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  1. Think it was the perfect opportunity to try and fit in Mckay to the back three and was surprised he didn't. He seems to have an issue with giving Mckay a shot at centre back for whatever reason and uses him as a utility right back and he just cannot play there. I feel for him a bit cause think he would be a useful player given the chance to play his actual position. I thought we looked defensively frail, and in my opinion that is down to the full backs having more pressure to defend than go forward and the midfield caught between whether to go forward or stay back. I don't think the best plan is to go with what he played on Saturday and would be surprised with any points if he did play that. Anderson will be a huge miss if he is injured for this match but think that Bowie is more than capable of replacing him, I just think he doesn't have the engine to match what Anderson gives us. Looked absolutely blown out after 40 mins. I'd also put Allen back in for Baird. McGurn Davo Ando McKay Miller McDonald Spencer Hendry Armstrong Bowie Allan
  2. moving Miller into midfield was a gamble as he is defensively minded (as McGlynn probably wanted) but miller being so defensively minded meant that he created a back 6 rather than sitting in front of the defence. Bene was doing ok before he came off and tried to get us up the field a few times. It’s very clear to see that we cannot use Mckay as a RB. Caught out of position so many times and I feel for th lad cause he’s a CB and he’s barely ever played there. We’ve been playing well with the change of formation and think it suits us very well. I hope with the shake up in tactics it doesn’t mean we’ll revert back to what we were playing before. The second half was down to Falkirk sitting in an our sheer desire to take something from the game rather than tactics in my opinion Although obviously the change helped as we put more attacking players on. in terms of Gullan, I think he’s better coming off the bench rather than a starter. He changes a game but the games he’s started I don’t think he’s offered much. I’d be tempted to try Armstrong I’m behind the strikers and see how he goes.
  3. How many times do we need to hear this league is shit from the Falkirk fans? 😴😴 queue the ‘well it is’ retort. shite starting lineup, shite mistakes to concede two goals, no fight, Falkirk time wasting after scoring their first goal after two mins. good formation and personnel changes in second half. Great goals, tidser should have been sent off, telfer is a little cretin, McMillan May be able to actually do something in a game if he stopped moaning and trying to buy free kicks, should have won the game in the second half. Gomis is a great player, no wonder he was knackered after 70 minutes having to carry the rest of the team.
  4. I've always loved Gando. He's always wore his heart on his sleeve and given 100%... But his crossing in his first stint was nothing short of abysmal hahaha. He just seems like a great guy who loves the club and will give his all to make sure we are successful and has flourished in his new role up top. I think I'm his number one fan.
  5. My personal opinion that Davo wasn’t particularly great yesterday and deflected the blame whenever something went wrong, but last week he was solid. The Airdrie penalty shout summed up his afternoon. Dragged himself out of position, sauntered back to position with no urgency and was wrong side and gave the referee a decision to make (granted it would have been a soft penalty). Davo does come in for some criticism but he doesn’t help himself sometimes.
  6. Just seen him limping and appeared to be holding his left hamstring
  7. The previous formation away from home clearly doesn't work given our horrific record. Although I was incredibly sceptical and thought it took us 15/20 minutes to settle into the formation, we actually played some decent stuff, although the fact that Peterhead's 2, 3 and 5 were arguably the worst defenders I've ever seen probably helped that situation. Anderson is just a god of a defender and I hope that he can carry this through the whole of the season and keep Bene and Davo in check. What a great signing he can be. No attacker had a yard on him, just an old school defender and play 3 at the back allowed him time and space to spread the ball about. Vaughan returning is also a massive positive, you could see how much his goal meant to him (and what an unbelievable finish it was) and he will be hungry for more. I really hope than Granto isn't brought out the squad with players coming back though. What a great player he is and works tirelessly for the cause. One of my favourite players in a rovers jersey and has been playing brilliantly this season. The only issue I think this formation may bring is it may keep Hendry and Spencer quiet during games as they have large ground to cover and not as much will go through the middle which means we may seem them drop a lot deeper than we'd like to receive the ball if playing through the middle, however our previous formation meant that they were caught high a lot of the time. We've been crying out for this formation for a good while now and I actually feel a lot more positive about getting results away from home and fancy a 2-1/3-1 win here (usually false optimism with the Rovers though).
  8. Wasn't at the game so going by what folk have said on this and the highlights, if we controlled spells of the game, and get beat 4-1 it's slightly worrying. Also the fact that we cannot defend corners, following on from last season is equally worrying. McGlynn is starting to trouble me now with that fact that he hasn't got a recognised rb and has intimated that he is happy with the current squad, why... No idea. Side note, having Anderson on the post for defending corners is absolute madness. Arguably our best header of the ball and we are wasting him on the post.. I'd much rather have him or Bene marking the oppositions most threatening player, not Mendy who hasn't shown any defending prowess at all. Almost as confusing as having the unit Wedderburn back at the half way line when we had an attacking corner..
  9. Surprised if we didn’t at least ask the question if he was available.. would have taken him back in a heartbeat. Striker situation is giving cause for concern.
  10. Don’t think Celtic would let a 16 year old go out on loan to league 1..
  11. And he played in the friendlies too, particularly had a great game against the pars. Yes, considering the torture goalkeeping we've seen since then, he was no worse than them. I don't understand why you are saying that is nonsense considering everyone goes on about our youth system. I cant imagine the fee would have been astronomical if there was even a fee to be paid in the first place. Also, surely there will be some sort of fee involved in loaning keepers for the past couple of seasons? Or does that not count cause it works against your argument? There's no risk and reward from just chucking a young keeper when he showed signs of having good potential. Why would you not want to give him a chance and work with him and see if he progresses? That's ludicrous.
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