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  1. Unfortunately you have no idea of our club our how we have managed to keep it running for so long under extreme financial restraints but these restraints we have embraced and move our club from a perennial bottom two finishing club to a club with a little success. we are not lacking ambition we are realistic on what we can do. the new leagues may benefit the smaller clubs in the short term but realistically after three seasons the bigger clubs will again be in the top leagues leaving the leagues more or less the way they were.
  2. So sad to hear about Franny a really good guy he was a great help to me over the years with his knowledge and advice. loved his beloved Pollok and always made you feel welcome at Newlandsfield. A proper junior man which is sometimes much maligned by some. Will be a massive blow to Pollok and also to the junior game as a whole in these times of change a sensible head is often needed. God bless Franny and your family unfortunately we can’t give you the send of you deserve but our thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family
  3. The Scottish government say they are cancelling all events over 500 people we at the Albert will be continuing to play for the next 10 seasons as our total crowd for a season is 50
  4. Wasn’t news just asking a question
  5. With all the carry on about Brexit oops sorry lowland league, teams leaving the league will there be any promotion or relegation this season as there are rumours of new league starting next season.
  6. Got to say well done to Kilbirnie grounds man for getting game on park is in really good nick surrounding areas water everywhere very windy and bitter cold.
  7. Time to move on I think I know that there are people out there who want there pound of flesh but he has resigned John Fyfe has been asked to temporarily step in to that role till something else is sorted. it doesn’t do anyone any credit to hound this man just because you don’t like him. He was wrong rightly resigned move on
  8. Of course it was the right decision he had to go language like that is not acceptable especially from someone holding a position like he did. Unfortunately there are no winners in this issue, the West Region could have handled it better as one of the committee should have addressed it right away as soon as it was said, and then spoke to Mr Robertson after the meeting offering him the chance to resign. The Robertson haters and that’s what it was didn’t cover themselves in glory either as none of them who attended the meeting said anything at the time, and couldn’t wait to run to the papers with it, some of the language used against him was appalling. Not any better than he used. Lessons to be learned by all I think
  9. Time to move on now that he has resigned the Association will go from strength to strength and all will be well with the world. The haters will need to look for someone else to hate. The president for Racist and Bigotted language has been sent so hopefully that will send a message to all member clubs
  10. There is no excuse for what he said and it is only right he should be relieved of his post as General Manager . But some of the reterict used about him General Moron, Dribbiling Moron, Grand Wizard also smack of abusive language, obviously used by people who have a personal grudge against him. I agree with Bankiebill that it’s a pity that his long tenure working for the region ended this way. But no other option. A wise man once said let those who are without sin cast the first stone.
  11. Hi Give me a call on this number Royal Albert we are looking for experienced juniors to help with our young team 07719384581
  12. Shettleston by far the best team we have played this season Down to bare bones today but no excuses Shettleston worthy winners good luck for rest of the season
  13. Was up at Carluke today agree wasn’t a great game Carluke just deserved to win against 10 man Gow. Not much to say more than that 3 points is 3points
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