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  1. Tefal must have been pretty widespread. I remember Gazza calling Alec Cleland (I think), Tefal-nappa!
  2. It's good that you seem willing to give the boy a chance though 🙄
  3. "Don't get into crowd debates" = no debate. Obviously that wasn't clear enough for you. "Thank you"
  4. They've always spilled onto the pitch after managing to score a goal against us, the cretins. They also f**k off early when they are getting pumped. Which has happened a lot. Pleasing.
  5. https://www.dundeeunitedfc.co.uk/arabzone/archive/in-the-mix/goals-2019-20
  6. This thread is infested with BNBs. I thought we were the confident ones, or are you getting the bantz in while you still can?
  7. Do you know what the phrase "call to arms" means? I don't think any rational person would have read MacArab's post as a call to arms
  8. Has there ever been a bigger bite than this in the history of the Internet?
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