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  1. All the Electronic adverts in the Glasgow Subway turned into a picture of Phil. Effin North Korea
  2. Ashfield FC are allowed to play there. Snack bar and gate money go to the Stadium owners.
  3. There's always Cowdenbeath.
  4. The Perthshire Social Club has been closed for decades.
  5. Oldest person I knew who had a strange jump into the family past was my doctor who's father was born in 1857!!! His father had a second family after the death of his first wife. My doctor's was fathering children in his 60s. My doctor's father in law played for both Rangers and Celtic!!!
  6. Same, faint memories of a granny born in 1885. She lived facing Colin Stein's garage. Died in 1964.
  7. Different railway gauge on the Irish side
  8. Highly possible the paying public might not see a game this year.
  9. Not quite sure how the stairways where numbered. Seems a bit of a gap from stairway 13 at the other end of the ground.
  10. One or two myths in that article. You didn't need a union pass to go from one end of the terracing to the other back in those days.
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