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  1. Nah was being serious, thought I'd seen Craig Levein mention it but it would appear that it was just a joke that went way over my head. I'll just go hide in the background again until my ill informed comment is buried a few pages deep
  2. That game was originally scheduled for the Sunday (second tie oot the hat/glass jar/whatever). The Hearts/Celtic game was supposed to be played on the Saturday. You lot won't play on the Saturday so your game needs to be moved to another date. For various, already discussed reasons the alternative date chosen for your rearranged game is the Sunday. Unfortunately the other SF was already scheduled at Hampden for then so an alternative stadium has been sought and found. Why should the aberdeen/rangers game have to move just because celtic can't make their original date??
  3. I'd disown the c**t if he was Mum's told you to stop calling me that.
  4. I find wee swig of IRN-BRU is quite good for getting that bitter taste out your mouth. Although in this case you might prefer Coke.
  5. Out of interest, which part of E.T's body were you expecting to picture on a Friday night?
  6. Even if there was a Clough or McLean kicking about there's absolutely no chance they'd be successful. It's immediate success or gtf as far as most fans are concerned so they'd both be out the door after their first season.
  7. Anyone know where to find player stats, specifically tackling?
  8. Personally I'd be all for some sort of general football register/Council/whatever like you see in other professions. Teachers, doctors, nurses, engineers, accountants etc etc can all be struck off and banned from practicing for those sort of offenses. I see no reason why footballers shouldn't be held to similar standards. It might even have a positive effect on the game if some of the more colourful ( arseholey) players knew they could lose their career and were forced to focus on their football.
  9. Not sure I'd want a player whose sense of direction is so warped they think Dundee and Dingwall are South of Dunfermline anywhere near our back line ever tbh
  10. FFS think I'll start doing the opposite of what I think will happen
  11. Based on the previous two games got a tenner on 1st goal 76th min - full time @ 10/1 And a couple quid each on Ramos/Spain and Pique/Spain wincasts @ 25/1 and 40/1 respectively. Here's hoping to another shitter of a match.
  12. Pfffft everyone knows the only acceptable dictionary to use is the Oxford English Dictionary.
  13. Where the f**k did you pull that definition from? The encyclopedia for particularly dense children?? Here's a more grown up definition from an age appropriate source. "The term “GULAG” is an acronym for the Soviet bureaucratic institution, Glavnoe Upravlenie ispravitel’no-trudovykh LAGerei(Main Administration of Corrective Labor Camps), that operated the Soviet system of forced labor camps in the Stalin era."
  14. Think that's just your dump o a town you're smelling.
  15. Granny by name granny by nature. Guarantee you think they should bring back national service, the belt and separate buses...
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