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  1. Any idea if there will be a free bet for Champions League Final.... I can't remember if there was last year.
  2. Any idea if Thistle fans be behind the goals or the Eddie Thompson Upper ?
  3. Well. They weren’t great but was very composed. 100% potential to take over the ‘Banzo’ role.
  4. Much needed. Very good first 45. Good enough second. Finally Shea Gordon showed a little bit of what we need in the middle of the park. Falkirk are terrible.
  5. Highly doubt this. We got rid of 14 players and only brought in 8 (i think) The 4 players we need that AA has mentioned surely can't be balancing on the NK deal.
  6. Possible loan move for Connor Shields who is currently at Sunderland (ex Albion Rovers)
  7. Cheers, Football massive on corners and under goal lines, little bit of NFL as well. Thanks in advance.
  8. Is the podcast worth listening to? I've heard mixed reviews.
  9. How do McBookie compare odds wise to the other bigger outfits?
  10. Chuffed with that. Another tick for the squad, CM now please.
  11. DareToDoolan

    FIFA 18

    I got 1 x Jumbo Player pack. Best i got was TOW Promes
  12. Impressed from the midfield fight from Morton second half although we never got out of 2nd gear. Thought Oliver looked sharp when he came on. Telfer ran the second half.
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