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  1. Bobby Valentine was the counter balance to Bobby Tait.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1989_Scottish_Cup_Final I don't think they will show 2016 because of the pitch invasion. Too much social disorder for social distancing.
  3. We still wouldn't have control of our currency. Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain are currently begging for bonds to be issued by the EZ to fight this crisis. Germany, Holland and Finland are refusing to let it happen (although they are looking at it again in two weeks time).
  4. That's great until another virus hits and the independent Scottish Government have zero fiscal tools to fight it. Boris and Sunak can create as many pounds as they want at a keystroke to pay everyone's wages. Holyrood couldn't do that using Sterling.
  5. Do you think the population density in Stockholm and Malmo is different to Copenhagen and Odense? The big bits where no one lives aren't relevant.
  6. It won't be long til Indyref2 then.....
  7. The logic extends to banning alcohol, tobacco and fast-food. Saves lives and helps the NHS so we obviously must do it.... There would probably be a bigger outcry about that than not being able to go outside!
  8. The guy was a retired transplant surgeon who was volunteering in emergency care. Tragic and they may have to think about where they place older doctors/nurses.
  9. What benefit would come from the EU scheme? It isn't helping Italy, France or Spain. Obsessive Remainers are idiots.
  10. We've all been pished on that train tbf
  11. The SNP will need to find an alternative currency plan because the current plan to use Sterling outside the UK has been blown out the water.
  12. The best outcome would be a new method of funding public services. The Tories committed to a minimum of £200 billion spending without mentioning borrowing or taxation. We are now in a situation where the central bank directly funding public spending is reality rather than just a fringe theory. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/mar/28/coronavirus-bailouts-need-to-be-paid-back-or-do-they This has to be the number one political priority after the crisis. If the public accept lies about "no money" requiring austerity it will be down to sheer stupid ignorance.
  13. I think it's also because loads of vulnerable people wouldn't stick to it. As usual the young are being sacrificed for the old.
  14. Thankfully it doesn't seem to do much to children. Given the amount of social contact still going on in shops I'd say a father not seeing his kids is overkill.
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