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  1. Calling out racism and divisive rhetoric is not silencing people. Plenty of far-right material is available to digest on social media; the situation it's proponents encounter is that decent people with decent values will always call out these points of view for what they are and no 'Establishment' is required for this to happen. For some reason the 'far-right' (whatever that is anyway) has decided it is the last bastion of free speech and child protection, whereas the reality is quite the opposite. They glorify their position by turning these issues into some kind of racially charged point scoring exercise whereas it's a problem for society in general; acting like they do allows the actions of perpetrators to go unnoticed or unchallenged. That's why Steven has got the jail.
  2. That's a good point, I should have read the post carefully. Although I did allude to 'nationality' in a subsequent response. At least you've got me thinking on the nuances of 'nationality' and 'nationalism'!
  3. Thank you. However, i'm really not directing any one point at any one person; rather i'm challenging the notion of 'nationality' as referenced by the OP. It just so-happened that you were the first person to respond to the OP and used a derogatory term to answer a question that I believe was posed in the most sincere of manners ( I maybe very naive). I also believe in the politics you have stated but I disagree that the initial point was made by someone 'empty-headed' and I also disagree with the subsequent argument, 'Yessers are the wall builders on here.'
  4. Is the global abolition of Passports and Visas (i'm not exactly sure how this would be carried out) a solution to this acerbic exchange between P&B contributors? Nationalism is created by boundaries after all. And also vice versa.
  5. Echobelly and Superstar were light years ahead of Blur and Oasis in the songwriting stakes; in addition, the former easily had the best looking front person of all the Britpop bands.
  6. Reagan (sic?) from that Shelagh Fogarty LBC clip the other day seems to have many an alias on this forum. Peaceful protest does not validate manhandling, in any form, from anyone, on anyone, at anytime. Colonel Bob had a total meltdown on BBCR4 today trying to justify these actions; 'You can't touch her here, you can't touch her there, so the only place to get her is to grab her by the neck' (i'm paraphrasing, very very slightly here). So why did Mark Field MP feel the need to manhandle a peaceful protestor? Because of his sense of entitlement. He could have stopped at anytime and opened up some kind of dialog, but instead his 'instinct' (his word) got the better of him. His 'instinct' is to use force over reason, it's a horrifying trait of the right-wing conservative and extremely unbecoming of an elected public representative.
  7. The look of absolute rage on his pus is mental; like he genuinely wants to damage the lassie. He never even shat it one bit when he noticed the camera on him, what a fud. Horrible Tory c***s gonna horrible Tory c**t sadly. The great jettisoning of Unionist Tory politics in this country must be coming soon now. A shoe-in for the Heads Gone thread imo.
  8. He looked comfortable playing at that level and made a couple of errors. I don't see that as being 'out of his depth' at all. Given the caveats I stated then aye, he was fucking tremendous. Maybe I didn't watch the game in the same objective manner as yourself but that doesn't mean your summation is correct. Greg Taylor will win more caps. He showed that he can be trusted with the role given to him. I'd rather retain my optimism, but cheers for the reality check.
  9. Not sure why I needed to start a thread for him, but he was fucking tremendous tonight. I'm sure the Killie folk will say 'I told you so', but to see a 21 yo left back deputise at short notice for his CL winning compatriot against the No 1 team in the world was very inspiring. There must be more like him out there that good coaching at this level can inspire. And anyway, Ryan Fredericks has a thread and he isn't even a Scotland player.
  10. Belgium are the Wales of international football.
  11. McTominay to destroy that fanny Witsel in the first 30 seconds, Greg Taylor to flatten E. Hazard in 10 mins and Oli Burke and Johnny Russell to rip the pish oot of that big haddie Kompany for 90 mins. Clearly the game plan here. I'm right behind it! This post will self destruct in t-minus 115 mins.
  12. Not sure i've been this excited about a Scotland double header since, well, the last double header. Obviously things are very different this time. We have a new management team in place who on paper, and in statement, seem completely capable of putting out a team to get the results expected of them. That being said, Cyprus pumped San Marino and narrowly lost to Belgium, so this is probably a good test of SSC's credentials, not only as a coach but as a tactician. We need to to beat Cyprus now, and get some sort of decent result (draw?) against Belgium if our journey in this group is to continue towards qualification. Obviously there's the fall back of the Nations League play-offs; is Steve Clarke the pragmatic type who is happy to see the rest of this qualifying group through in order to develop a squad to win that play off? I don't see him being as opportunistic as that, but this opinion aside, what do we think Scotland's point tally will be after the Belgium game on Tuesday?
  13. The wee Alexei Sayle looking fella on the right hand side, in the luminous gear, looks genuinely delighted at being so close to the mighty Henderson.
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