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  1. Too early for uncle Roy to get the checkbook out & extend open arms across the Kessock?
  2. Noticed while watching the highlights of the South Challenge Cup final the wall/fencing opposite the main stand had been taken down . Some kind of work going on?
  3. Thorniewood have quietly had a great season securing themselves tier 7 for next season.
  4. Also bought their place in the 3rd tier for €450k after CF Reus Deportiu were given the boot for not paying their players. Grand total of 0 Andorran players in their first team currently.
  5. FC Andorra promoted to the Segunda for the first time in their history.
  6. Getting paid to shitpost on the internet for the purpose of increasing company stonks is a grift I can only dream of.
  7. Hearts win courtesy of Halliday & Souttar for maximum patter.
  8. Ludicrious game in the Big Ten where the Iowa Hawkeyes beat the Indiana Hoosiers 30-16. Hawkeyes were down 13-2 after the 3rd.
  9. St Johnstone scored less goals than Fort fucking William despite playing four more league games.
  10. Kiss with face paint is terrible but Kiss without face paint is some how even worse.
  11. Marco Rose given das boot by Borussia Dortmund after a single season. If they go after a manager from another Bundesliga team could see them going after either Union Berlin's Urs Fischer or SC Freiburg's Christian Streich.
  12. Fall Guys becoming an Epic Games Store exclusive from June 21st & going free to play. Not overly suprising as Mediatonic were bought by Epic in March last year.
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