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  1. The South Stand is still having electrical work done & the seats need a clean before we can use it.
  2. I think that Rovers are a bit stronger financially for the coming season but not as much as some people think. We lost out on PATG income & that would have included some healthy away supports. Here's hoping we can keep most of our better players , find some good ones, & actually be able to attend matches this coming season.
  3. I've got the good wine on standby so over to you Rovers.
  4. If anyone hasn't watched ice hockey try the recent YouTube clip of New York Rangers v Washington. It's wilder than the film Slapshot. Three fights break out before the 1st faceoff. Nine players in the sin bins plus one out with a match penalty. Let's hope we show as much fight on Saturday!
  5. Just saying. Two shots on target = 2 goals. Let's be the best of the next four games.
  6. I thought the junior team played well & managed to force the draw. You all must be so pleased they managed to finish fourth.
  7. In the unlikely event that they follow this site, all the best to John, Paul & the whole team tonight. We all want to be there making some noise.
  8. Gollum clearly wanted dee to win. Our fault should have found his bloody ring.
  9. Matches are much better with a crowd & that includes away fans to give it more atmosphere. Most people don't travel home & away so there is probably a market for streaming games the next day or after 5pm if the authorities will allow it.
  10. I think Livi deserved their win. They stepped up in the 2nd half & we tried to match them at high balls when we were much more successful playing it on the deck. They also seemed fresher than us towards the end. If we draw you again let's make it at Stark's for a change.
  11. Why would Regan sign for a smaller club ?
  12. A great display by us, I hope that we can keep at this level till the end of the season. If not, 1-0 wins are just fine. I also hope to hear that our main players are re-signing on long contracts.
  13. Hopefully, club & players are holding off committing to new contracts until we know where we will be next season. Fingers crossed PREMIER.
  14. I suppose there is always something after your cash but the "Sell Out San Starko" at donateaticket.com is going reasonably well with over 900 sales at £5 with little publicity. This is designed to replace some of the lost streaming income from our game against the pars. No doubt this amount will leap up when more of the high rollers on here become involved. Hopefully, we can achieve 2-3000 sales.
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