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  1. Jacksgranda must have slept in. Nobel Prize winner John Hume ex MP/MEP is deed.
  2. Fight now on to see who wins out of Celtic and Juve to bag 10 in a row first. Bayern Munich coming up close on 8 in a row.
  3. Who can stop Juve from the 10? Who can stop Bayern from 9 in a row?
  4. As an old Stalinist i would fucking send the lot of them to the gulag including the staff and cops. No wear a mask? Well here's the Siberian coal mines ya fuds.
  5. I went through the Low Level about 2 hours. There was staff and cops there telling folks to mask up or GTF. Nothing to stop you throwing the mask tae f**k once you had passed the barrier of course.
  6. Did the kids board the train at an unmanned station?
  7. Outside bet on Annie Wells. Ma maw voted Labour but am a Tory, ah think.
  8. Interesting read if a bit dated. We'll know more once more West clubs start to get licenced. Talbot got 3000/4000 in for a home Scottish Cup tie v Ayr Utd. Would the LL be an attraction to Talbot fans? Time will tell.
  9. It will be a few years before an ex Junior team is relegated out the Lowland League.
  10. @Flybhoy heavy heavy scene. Jeezo, where do you even begin to comprehend the feeling of personal loss. My heart goes out to you and yours.
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