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  1. Well picked day, will be hardly a game on.
  2. He's a Remainer or didn't you know that?
  3. Promotion to what? Playing the Ants four times a season.
  4. Have the West Region Blazers came out the bunker yet and issued a statement?
  5. Nobody is allowed to mention Israeli government policy.
  6. Re-unification might never happen but it's even money there will be a Sinn Fein First Minister in NI this decade.
  7. The Blazers might be left with one league out of four
  8. The Ants statement is more to do with one the Blazers being from the Ants.
  9. Correct but any faith left in the leadership is long gone. The leadership shoukd act like men and resign. They have failed the West Juniors
  10. Reminds me of the old Jacobite song, Will ye no come back again?
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