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  1. We'll all be "encouraged" to get the smallpox vaccine within 12 months.
  2. So many movies have flopped at the box office since Covid that I think any film that might get more people back in cinemas will get some hyperbole from reviewers. Apart from kid's films, MCU pish, Bond, Batman and Dune almost every big release has struggled to make its budget back.
  3. Reading Kurt Vonnegut is definitely pointless for rabid Tories. It would be like sitting a 6 year old down to watch The Godfather.
  4. "I know him mostly as" "A mix of Lord of the Flies and The Wire" I love this shit.
  5. Forgetting other kinds of markets the purpose of joint stock companies is not to transfer wealth from retail to institutional investors.
  6. The defence from Thompson on that try....
  7. That's the best I've seen Chris Dean playing.
  8. Rob Harley is an absolute clown. That's all he has been good for for about three years now.
  9. Glasgow are pish. Edinburgh have an outside chance of beating Munster if they win. Glasgow are fucked either way.
  10. I like laughing at Nazis. Rather than, say, wanking over them.
  11. If this actually happens there's no chance I'm going to work. Straight onto the sick.
  12. I saw they have some Azov guy who made a video a few months ago saying he was going to rape Kadyrov's children. Good luck to him.
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