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  1. Also a lot of non factual drivel you read on here with people supposedly in the know. Must be a few bods out their who’s only social interaction with the outside world is their daily outburst of bs.
  2. I’m one of the veterans you refer to and yes we do put a lot of work in on top of our family lives and jobs so once again thanks for your concern
  3. I wouldn’t dispute that and when he left Sinky resorted to playing Niall Reynolds out of position. Very capable and a dangerous left foot. In defence of Larky9, and what he was alluding to was the red mist that would descend and watching the games you would see Scott get progressively worked up and this would have a bearing on his overall performance. I hope Scott gets back to playing and becomes an asset for Arthurlie
  4. And to you, we are far from the finished article but we’ll get there. Looking forward to our trip to the seaside later in the season.
  5. Thanks for your concern, and we appreciate your feedback
  6. Not stirring. A former player of ours has been banned from football only a couple of weeks after rejoining the junior ranks. Would have posted it in the Thistle thread but it doesn’t affect us any longer
  7. It’s not my place to speculate on the exact events but there is an extensive thread on the Amateurs forum about the Amateur team and their ultimate demise
  8. Events that happened whilst he was with Larkhall Amateurs and that were a contributing factor to their expulsion from the league
  9. Hearing rumours that former Larkhall Thistle, Larkhall Amateurs, Lesmahagow (?!?) and recent Arthurlie signing defender Scott Nicholl has been banned from all football for six months and received a hefty fine.
  10. You obviously have no clue!!! Played out of position for his entire time with us. Obviously on just to get a rise from people
  11. Big Mushet is a solid centre half, Niall Reynolds is a very talented centre half also but Sinky has consistently played him at left back and he’s right footed. Josh Payne can play anywhere down the right and Craig Forbes, we didn’t see enough of him as he spent the 2nd part of the season in Milan., but what we did see was a very reliable utility player. Not prepared to comment on Nicholl, as you signed him from the Amateurs although he did spend time with us including part of last season
  12. The manager has been and is currently on holiday and again a decision has been made not to announce anything until he returns,
  13. After consultation with the management team we decided that it would be better to continue to build on the the reshaping of the team in a less competitive fashion
  14. The club have started to prepare our pre-season schedule July 14th and 15th - Kilbirnie Ladeside Tournament July 21st - Home match versus Abbevale FC for the Tommy Jamieson Memorial Shield 2.30pm kick off July 25th - Home match versus Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 7.30pm kick off We hope to have some more information on fixture and signing news over the next few days
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