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  1. Best bet for the Candy would be to stay in the top four.

    That would put them in teir 7 which is probably the right level for the Candy.

    Without serious money no team will ever stay in the LL or Premier league in the West as things start to progress Post Covid.

    Hard to believe at this point in early August St Roch's have played a quarter of the 28 League games. If they can reach the half way stage in a few weeks still looking like title chasers then all will be well up on the Royston Rd.

    Btw, they must be one of the best supported teams in the West outside of the top league.

  2. Great wee league, at least 5 of them making a bid for top spot.

    Wishaw and Drumchapel at the top with 2 games in hand, the others will need to beat them to take out those potential 6 points.

    Is it true spectators are not allowed into Drumchapel's ground for Health & Safety reasons?

  3. 11 minutes ago, Lokloyal said:

    As I said generally a good bit of scope to have a beer at a game but got to be a wee bit careful in Council owned grounds where the club doesn’t own their ground like Kilwinning ,Peasy etc

    Those lads at Pollok are always good for a smoke if that's yer thing.

  4. 14 hours ago, Black Pennel said:


    I did try to hint toward that point of view to Sean weeks ago. He gave a very diplomatic, non-comittal, response.

    Everybody down here knows that Ardeer Thistle & Saltcoats Victoria have both been crying out for haunners from the local populace for ages.

    Why are they only getting help from TASS and Kilbride now ?

    Maybe because the old Juniors club are now in with the big boys?

  5. On 12 June 2021 at 17:23, Andy groundhopper said:

    Glad that you're getting back to games now, I'd be happy to be around crowds of 2-300 within reason, I don't know the % risk involved. Really think that the problems are 100% within the clubhouses - massive income streams. I've seen loads of non league in Scotland but have one question (applicable now more than ever) Can you drink alcohol on the terraces ? Not seen it very much before.

    May i suggest Andy you get some training in before you sample the local Scottish non league alcohol scene.

    One half bottle of Buckfast Tonic Wine and two cans of Tennents Lager to start with.

    Hopefully you have a back garden or grass area nearby to you're residence.

    Best to build up over a few sessions.

    By the end of training you should be able to handle a full bottle of Buckfast and six tins of Tennents Lager plus a couple of joints.

    Best to rearrange you're home furniture, maybe put the TV in a locked room and give someone the key.

    Pick a Scottish non league game that attracts a crowd. Keep the picnic drinks concealed on entry to the ground. You don't want piss off some committee man. Go to the shed were the bulk of the home crowd congregate. Don't worry to much about social distancing, three Buckfast bottles apart should be enough. If you feeling uneasy about sharing take paper cups with you. The locals will appreciate that. By the end of the game you should be on first name terms with the six people standing around you.

    If you do this correctly within several games (at the most) you should have free digs sorted for the next several seasons.


  6. I've been to 6 games so far over the last week involving WoSFL teams.

    3 of the games were in a public park/cage type set up.

    Crowds were in the 40/60 bracket. Only once was i asked for track and trace details. Considering it was 99% family and friends  any risk looked minimal.

  7. On 5 June 2021 at 21:06, HibeeJibee said:

    Initially escaped my notice, but not only did 2 clubs from the new West division get R1 byes and draw each other in R2... Finnart and Broomhill Sports... but they share the same ground?

    And the ground/public park they do share is nowhere near the local area they come from.

  8. 25 minutes ago, newcastle broon said:

    It's a great cup to be in,plenty chances to see new places. Your theory would prove difficult as it's not even close to the Junior Cup considering it's the SOUTH Challenge Cup. #teamsofthesouth 👍

    There will be a name change within the next few years (maybe sooner) and teams north of the Tay will be invited in.

    You heard it here first.

  9. Saw a game on Friday night followed by two on Saturday.

    Guessing between the three games there was no more than a130 spectators in total.

    Two of the games held in public parks/cages, there was no dressing room facilities open yet. The weather was obviously fine so that wasn't a problem.

    All three games were openly advertised on social media but outside of family and friends i was the only neutral i saw from the football geek community i know on here.

    There was no entrance money asked for at any of the three games.

  10. 7 hours ago, Ginaro said:

    The final on TV (in English) would be good, might be prestigious to play at Hampden but not great unless there's a crowd, and the name is fine as it is unless it's expanded...


    "This is the FA Non League Cup. From what i hear they are trying to get the final played at Hampden and on TV and if they do that it makes it a showcase pinnacle event.

    "But I do think they should change the name of it from the South Challenge Cup, maybe to the Scottish Non-League Challenge Cup, just to coincide with all the other reams(?) in it.

    "But it's definitely the Scottish Cup of non-league football now and if they can get it it to Hampden's it's a great event for players; it could be a pinnacle of a player's career to play in it.

    Have you ran it by Talbot yet?

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