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  1. Getting things to run Doom is a hello world of sorts albeit a way more bloody & gorey one. You can now add twitter itself to the list of things that can run doom.
  2. Former player George Kinnell has died aged 83 Link has an interview conducted in 2005 which is an interesting read.
  3. Threave & St Cuthbert also progress into R3 of the South Challenge Cup.
  4. If you want a rough idea how the Vale will likely end up you only have to look at Hawick since they departed the Lowland League.
  5. Only winless team in the league LFG! I've been able to find positives in every defeat this season but today nothing. Jack Fox is probably the best punter in the league so that's something at least.
  6. Late to the party but closer to home last month in the North Regional Cup Stonehaven beat New Elgin 20-0 which to the best of my knowledge is the highest score in Scottish football (excluding amateur) since Stirling Albion hit Selkirk for the same score in the 84/85 Scottish Cup. As a random interesting side note the same day in the same competition Banks O'Dee beat Islavale 15-0. The previous non-league score that comes even close to Stonehaven's is Lesmahagow's 18-0 over Ardeer Thistle in a league game in the now defunct SJFA West Region League Two back in 2018.
  7. From the Peterborough & District League Division Five (tier 16). Sawtry seemingly only had 8 players who were all 17 or so.
  8. Bengals 10-0 Lions HT Lions with only 51yds offence vs Bengal's 149yds. Punter Jack Fox probably the Lions best player which says alot.
  9. Lions are 3-9 all time against the Bengals with last win in 1992. The last game in 2017 was also arguebly the catalyst for where the Lions have been since then.
  10. Started in 2007 but the lineage goes back to 1931 as the competition is a sucessor of sorts to the old South Qualifying Cup that was scrapped when the SFA Cup was restructured. Venue wise it's been a mix of SPFL grounds & non-league grounds. No venue set in stone for this season far as I'm aware but suspect it'll be an SPFL ground.
  11. Bo'ness Athletic 3-1 Gartcairn edit: ignore me thought Bellshill vs Maryhill was a cup game for some reason.
  12. Lochee Harp vs Carnoustie off due to 'rona related issues.
  13. Bo'ness Athletic 3-1 Gartcairn Cumbernauld Colts 2-0 Rosyth
  14. That final out was some BS. If I was a Giants fan I'd be having a cranial detachment over on hotdog & flat budweiser.
  15. Bo'ness United vs Kirkcaldy & Dysart off as the latter can't raise a team.
  16. Going into week 6 the below 500 club is as follows. Obviously with the season not even being halfway yet some of these teams will be nowhere near the race to the bottom as the season comes to a close. All early signs point to the Jaguars being a shoe in for the #1 spot with the Texans the likely second candidate. Despite being winless the Lions have managed to keep some games close & will fair better than both the Texans & Jags based on the 1st five games. Jets are the other team likely to be in the mix based on showings thus far.
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