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  1. cracking big player when he was at lanark, well worth a gamble ,if yi get the big man fit you've got a player there , dont think jacks that old
  2. lam a lanark supp/ but I like to take different games in / i was at silverburn / managed to see 2md Half / Arthurlie goalie excellent/ blantyre looked abit quicke all over park /
  3. Think you'll be miles away with that prediction mate, but it's all about opions
  4. I know a player at blantyre who gets ยฃ30 after tax , couldn't tell yi what the rest of the players are on
  5. maybe he's got another job,strange one thought he was doing well there after winning league last season
  6. hope they get talbot next round / put them in there place ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  7. whats wrong with you? are you a child or just drunk? no class what so ever , was at game tday , whats with all the anti talbot chants?
  8. Youl find out tommorow ,wouldn't want to give you heads up in such an important game. 2 of the boys are struggling to get away from work and 3 are struggling with injury/ my mate knows a blantyre committee member .i was just passing on my thoughts for my coupon thats all / chill out man
  9. whatever takes yir fancy ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿปjust a normal night for you then
  10. blantyre , darvel should be a cracker , I might leave blantyre off my coupon ,im hearing blantyre 4 or 5 players missing for tommorow, there pool of players probably not as strong as darvels
  11. blantyre look a big price. glenafton 13/10 / lugar 31/10 decent prices this week/ haven't checked corals yet
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