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  1. As you say the facilities at Argyll are better. But the Vale being the hotbed of football that it is, pre covid, it was used solidly from 5pm till 9pm already on a Friday night by 2 sometimes 3 boys clubs at a time. Not to mention a not so old crooks 5 a side with some ex vale and Dumbarton players involved. Not sure how block bookings work with WDC they might prefer the money from 2 hours 3x 1/3 pitch bookings then one single 2 hour booking.
  2. That's a different role the Trust will be adverting for a hostage negotiator once the games start back.
  3. Can I ask what confidential information has been leaked? As I understand it there were minutes of a meeting that were shared. While the West Region doesn't have a established history of even keeping meeting minutes, those can never be considered confidential. Expectation is that that these would be share with the member clubs. Plus an email asking individuals to destroy those minutes. Again emails are not in themselves considered confidential. Even if you note in the email that its confidential. When you send an email the recipient can forward it onto whoever they wish. You have no real way to validate its been received by the person you think you sent it to either. Even if it was sent from a work email with the functionality to send a confidential email, in this instance it still wouldn't stand up as being confidential, as it was a personal email. Emails are the least secure form of communication and rarely carry on legal significance. As others of said its outside the scope of GDPR as there is no personal or private information in the email. The WRJFA must have some ageing legal eagle on retainer as every month or so they seem to throw out threats of legal action with no basis in reality.
  4. The reporters comments on the appeal are pretty clear that its a Green Belt site and reading between the lines would never be considered for housing development. "I therefore consider that this land has a significant green belt function, and that development here would be damaging to the landscape setting and individual identities of Dumbarton and Renton." "development would represent a significant infilling of the landscape gap that exists between Dumbarton and Renton" does seem they may be willing to flex a bit if its for a leisure or tourist type development such a the stadium proposal (without the houses or hotels etc.) As others have said looks like this cant be funded without the houses, so Brabco are stuck. Do they own the land on and around the current stadium and what type of developments are approved on that site? given its already surrounded by houses. I'm assuming they have already considered that as an option. Or its a Clydebank type situation where they have tosell / develop the land first before starting on the new stadium?
  5. not sure its been pointless, its filled the time for a bit and been entertaining !! Has a month been lost? was this not the expected timelines anyway despite the detour into the sunny uplands of the WRSJFA vision for a WOSL?
  6. Do you have evidence from the West to suggest that clubs don't want in the Pyramid? Well the fact that 17 haven't noted ANY interest in the LL proposal, despite it not being a commitment to anything other than sending an email and attending a meeting is some evidence. It may be evidence that there are clubs that are not proactive in anyway about there future and will go along led by others or the majority. It may be evidence that they are loyal to a grade or an association or even individuals in charge of Associations. But I would say its evidence.
  7. Its not, BUT thats not what you said. You know it and everyone else that can read knows it. You said the LL are proposing to make the WRSJFA obsolete, they aren't. In fact, If all West clubs don't apply or move over ( and as far as we are aware at least 17 haven't shown interest) I'm sure they would prefer for there still to be a WRSJFA so that clubs have a choice and are still playing football. If 63 teams applied - and if history, especially in the East has taught us anything - they definitely wont. Only then would the WRSJFA become obsolete by default. No one can say its the LL's aim at all. That seems to be the fundamental difference here one group want opportunities for any clubs (that choose to) to play in the pyramid and get opportunities that a pyramid structure can offer. Its about playing football at all levels and ensuring the right infrastructure is in place for clubs, players and fans. The other group from the messages they have put out and the points of support on here, are about the association(s) themselves and about the legacy of the Scottish Cup and nothing much else as.
  8. I can understand people's need for compromise and trying to keep everyone happy. But dont really see the need for that push for 'all' in. Given the numbers qouted it's obvious there are at least some clubs that want to stay junior and a slightly larger portion not really bother either way. That's fine let them have that choice. It's not like they've been fully consulted on this WRJFA proposal either. Let teams have the choice, why try fudge it.
  9. Pathetic and embarrassing indeed, It would even be pretty funny if it wasn't for the fact this is from a grown man, who must be holding down a full time job as well as being a representative of junior clubs on the West. If I played, supported or was on the committee of any of the West clubs I would be furious at this type of behaviour from someone that is supposed to be representing the best interests of my club.
  10. I don't have the answer, but If you are just going to passivley wait until that happens then the club will continue its steady decline. In this day and age with all the competing factors and costs, you cant afford to sit back and wait for people to start to care. Even in the recent period of relative succcess in the Chamionship, the attendances never really picked up as they showed. If the recent discussion is anything to by, the Club might be better off with a Part Time manager (some creative recruitment needed obviosuly) and a Full Time Commerical Manager to increase the clubs fund for all the other suggestions. rather than the current set up.
  11. There isnt the demand in the local area for youth football. Vale juniors have an under 19s and under 21s but other than that the nearest at that age Is clydebank. Both these are seen as pathways to their 1st team at junior level so doubt they would just roll over and cherry pick the best of their boys. Plus the standard is a million miles away from league 1 level so would be a pointless task. A better option would be to get an affiliation with either st Pat's or Dumbarton Accies and take their best players in a crisis, even that would be a disaster. "There isnt the demand in the local area for youth football". - I'm not sure what that means so I'm going to strongly disagree. There are 3 extremely well run Community Clubs in DFCs normal catchment area. All going through the SYFAs Quality Mark Process at various stages. Dumbarton United, Dumbarton Riverside and Ardencaple. between those 3 they probably have 300-400 boys AND GIRLS playing at all age groups and guessing over 100 parent / volunteers doing all sorts of coaching and Admin, thats not counting a myriad of other clubs in the area that dont quite have teams at all age groups. The Vale Juniors have also added a U15s team this year by essentially taking over the DU team that play in Tier 1 Paisley League. (no demand for youth football but there were 2 full 2005 squads at DU alone). They need that pathway of players. As you mentioned, we also have 2 of the best run and most successful Amateur teams in Scotland in the area. There is a massive demand in this area for football of all levels. They are also self sustaining already financially. The Vale have the U21, U19s and U15s none of those will impact on any first team budget at the Vale. All of these Clubs are to various degrees all much more engaged in there local community than DFC. Thats a fact. The quality is there as well. Anyone involved in Youth Football knows boys of all ages signed Pro Youth with Celtic, Rangers, Hibs, Motherwell, St Mirren, Partick etc. from the area. as an example many of the team that were the Finalists in Scottish this year at U14s were from Dumbarton / Helensburgh / Clydebank and are being picked up by Pro Youth. We all appreciate the club dont have the funds to support a Youth set up and they dont have the volunteers to set one up from scratch. But they could have been engaging the local clubs that are already set up and successful doing that to put a pathway to Senior football in the area in place. Even if it never produces a player for the first team, it brings the club closer to the community and opens up a whole new group of young fans (with or without drums) to come along and feel connected.
  12. Good question. Now its all weather. Are Clydebank looking to bring all the age groups in. Would they get preference from WDC in booking and rates. Would say the 2005s be able to use it Saturday mornings? I know Renfrews pitch is well used by P&JDYFL 2008s right up to 12 or 1pm on a Saturday, even when there are home games at 2pm. Plus its a cracking set up for kids football given Renfrew open the pie/ coffee shop. Hopefully they make a good bit extra for their troubles.
  13. Going to try and come along as well, any insight into any comings and goings at Millburn this year?
  14. This is the type of mindset that needs to change at a lot of "traditional" Scottish Clubs, both Junior and Senior. As others have touched on already. Don't look at it as Juniors v Womens football. Embrace the change in society, engage more with your communities in providing that pathway for all young kids boys and girls all the way to an Adult Mens and Womens team. Worth it just to get all those local people participating in the sport, but has the added benefit of you encouraging a new generation and demographic of fans for the club.
  15. Its maybe just me, but did those people really turn up to support the grade? If it had been an Amateur Cup Final between the exact same teams, same players at the same venue, are you saying some of those that did go wouldn't have? Genuine question....I'm from an area where there is only 1 junior team in a 7 mile radius and I just cant understand that phrase. granted I'll watch any game at any level if I can.
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