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  1. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/celtic-loan-star-update-airdrie-25965018 McInroy, and a left back please!
  2. Good Riddance to Rico. I'm sure the feeling is mutual. Looking forward to 2-3 new signings (hopefully including McInroy) as surely that's the minimum to at least fill the bench.
  3. McInroy is the player we all wish we had in Thomas Robert, lets hope we can keep him with us for a while yet.
  4. But I was told in this thread when McCann pissed off to Falkirk that left back wasnt that important!
  5. Too many players who think that its ok to coast while form is good.
  6. Except for against Falkirk for some reason, Murray's teams (at this club anyway) seem to struggle in important/big games. They always go very flat and deliver an underwhelming performance. Not sure if its an inability to motivate, or players believing too much in their own press, but there is usually a struggle to step up a gear.
  7. Quelle surprise. It was only ever going to end up 1 of 2 ways, either evidence of someone shouting something provided and the individual identified, or no evidence and the matter closed off. Not a lawyer, however: If you don't have actual evidence, and you proclaim someone to be "an ist" and take action against them, then surely that opens you up to libel? Or whatever the current day equivalent is, especially given that "hate speech" is criminalised. Can't really see any club going for that over an alleged shout from the crowd that they can't prove. Anyhow, for the feels before reals brigade: don't let that stop you from having your tantrum.
  8. Nice 3 points, Falkirk look like a team on the slide.
  9. Great result at the weekend, with 2 key positives - Gallagher looks like he might be on a roll now having gotten off the mark - Regardless of East Fife being down to 10 men, there was no second half collapse that has been a feature in recent weeks.
  10. I'm not really interested in your salty pedantry. Either accept my meaning or don't, no skin off my back. Either there's evidence or there isn't. Face value isn't good enough to get the pitchforks out. Feel free to suggest a happy medium, but I'm not seeing one.
  11. That's not true at all - My first reaction was to state that racial abuse was unacceptable, however I did addendum that with the topic of venting frustration at poor performances, which is something we almost all do at games, because ultimately it's a related item. People get annoyed, they shout at players, but they need to realise that there's a line around what is appropriate to express. However I will add that I've not been in favour of signing him or any of the other players we picked up from Dumbarton. Teams finishing 9th isn't where we should be building our squad from. Fair - So I think every game is recorded in some way these days, surely video evidence of the call out being captured audibly would be enough.
  12. You are asking idiotic questions that you can easily ascertain by reading a) the post I replied to where your buddy was looking forward to a good performance our left back b) literally the post you quoted where i stated that, for the xth time, I wasn't expecting any evidence to be made public therefore it was down to the club to sort out, which has been my position all along. Exactly how fucking thick are you?
  13. Are you really that dim that you expect me to copy paste the couple of posts leading to that topic? Why don't you just read and get to grips with the post you quoted rather than bore everyone by paddling round in circles.
  14. I think we would have a very broken society if we operated on mob mentality which is what we have going on here. As I've said before, a number of times now (which many of you are repeatedly choosing to ignore in your desperation to be the good guy): racial abuse isn't acceptable, and the club should be investigating it thoroughly, but jumping blindly on the bandwagon like some sort of highschooler trying to go along with their pals is really quite sad. I suppose you could rightly argue that Rico is unlikely to be making things up, and to be honest, I do actually agree that it seems like something that is far more likely to be the reality than not, but I'm not interested in joining any pitchfork brigade without actual evidence (which is unlikely to become public, which is also why I am trusting the club to investigate it and take action accordingly). I can't help if that's too nuanced for people to understand. Rico is still a pish left back though and should have stayed at dumbarton, and some random QOS fan doing cartwheels for Rico would be very entertaining.
  15. I want to see the club promoted as playing in league 1 is tedious. I've not been in person to games as the household has not been fully vaccinated + 2 weeks until next Sunday. What has there been to commend so far this season except for this weeks single win vs Alloa that has been overshadowed by this nonsense? Name something, Seriously, I'd like to hear the positives of season 2021/2022 to date.
  16. Then you are going to be bitterly disappointed as I would be absolutely thrilled if Rico puts in an exceptional performance, as we need 11 players putting in exceptional performances week in, week out. Can't wait for his hat trick, and being able to question why he can't perform like that every week.
  17. You can do cartwheels for Rico for all I care. Makes it more entertaining for me.
  18. I hope you all clap and cheer Rico as hard as you can on saturday. Maybe you will end racism, save the NHS and possibly even revive tinkerbell while you are at it. I also hope that we sign a more capable left back next season be they black, white, space alien, or anywhere in between. Although that would run contrary to club form given that we had a good one last year and clearly didn't make much of an effort to hold onto them. Looking forward to finding out what the outcome of the clubs investigations over this incident are, or will it perhaps die off into the ether never to be heard of again, hmmmm...
  19. The only "made up bullshit" is the dribble you posted about being some sort of "allyship" and pretending that you have some sort of special advantage due to being white that you need to convey onto professional footballers who are barely league 1 material. Seems quite patronising. Out of interest. While we all agree that racism is bad, and setting this Rico situation aside - do you consider say, Marcus Rashford, or or some other top level black footballer to be disadvantaged when they are on 6 figures a week.
  20. Yes I agree, going down the route of identify politics to justify this circle jerk borne from an almost total lack of information is pretty poor, glad we see eye to eye.
  21. Would you be doing it if say (excuse the bizarre examples) a chinese guy racially abused a native american, or a phillipino racially abused a white person, or any other combination? If so then fill your boots. Otherwise it's double standards surely.
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