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  1. Apparently the main offender in the Rico case is a director which is very concerning
  2. Agreed, tbh I've got a soft spot for Dumbarton and after watching that game I really don't think they'll have anything to worry about. Would be surprised if they don't get out of this wee dip in form sooner rather than later after their performance today. Easton though
  3. Totally agreed, just means they're gonna get it right back
  4. If this is true then that's ridiculous for a straight red. Maybe a booking would have been in line with the refs previous decisions but would still have been harsh
  5. I don't think the point is that it should have been that many cards for Dumbarton by normal standards. More that the ref had made it known he was booking that behaviour from the start and your players kept daring him to do it. Would I be raging if it was the other way round? Of course but I'd be just as raging at my own players for putting themselves in that position
  6. I thought the ref was consistent, he only booked one a player from each team for an actual bad challenge. He was incredibly consistent in that anybody giving abuse was getting a booking. Our own keeper got booked for mouthing off at the end also
  7. You don't have to foul someone to be booked, as proven several times today
  8. We were very poor by our recent standards, so to come away with the win anyways is very pleasing. All your wounds were self inflicted however, I'd be raging as well with some of the bookings given if it was my team, but the ref made it clear from the start he wasn't having it and your players kept going. What did they expect? Also as for Airdrie's coaching teams celebrations at the end, seems it was as much of a reaction to the antics of the Dumbarton bench as it was to the winner.
  9. Probably not anymore to a certain extent, wait so is the point that because Rashford is rich now, any past racial abuse he received is of no importance?
  10. The point about supporting Rico "specifically due to being black" would make sense only if we lived in a totally colour blind world, which as this incident helps prove, we don't. Speaking out in support of people who have received racist abuse isn't jumping on a bandwagon it's basic human decency
  11. In what world is supporting someone against racism "preferential treatment". As for what took them a few days to come out with it, for all we know Quitongo and/or the club either wasn't sure how they wanted to proceed or didn't want to make an announcement immediately before a home game.
  12. Yea why worry about one of our players potentially being racially abused. Also nobody is arguing that our players can't be criticised so I don't know why you're digging in on that, the point is that no player should have to do deal with racist abuse regardless of performance.
  13. Was at the game last night and this was the one time Gal managed to pull it off after getting it hoofed up to him all game. Credit for the time it came off, but would rather we looked for a different way of attacking
  14. McCabe at the very least, it showed how much we missed someone to run the midfield.
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