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  1. Not quite sure how the stairways where numbered. Seems a bit of a gap from stairway 13 at the other end of the ground.
  2. One or two myths in that article. You didn't need a union pass to go from one end of the terracing to the other back in those days.
  3. A certain young player on the Dundee Utd books was at the game and stood in the vicinity of the Stairway 13 exit. His name, Walter Smith.
  4. Same attendance the following Saturday in the pishing rain at the Glasgow Cup Final
  5. What's the record attendance for a cup tie involving a LL team?
  6. If they go to 18, they will relegate 2. And you have that on good authority?
  7. At this rate I expect Rangers to collect the trophy by St Patricks Day.
  8. They could be at 18 clubs by next summer with no relegation. The original LL started with 12 clubs in 2013 of which 5 have now moved elsewhere.
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