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  1. If Kennie needs a hand on day one he only needs to ask.
  2. The leadership from the WoSFL has been a disaster from day one.
  3. Oh I have a opinion and my opinion is the clubs who have pulled out have did the right thing those who have stayed on to play well thats upto them but it could be the wrong choice in the long run The entire WoSFL leadership should resign starting with those who were anti pyramid in the first place.
  4. Yeah they did and for the right reasons cause at least they think about everyone around them and not just themselves So you admit the whole thing is a shambles. Respect
  5. Thats fine talbot already beat them what was the score oh 3-0 in the senior Scottish Cup Darvel can play them has a senior club if u beat them thats fine u won't be the first team to beat them in the seniors or in the Scottish Cup Yet again Darvel are trying so hard to get in the limelight how about a game against Hearts see if u beat them I guess they would kick ur butt but how about Darvel earn the respect rather than hoping to be 1 of the big boys Thought the big boys went into hiding.
  6. Darvel to be playing Kelty Hearts this time next year.
  7. Should be clarified that ain't the original conferences and may be changed again if more teams drop out.
  8. Complete shambles since that meeting in East Kilbride. We're all in it together. Aye right.
  9. Behave, if the guy cant take criticism then walk away. Btw, the Juniors are history so there's no need for drip feeding a few games at a time.
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