will be only one way traffic again in Ayrshire not good for the league thats for sure
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