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  1. Only cranks are against the current lockdown but when we get to March there are going to be some major debates and the Devis of the world are going to be painting anyone who doesn't want to keep restrictions as an extremist. Almost nothing is being said about lifting restrictions or any strategy for the Spring onwards.
  2. That pretty much already happens. London is full of African cleaners and South American restaurant workers. You also have the garment slavery in Leicester, human trafficking in refuse and recycling, more human trafficking in nail bars and car washes, loads of undocumented workers in slaughterhouses and the guys who sleep in the backrooms of Indian restaurants.
  3. Nope. I'm watching lots of movies just now and then it's back to Twin Peaks. Is she the one who's husband and kids don't clean the house? She's even wrong when trying to slag The Sopranos because leather bars definitely exist. Also that scene is genius with the music drop timed to the mob guys seeing him and Vito saying "It's a fucking joke".
  4. When Carmela gives up on trying to find Adrianna to build her house it shows she is as bad as Tony.
  5. When Melfi tells Carmela on the phone that she was in a car accident (covering for the rape) Tony immediately starts going on about scarring on her knee. There's also a bit in season 4 where Tony is moving towards stopping therapy and Melfi wears a skirt that is more splits than fabric obviously trying to tempt him to stay. Lorraine Bracco is immense. I can no longer face watching any TV drama that's not Sopranos or Twin Peaks. Everything else is shite in comparison.
  6. My gran had was hospitalised after a flu vaccine two years ago and isn't going to take this one. She's hardcore about isolating though!
  7. You don't see many Helmuts or Klaus any more. It's all Mario, Lukas and Christian. Sad.
  8. The new variant is only more dangerous when the pubs are open. No pubs and it just stays in and watches the telly.
  9. As far as Ivanka and Jared are concerned having a constant stream of folk doing a shite in your house would be an issue for me. I do a shite every day at work so realistically you could be looking at 30-40 Secret Service Shites a week if they are at home.
  10. Are the Secret Service guys not meant to really like Trump? The only time you ever hear much about them is when they get caught with hookers abroad so they probably have some sympathy for DTJ.
  11. Aye but looking at that graph 45% 18-29 year olds who had a close contact isolation are claiming to have isolated for over 21 days. That is bullshit and I think a lot of times with surveys people see it like a quiz and answer what they believe to be the correct answer.
  12. Why would anyone be isolating for over 21 days?
  13. From our perspective that's true. But the big donors such as Google, Facebook, Walmart, Boeing, Goldman, Morgan etc donate to both parties and there is a permament majority in both houses for any legislation which benefits them. The current 'gridlock' suits them much better than one party legislating on behalf of it's base.
  14. Never heard of the guy. It just popped up on my feed. Richard Evans is a solid liberal historian. He also wrote that scathing obituary I posted a while ago.
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