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  1. Catching up on thread and the most surprising thing to me is that people actually thought Armstrong is fast. He's never been fast.
  2. Not sure what mcglynn was watching saying we were good first half, abject is the word I’d be using! That ball for the alloa goal is absolutely delightful, and great header. Thought bene had a very poor game overall and armstrong offers very little and hasn’t for a number of games now. I’d be benching him and giving Gullan a start against the pars. Felt for duku as he had next to no support first half. second half much better, another great performance from Spencer, one of those players you don’t take much notice of but goes about his business very well. Anyone saying that’s a foul for our second goal needs their head checked, little contact and boy goes down far too easy, no danger that’s a foul. thought Davo had a good game, but for a player of that age and experience to get dragged out of position as often as he does is baffling. Leaves us so exposed at the back but fortunately didn’t get exposed as much as we would have against hearts etc. I’m still not convinced about bene.. I think if we go with this centre half pairing against pars we will get exposed a lot..
  3. Like what McGynn has done to cover our insanely slow back line. Just sure I up a bit with 3 at the back seems to have done the trick, however kills our passing play (worst pitch I’ve ever seen doesn’t help that to be fair)
  4. It’s hard to pick who has had the worst game tonight, for me it’s a hard pick between davo, armstrong and Abraham. All absolute garbage. Mind boggling that we didn’t strengthen the defence last month
  5. Iain Davidson having one of the worst games I’ve ever witnessed and moaning at everyone else typifies tonight
  6. Our defence is slower than a week in the jail. Why are we playing such a high line
  7. Surely musonda would be thinking mcmanus is offside given how high up the pitch the rest of the defensive is? Davo being the only player that deep would make it seem like he’s a lazy b*****d and not following the back line. I hate davo
  8. Look at the pars fan getting pure raging someone’s not been booked
  9. Am I the only one that thinks armstrong is an absolute passenger 90% of the games he plays? I don’t rate him at all
  10. Good game, only thing that let it down was the constant bumming of Charlie adam’s passing. Made about 2 decent passes all game and the rest were World Cup balls which could be made by most professional footballers. Get it right up him the fat baldy b*****d. ‘Big time’
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