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  1. There is no sign that either the Scottish government or the UK government have any desire to get back to 2019 style normal society. It will take Poll Tax level social disorder to get out of this.
  2. The most intelligent Vox Pop in Scottish TV history.
  3. You've obviously not understood what ICTChris is saying. Obviously healthy diet and exercise are important no one would suggest otherwise are important but linking the two as transactional can create negative behaviours and compulsions. We're not machines and focusing on numbers isn't a long term solution. Eat healthy, exercise regularly.
  4. Aye I jacked it because it was interfering with my busy schedule of getting stoned.
  5. Harvie has been shite recently but credit to him for showing a bit of back bone today. Anyone who actually thinks Sturgeon is going to end a 400 year old Union needs to watch her licking boots today. Not happening.
  6. So many politicians and wealthy people in general live in an absolute fantasy land.
  7. Sherlock looks like his mum is very familiar with corrupt ex PM David Cameron.
  8. Byrne collapsing into a ball at the first hint of contact must be the new Irish cheat move.
  9. Ioane drove up the way with his shoulder. It was much, much worse.
  10. Exeter TH illegal at that maul set up. Lifted then blocked the ball carrier.
  11. "This is the best angle" The camera is 120m away from the incident!
  12. Exeter are pish. Just running straight lines and Leinster have figured them out. Unless Owens comes out to ref the second half they are in trouble.
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