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  1. You must have supped a gallon of Soup before you posted that. What a riddy.
  2. Btw well done, interesting to hear of one of the old long gone clubs. Where exactly was Kelvindale Park in relation to Maryhill Rd?
  3. Folks, take care. That's two men (mid 50s) i spoke to last three weeks ago been taken into hospital (ICU) with this virus.. Both live 10 miles apart in Greater Glasgow with no underlying health problems. And yes they had been working at home. Worrying thing was the wives are in the Care sector ie they both were visiting multiple houses every day.
  4. Mike Ashley won't be forgotten when this finished.
  5. Probably answered pages ago but why did a certain area in Italy get hit so bad. Why there?
  6. Like a lot of clubs in football who owns what might need Perry Mason to figure out. So a club might have owned the ground at some time in the past but the ground/land today in 2020 might be owned by say the local council. Some Junior clubs lost grounds way back to compulsory purchase by councils wanting land for housing. A few clubs disappeared in highly dubious circumstances and then there was no house building. Shawfield Juniors and Bridgeton Waverley being two examples. Both grounds carried on for decades in a football sphere, one by the council and the other by Celtic FC.
  7. I can see certain smaller clubs (relying on two or three old timers off the park) going to the wall depending how badly the virus hits Scotland.
  8. What doctor? You'd be lucky to get by the security outside A&E at the moment unless you're leg is hanging off.
  9. The last thing on the planet i'm thinking about at this time is the Pyramid. That's seriously what some folk are thinking about? Must be Russian bots or summit.
  10. Emergency isolation camp to be set up on Glasgow Green.
  11. Depends a lot on whether Talbot can be arsed working with said journalist.
  12. According to mate who landed in Poland from Edinburgh yesterday (plane was full) military boarded plane and checked everybodirs temperature.
  13. And the cultural aspects of the Larkhall working class viz a viz the mid 19th Century Lanarkshire coalfields and it's the links with the formation of association football.
  14. Haven't seen a deflection like that since the late great Bobby Murdoch.
  15. They still have non Jury trials in Northern Ireland.
  16. I notice you've put the Larkhall Celtic story on here more than once. The name Celtic in itself doesn make something Green/Irishy. Queens Park looked at calling themselves The Celts in the early days. I think you've got the story back to front. Had Larkhall Thistle called themselves Larkhall Celtic what difference would it have made? Would Brother Walfrid have dropped using the name Celtic because there's was a team in Larkhall using the name? He already started a previous team called Partick Celtic. You seem to be very touchy on what was only banter on my part. Personally i never knew why Larkhall got it's redneck image. It could just have easily applied to a lot of towns and villages in the Central Belt.
  17. Chairman or is it ex chairman has resigned on Social Media. What an outfit
  18. Interesting i managed to get a riddy from someone called gratch who has never posted in 11 years on here. hee hee
  19. Did any of the auld guys ever come back that were bullied out the club?
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