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  1. Somehow they also have household debt to GDP of 105%. There's big potential for social strife there.
  2. Steak pie, a good buffet and a free bar should cover it.
  3. America was reintegrating Germans who planned and executed the Final Solution into West Germany a handful of years after WW2. I don't think you can rule out Germany buying Russia forever. American LNG sales maybe guaranteed but the price is variable. America as a competitor also benefits from European industry shutting down.
  4. USA doing is a conspiracy. Russia doing it is not a conspiracy. Fantastic.
  5. Germans are going to have their access to heating limited this winter. Protests demanding more gas via NS2 would have been huge but obviously not now.
  6. Local radio was a terrible idea. Every presenter was going for their career defining moment of glory.
  7. The kind of diplomacy I can get behind.
  8. The point is that Aki shouldn't have made the clear out attempt at all. Encouraging the ball carrier to actually release the ball when the jackaler has his hands on would solve a lot of this. Some kind of team penalty where multiple infringements lead to a card. And at the same time enforce that the tackle is released and no jackal attempts until the tackle is fully complete ie if the tackler is still touching the ball carriers arms then no contest allowed.
  9. Russia is going to integrate all four regions into a Crimean Federal District.
  10. There's a fire at the Zaporohyze Nuclear Power Plant. It's been a strangely eventful week.
  11. They have been vilifying workers asking for 10% so I think we know the answer to that.
  12. I agree with the sentiment. f**k them. However they are the dominant electoral bloc and it's unlikely they are going to suddenly think it's time to give social democracy a go. Starmer isn't going to fix anything so the long term outlook is even more of a shift to the right.
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