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  1. This looks more realistic. The 3.1% number is clearly wrong.
  2. Sure you could... All I think here is that Conway has fucked up his numbers.
  3. Well beyond what I've said to Oaksoft the death rate for unvaxxed people is now 4xs higher than the first two waves.
  4. I'm talking about a fatality rate of 3.2% for vaccinated over 60s. Pre vaccine the fatality rate was 3.1% for for 64-74. It could be that over 75s are skewing it but that should be more than balanced out by 60-64s and the removal of unhealthy unvaxxed people.
  5. Spiking is real. This is an urban myth.
  6. They could just buy the Bitcoin with money rather than buying Tether to then buy Bitcoin. Tether are an extremely dodgy company. No one is giving them any large amount of cash legitimately.
  7. Because it's not credible and there is no evidence for it. The girl doing the interviews has a pin p***k size mark on her arm and didn't bother to get a urine or blood test done. This is only being taken more seriously than clowns or razor blades on flumes because it fits an existing narrative. There was a similar urban legend about 'Seagulling' at halls of residences a few years ago that got traction in the media for the same reasons.
  8. It doesn't stand up to any sort of scrutiny. It's clowns abducting kids in blue vans for Freshers.
  9. What drug could you possibly be spiked with leaving a mark the size of an insect bite?
  10. This has FB maw type hysteria written all over it. People who haven't been out in years blacking out after drinking on a night out, must be someone doing intramuscular injections..... A guy I know got a brick to the face exactly there for his effort at white knighting.
  11. How does a Bitcoin ETF drive the up the price of BTC? Tether printed 400,000,000 USDT yesterday.
  12. After Skinner and Gilchrist we are struggling for locks. No Sean Maitland or WP is sad to see. Hopefully they are still available in case of emergencies in the 6N.
  13. Bill Gates was there plus the heads of Blackrock, Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Barclays and Santander. A mini Davos in No. 10.
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