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  1. Aye both Henrik & his son Jordan were attacked after losing the relegation playoff against Halmstad. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/nov/20/henrik-larsson-jordan-son-confronted-helsingborg-supporters-relegation During his brief second spell in charge he got a crap ton of abuse after getting papped out the Swedish cup by third tier Oskarshamns AIK which caused him to step down. http://www.hif.se/news/henrik-larsson-avslutar-sitt-tranaruppdrag/
  2. Larsson is also not long in a job at Barca so he's not going anywhere nor would Lawell be willing to whatever his release fee is. Meh manager anyway who'se highlight thus far is relegating Helsingborg from the Swedish top flight & getting papped out the cup with the same team by some third tier mob in his second spell that lasted a whole two months. Last seen being courted by Southend United for their manager role.
  3. GNU_Linux

    Week 12

    Colts LB Matthew Adams ejected from the game for throwing punches at Titans LB Nick Dzubnar on a punt return.
  4. GNU_Linux

    Week 12

    Derrick Henry going ham. 3 TDs & 17 carries for 140yds.
  5. GNU_Linux

    Week 12

    Titans TD 12yd rush by Derrick Henry. Titans 7-0 Colts
  6. The head sales rep for the Pizza Express Scotland region has got this imo.
  7. I'm surprised Patricia got punted already as the past three head coaches before Patricia didn't get punted until after the regular season. That includes 0-16 Rod Marinelli. Will be interesting to see how Darrell Bevell fairs as the interim HC & if he gets kept on by whoever is next HC. In all of this there's also questions of what happens with Stafford's future.
  8. I like the bit where Gaahl says satan.
  9. We don't do walking away (except in situations where social distancing becomes difficult).
  10. I'd like to thank the 'rona for re-affirming my belief that I never want children.
  11. Major 'one of them has something buried in their backyard' vibes.
  12. Anything less than a few international diplomatic incidents within the first 24 hours & I'll be dissapointed.
  13. Me & the boys crossing the cooncil boundaries.
  14. Has a username named after a free & open operating source system created by some guy fae Finland including a reference to a naming controversy associated with said OS.
  15. Rural property just outside the small market town of Divišov which is 25 miles southeast of Prague. Decent tbh.
  16. On the plus side I'm looking forward to the upsurge in panic buying inspired scraps over turkey et al on aisle 18.
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