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  1. Failing that they could get a PFA rep to get a bit of balance. It's the BBC though so old gammons ranting obviously takes priority over trade unions.
  2. So three of the players are out injured anyway. Cosgrove, Devlin and McGeouch.
  3. A Gammonfest on Radio Scotland the now. Willie Miller thinks players should be indefinitely banned from socialising. Tom English thinks pubs should be banned from showing live fitba and that 8 Aberdeen players going for a beer will somehow delay fans returning to stadium. The fact there are no actual guidelines on any of this doesn't seem to matter at all. If would be decent if Radio Scotland could get someone on who isn't an old duffer who's brain has been broken by lockdown.
  4. Normalising the idea that your work can punish you for getting ill or just mildly risky behaviour in general is a slippy slope. Stupid footballers is always a popular witch hunt in the UK but people need to remember they are just workers like the majority of us.
  5. Aye Soul Bar in Aberdeen is well known for being popular with the half and hauf crew. Anyone who thinks the majority of people are only socialising with two other households is a moron.
  6. Are Aberdeen really going to be able to discipline the players? Do they have it in their contracts that they can't go out?
  7. Bill Clinton has been accussed of multiple sexual assualts including rape.
  8. I see Bernie has brought in a bill to tax Jeff Bezos 43 billion dollars! It's obviously just agitprop to get folk talking but it doesn't really make any sense to base taxation on share price movements.
  9. That's definitely worthy of a rematch. Jonas was great value and very good up close. Harper was stronger and fitter. Can't beat some blood stains as well.
  10. Remember Trump did the boss move of bringing Bill Clinton's victims to the televised debate with Hilldog.
  11. It's been a good fight. Harper looks a lot fitter.
  12. I hope this woman walking out to Gerry Cinnamon gets sparked!
  13. The ABs moving him from 10 was one of the daftest decisions of all time.
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