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  1. Depending on where you are in city centre...The Queens Arms on Frederick St/Cambridge Bar on Young St/Ryans Bar/Platform 5/The Guildford Arms on West Register St
  2. Every region/country in the UK outwith London and the South East run a “deficit”. This suggests that the methodology used is bollocks or that Westminster has made a complete and utter arse of UK economy.
  3. The area surrounding Wembley has been developed with new flats, shops and restaurants.
  4. It looks full because everyone is seated together at the front of the court. The empty seats are all up the back and are not viewable on normal tv pictures. Kind of negates the purpose of only 50% capacity.
  5. His game is not where it was but his swearing is still “world class”
  6. Andy has lost the ability to grind out points and wear down his opponent. He is also struggling with his mobility to get out to wide balls especially on his backhand side
  7. Haha and I’ve just washed the windaes....
  8. I hope we dont play for a point. If we want to reach the knockout phase then our probable route is as one of the best 3rd place teams. To do this we will need at least three points. We’ve waited 23 years, lets have a go as it may be 23 years until the next time.
  9. If we take on face value that a border with red tape etc would reduce our exports to England by 15% then the opposite is also true and imports from England would be similarly hit. Given that England exports more to us than vice versa that would leave a big gap in our markets that Scottish companies could fill. You are correct that a cheaper currency would boost our exports, not just to England but worldwide. Its too simplistic to look at currency appreciation as good and currency depreciation as bad
  10. A total fanny who only got in due to tactical voting as SNP biggest party in his seat in regional vote.
  11. Literally 5 minutes ago the BBC had a young voter from Gourock ( or Gurrock according to Naga) who voted Labour due to their education policy but is 100% an independence supporter.
  12. There is still a sizeable minority of Labour voters who would vote Yes so not sure you can make the above assumption that Yes would not win
  13. Cost who a majority ? The only realistic way for an SNP majority given tactical voting on constituency is a high regional vote for them. SNP1/Green2 would certainly deliver a greater Indy majority but we will get that anyway so not sure who has been “cost”
  14. The "as a Roman Catholic" line is one that really sticks in my craw - the church roof would fall on the opportunistic c**t's head if he walked through the door. Given his knowledge of the Irish troubles to try and stir sectarian hatred in Scotland is a [email protected]%kin disgrace.
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