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  1. Are they not mega unreliable the now? A guy recently joined my department at work who does them for loads of people there and I've now regularly got idiots asking me about them as if because we do the same job I'm also responsible for his illegal telly side gig.
  2. Someone needs to tell Kyogo that just because the refs will give him everything doesn't mean he can take the piss too much.
  3. The Castros have not lived like billionaires that's self evident. Fidel was a simple man who just liked reading, smoking cigars, wearing a tracky, playing basketball and being a shagger. Communism is not about abolishing private property. People still own cars, clothes, homes etc. It's about abolishing private ownership of the means of production.
  4. It is worse because you can't talk to someone on the phone without making noise. Reading is a silent activity.
  5. Aye that guy is a w**k but reading out loud to yourself in a public place is absolute wrong yin behaviour.
  6. Reading out loud on a train should be a crime tbh
  7. Kansas City - A Robert Altman film set in the 30s with Jennifer Jason Leigh kidnapping Miranda Richardson against the backdrop of a crooked election day and an extravagant party in a Jazz speakeasy owned by Harry Belafonte. A good fun movie with great performances. Moonrise Kingdom - Rewatched this after seeing French Dispatch and the Anderson chat here. It's still very enjoyable and i noticed loads of visual references to the Kubrick Paedo trilogy which went over my head previously.
  8. I don't think anyone will lose the right to own private property. The opportunity to own private property will become more difficult to access due to increasing costs and limited production due to carbon reduction. Think about it like the housing market in the UK. Home ownership peaked in 2003 and has been decreasing since then. More and more people cannot afford to buy a home even though they have the right to. And we are now seeing a trend where homes are being bought up by financial institutions that is only going to accelerate the process. Cars will go this way as well. There isn't enough lithium to replace petrol cars 1:1 or even close to it with electric. There doesn't have to be legislation it can be done by controlling wages and production.
  9. Go a walk today in a town or city and you'll see lots of people who will be alive in 2100.
  10. The perils of reading the thread in reverse.... In terms of the claim of things being "free" it's pretty simple: they are lying. It's no different from the lies when water was privatised in England or the lies when the energy market was liberalised. A lot of academics are now talking about techno-fuedalism as a new mode of production existing alongside capitalism. This is quite a good intro to the idea by Yaris Varoufakis. https://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/techno-feudalism-replacing-market-capitalism-by-yanis-varoufakis-2021-06
  11. Where are they saying things need to be free? Their ideology is 'Stakeholder Capitalism' where political decisions are formally made by WEF members and the pretence of democratic control is legally abolished over huge parts of society and the economy.
  12. The Great Reset is the opposite of the abolition of private property. It's the privatisation of everything but ownership concentrated into a relatively tiny class of oligarchs. Nature is currently being privatised without anyone understanding what's going on.
  13. British society already has numerous qualities which would have been considered Dystopian 40 years ago. What's considered normal in 40 years will be similarly offensive to our current sensibilities.
  14. Facemasks are just a step towards other restrictions. They didn't do anything here so we now have the Digital ID prohibitions. They did f**k all in Germany and Austria as well.
  15. A good win. Crosbie, Hodgson, Sykes and Bradbury were outstanding which is a good sign for Edinburgh and Scotland. Matt Currie at 13 is an absolute unit for a 20 year old and Cammy Hutchinson looked handy off the bench.
  16. Edinburgh are looking good here. Both Argentinians scoring tries and making a big impact.
  17. Glasgow would be better spending any available funds on some locks and a decent coach. Ryan Wilson playing today might have swung it for them but without him there they are absolutely leaderless.
  18. If Townsend was actually going to play Tuiliputo at 12 against the Boks as was strongly rumoured then he had one of the luckiest escapes ever. The guy cannot tackle.
  19. One of the worst five minutes of rugby at the end there.
  20. A terrible pass from Dobie lead to that penalty.
  21. AR shouts for the first offside of the game after 72 minutes.
  22. This is more embarrassing for Dawkins than shagging Mrs Garrison.
  23. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/nov/25/exeter-chiefs-to-ditch-native-american-branding-after-consulting-fans Fucking hell.
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