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  1. Question Time

    Gimli just lost the plot, most pleasing. Who would've thought a man who thinks Donnie Trump is the 'Saviour of Mankind' would be a massive fucktard?
  2. The New MILF Thread

    Croatian PM Probably not the Ex-Croatian PM Not the Ex-Croatian PM riding Ice-T
  3. The New MILF Thread

    It's a horrible mash-up of patterns; the bouncer that let her in dressed like that needs a good talking to.
  4. The New MILF Thread

    Not the usual type I'm fending off in Diamonds on a Saturday night, but probably a decent fit for this thread: 40 year old mother of one, wife of refreshing beverage magnate Ice-T, and self-proclaimed originator of Badonkadonk. Coco Austin.
  5. Journalist killed in Derry riots

    Parochial, hoodlum, drug dealing types in Ireland have precedence with this type of behaviour. You aren't in receipt of the full gamut of facts regarding Lyra McKee's murder either, but you seem to be of the mind that the perpetrators were targeting the Polis. Maybe some sort of Judicial process needs to take place before the facts are uncovered. Thankfully trial by P&B won't define this case.
  6. Journalist killed in Derry riots

    There was a theatre show touring Scotland and Ireland recently called DUPed, written by a Northern Irish playwright called JohnMcCann; he's based in Dundee. The writer wanted to revisit Ulster to try and understand the current political and social climate and what part the DUP are playing in it. The show consisted of first hand accounts of scenarios he encountered growing up in the North during the 70s and 80s. As well as this, he also conducted and recorded a number of interviews with different actors in the political scene, one of them was Lyra McKee who spoke eloquently and passionately about the work needing to be done to create dialog between opposing communities, not just in Derry, but across the whole country. She came across as an extremely intelligent and empathetic human being who, like a number of her generation, are determined to show their leaders that the sectarian politics of old have no place in an inclusive and modern society. The fact she has now been murdered 2 weeks after I watched this show is a bleak reminder of how much work needs to be done, even just to get opposing politicians to talk to each other in a constructive and respectful manner; it's very depressing. In addition, the writer is going back to Ulster this Spring/Summer to interview DUP Politicians, and Politicians of other parties as a follow up show he is aiming to perform at the Edinburgh Festival this year. I'm not his agent by the way, or him; I just thought it might appeal to some on here who have an interest in the subject.
  7. Albums of 2019

    It's a truly astounding piece of work.
  8. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    The #fullkitwanker chat he posted was very funny, especially for a guy who just had his face smashed up. Fair play to the young man.
  9. Hearts v Hibernian

    Someone's bounty.
  10. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    I suppose I retain the hope that a mixture of personal pride, collective embarrassment and shear frustration will motivate them (the players) as a group of human beings to sit down together and decide on the best course of action, not only against San Marino but for the rest of the games in qualifying. I completely agree with you that they are a decent group of players requiring a far higher standard of coaching at this level; retaining this belief is what keeps me going to watch the National team.
  11. Scott Bain

    Only watched him play for Celtic, and today for Scotland. A lot of folk seem to say he is rubbish based on his previous with Aberdeen and Dundee (not heard many dissenting Alloa supporters yet) but he's been decent from what i've seen. Hard to tell from one International match and he has made some decent saves recently, especially against Valencia in Spain in the Europa League; maybe this debut was a bit too much for him but he surely has to be considered a future Scottish regular. I'd say Zander Clark deserves a shot too, and also Liam Kelly. I've voted average FWIW.
  12. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Leaving your elite sports club at the weekend only to be met by McLeish, McFadden and Grant must make facing International duty extremely uninspiring for a lot of the squad. These players are automatons who are used to highly detailed tactical preparation and are required to understand exactly what their roles are; to the letter. Most of the time, when they fail to follow out these tactics they lose, and can only blame themselves; unless they have a shite coach who employs shite tactics in an incoherent manner. The players have shown a lack of professionalism against Kazakhstan but McLeish, et al, have displayed complete and utter incompetence repeatedly and it's time to GTF. I want to turn up to Hampden to see these guys play the way they are able to play, but they need a far higher level of coaching when they meet up for Internationals. What they have now seems even beneath Primary School level (no offence to Primary School coaches, and most of them probably have better motivational techniques and better tactical nous than the nonsense currently coaching at the elite level). Hopefully the players will take control on Sunday and bypass the management like they did against Israel at Hampden; if the management isn't working, manage yourself.
  13. Liam Henderson

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0mESYYyLsk Henderson goal is about 2.10 in.
  14. I've reported myself. Although, Captain Welshbairn and Sergeant Wilson would make a good spin-off.
  15. Did sound a bit w**k, sorry Welshbairn. It's a collaborative environment though, everyone is welcome. Especially old actors, renowned for playing comedy military figures in classic BBC sitcoms. As you were, Sergeant!