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  1. Whitehill Welfare Football Thread

    Kelty v Whitehill What a truly impressive Club Kelty are, Facilities, Pitch, Social and above all else a huge support The financial gulf between these two clubs cannot be measured and the difference also showed on the pitch Kelty were a well drilled machine and has to be the best team I’ve seen outside the league and based on this they truly should be in the league sooner rather than later The Match, Whitehill started brightly and forced the first save but Kelty then had an awesome burst to finish the game in 12 minutes The speed and movement from Kelty was there for all to admire and the Welfare back 4 had no answer, especially the two centre half’s whose lack of speed and poor passing gifted Kelty chances and goals 2nd Half was more even as Kelty seemed to have settled for just keeping the ball Whitehill scored to give the small travelling support a glimmer of hope but Kelty scored 2 rapid to polish the day off For Kelty their stand out player was number 7 Mutch a real speed merchant and cut through the Welfare time and time and against the lack of speed in front of him he seemed almost superhuman with his attacks Kelty had no weakness and all strengths all over the pitch with no passengers For Welfare whom are a great wee club the league does not lie but they kept trying and never gave up, sadly they had little strengths and too many passengers Their only stand out was number 3 Keane always look composed and used the ball well, deserved his goal All the best to both teams I will make sure I am back at Kelty for the East Kilbride match as we had a great day there at a great Club
  2. Pyramid 2019/2020

    What an exciting play off scenario , Will be there for this and would expect record crowds as well Excellently run League and topped off with a great finish to the season ps I forecast Bonnyrigg to win all matches
  3. Whitehill travel to Kelty on Saturday I will be taking this game in and its my 1st visit there and 1st viewing of Kelty Hopefully Welfare put up a good fight but most will predict a comprehensive Kelty win but in football miracles happen sometimes
  4. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    Newcy ,, At least you are still going and supporting your team , which is what loyal supporters do Do supporters ever agree on a managers selection ? Also does Keane ever score a tap in ? All the best for your run in
  5. LL Relegation

    It has taken a long road but it would appear common sense has eventually prevailed
  6. LL Relegation

    True but as said so were Selkirk You can debate and argue all you want but Selkirk were in the league so should be classed as bottom , last , relegated ( and as they resigned they should and have been dumped out altogether ) Question if Welfare resigned now where does it end ? The main problem is promotion from the LL not the relegation from it
  7. Happy New Year to my Welfare pals love Grimbo

    Excellent goal and i am glad Welfare at least got what yet may be a valuable point
  8. Whitehill v bsc

    Cant argue with most of that , Decided to take this game in as on way to the Derby later, Have to say what an excellent appetiser it was! Welfare dominated the 1st half and scored a cracking opener but despite numerous chances the 2nd goal did not arrive 2nd Half more of the sane but BSC were slowly getting on top with Welfare dropping deeper and with a limited bench (looked like 4 under 17s) there was limited options to freshen it up to help BSC received a couple of late Xmas presents to escape with the 3 points but until the wayward header (horrow header from the centre half) it never looked likely, the winner a daisy cutter from 30 yard, how it sneaked in I don’t know Welfare were not overshadowed by BSC which makes the league positions baffling to say the least but that’s how it goes in football on occasions ( how BSC are 2nd in the league is amazing based on that performance) Welfare never stopped trying but with little in the middle and even less up front as soon as the gift was taken it only seemed time till the winner followed Welfare despite being bottom had on the day the best players ,Woods in defence was a rock ,Dowie and Keane on the wings were immense all match despite the rising foul count on both The officials were excellent although when the 2 BSC PLAYERS !! Went head to head with each other I thought he may have sent them off for Welfares sake x Excellent wee ground and Rosewell was very welcoming
  9. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    Sadly unless Welfare collect point in the next 4 of 5 matches i fear their slim chances of moving away from 15th will be gone The teams around them are picking up points as well As for comments on their lack of attacking or shots/goals , the best form of defending is to attack or at least to have the threat of attacking on the pitch
  10. Scottish Cup 2018/2019

    Kelty not winning was shock though , but they are still in and i would expect them to win the replay
  11. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    Time to move on Management Appointed so let them get on with it Excellent result and what a goal to do it with WW having good news for a change can only help the club
  12. Scottish Cup 2018/2019

    Well done to all the LL teams that made it to r2
  13. University Football 2018-19

    Fantastic display
  14. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    As said earlier Kelty will be up there top 4 cant see them getting above EK or Spartans but hey will be close Excellent set up and entertaining match Having seen all the top 5 now , not a lot in it to be fair
  15. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    There is a massive gulf in all areas between these 2 teams now and growing every Season The loss was to be expected by all and 1-0 was to WW credit especially away at Spartans The loss of Wright and Keane could be a bigger worry for Welfare than a 1-0 loss Next couple of games is cup games before the real business begins again