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  1. Holy shit, we get it that your thoughts are give out some of the prize money now. You’ve said this about 10 times in this thread. im pretty sure I read if the league is null and void then sponsors etc would look to get money back because essentially no season took place. If that’s the case I’m sure that would also mean that no prize money can be given out as there’s no final table positions. Maybe split the whole lot between all clubs but given there’s technically no season been played I don’t know how they’d get round it. Either way how this season ends, there are going to be numerous clubs who will feel hard done by, no chance of the SPFL winning in any scenario that gets decided. Rushing in to a restructure of the leagues is a terrible idea in my opinion.
  2. Not sure why people are saying a draw is ok, particularly with the hunting pack up our hoops. did McManus not get a straight red? How come it’s only a one match ban?
  3. Calm down 😂😂😂 didn’t realise if you didn’t agree with someone that means you’re raging and need to calm down 🤔 bringing in Dingwall is a poor decision. Anderson would have been a better choice for me. Armstrong was a fine decision, but I think Bowie would have been a better choice.
  4. Disagree. I seen McGlynns changes as very basic management. Because players came on and made a difference in 25 mins of one game should not book them a place in the next team selection. dropping Mclean for Dingwall is an absolute farce given Dingwall has given the team about 20 minutes of decent football, and is an absolute passenger/theft of a wage the rest of the time, and Mclean would have been the only attacker to provide a decent outlet in conditions such as today. Even Bowie for Armstrong is a bit dodgy, Armstrong hasn’t shown much since he came back and Bowie would have been more of a threat getting behind the defence. Players may not have turned up, but mcglynns selection, particularly leaving out Mclean, has to take a good chunk of the blame for the result.
  5. Can’t be saying that when you got outplayed 🤔
  6. And I was referring to the 'Stranraer robbed again'
  7. When pipped at the post by Ayr, that was a failure as we had a great gap to get over the line, and Vaughan missed a sitter at the death to win the league.. Let's not even talk about the playoffs. Last season was a massive disappointment as the only full time team and getting absolutely turned over by Arbroath with a team that looked like they didn't even care and we had the best striker in the division and that we've had for years, and yet came nowhere near challenging for the league. This season, we've went to the hybrid model, have been more realistic in what we can achieve with full time Falkirk and another hybrid team and have a team that play for the club. The club has been transformed from the past two seasons and there aren't many negatives surrounding the current situation with the club. Of course we want promotion this season, but anyone saying they expected it at the beginning of the season is kidding themselves. Even now, it is an optimism that we are top of the league and a hope that we can stay there rather than how we felt the past two seasons in that when we were top we should stay there and should see out the league. The league is far more competitive this season. I personally believed Falkirk would run away with it (and they may still well do) and given our playoff track record, I don't expect us to get up via that way. If we don't win this league, it's incredibly harsh to say it has been a failure, even for an absolute roaster like Frank. It will be disappointing, yes, but the club has been come on leaps and bounds this season and we appear to have steadied the ship.
  8. He said when he joined Hearts he had no issue playing on plastic pitches but was Tommy Wright's decision not to play him because of his age and injuries.
  9. Given the age of Bowie and how well he's done this season, surely we should be looking at easy around £200,000? The only issue we have is that we're in need of money so any purchasing club will have the strong position to walk away if they think it's too much. In terms of Bowie's wage, we surely have enough cash to increase from £100 a week? Added note, I was at Pars hospitality on Friday and Callachan was absolutely terrible... But then again, so was the whole Dundee team.
  10. I think every football fan in the world would scream for a penalty, football fans scream for a penalty when the ball doesn't even hit a players hand. 99% of football fans watching that back would say 'that's never a pen'. He loses the ball, hands aren't in a terrible position, accidentally hits his hand whilst running away from the goal doesn't particularly affect play. If it didn't hit his arm, it was coming down and hitting his leg and either way, livi got the ball back so he didn't affect play in the slightest. There's absolutely no chance that if this had been given against anyones team, they would not say it is incredibly harsh and it's never a pen.. If you say that is a pen then you're lying to yourself. I think the majority of referees would not give it. Had that been in the premier league and went to VAR, I believe there's no way that would be given as a pen.
  11. I'd personally love to see Callachan back in the middle with Spencer with Hendry playing behind the striker or in a free role. Tait has been decent these past couple of games but considering we are in a title challenge, I'd rather have a safe pair of hands in the middle with Callachan's 'workhorse' ability and pushing Hendry forward a bit. The games II've seen Hendry drop deep has slightly nullified his attacking abilities, albeit he has still be one of, if not the best players on the park. Probably one of his biggest critics for many seasons he was here but Callchan's last season he was easily one of our best players (not hard in that season like) and still think losing him made a huge dent in our promotion bid vs Ayr. I think we are in desperate need for a striker who can get a double figure return in the remainder of the season. It's either going to be a gamble on someone in the league below or a loan of a player who has been recalled by their parent club. Either that, or I'll happily sell a kidney or however many internal organs it takes to get Brian Graham back.
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