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  1. Not being willing to name a police officer or government solicitor like they are Woody Guthrie up in front of Joe McCarthy is unbelievable to me. Surely that is career over?
  2. A summary of MacKinnon's appearance. It's unbelievable that senior Scottish Government civil servants are being so uncooperative.
  3. Judith McKinnon is giving her evidence remotely today via audio link. No video. They should just have let Sturgeon send in written answers on her behalf.
  4. Done my first run in the dark since February and almost decked it on a coke can some littering scumbag had dropped. I thought my ankle was going to balloon at first but it seems ok. I definitely need to adjust to concentrating more on the ground rather than just relying on peripheral vision.
  5. Are you still allowed household bubbles in Tier 4?
  6. Nowhere other than hardcore Tuetcher areas will get even Tier 2 this winter.
  7. With level zero gigs and nightclubs are still banned and social events like weddings and funerals are still restricted. It's shite.
  8. That is the reality with good transport links.
  9. If you can have a meal and a drink in Edinburgh people will just head east from the areas with stricter restrictions. With stuff like closing barbers and hair dressers in Lanarkshire this week people will just go to Glasgow. It's fifteen minutes away!
  10. We already have many restrictions that don't exist in other countries in term of licensing laws, drugs, planning permissions, free speech.
  11. This is the government that aimed for Zero Covid three months ago. Compliance is going to be heehaw this time anyway.
  12. Glasgow and Edinburgh look like they will both struggle to make the Champions Cup. I'll give the SRU a break and say that Covid probably killed a few signings but there's definitely not enough pro standard youngsters coming through.
  13. We can't be sure whether or not Nippy did kill the Tweeter's granny until the Covid care home report is released. It's already a month overdue.
  14. Chris Morris couldn't come up with this shit.
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