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  1. P&B mods confirmed members of the Kuomintang.
  2. Berwick's Shiefield Park is used by the Berwick Bandits speedway team. Granted it may be the case Berwick Rangers get an exemption on historical grounds.
  3. 'Republican Council' Can confirm this is true as the last council zoom meeting opened with a jovial rendition of 'The Boys Of The Old Brigade'.
  4. A zoom wedding is one step beyond anything I was expecting this year.
  5. In five years you won't even be able to remember without the thought police throwing you in jail.
  6. Morata with just the three goals ruled out for offside.
  7. Shout let us all out. These restrictions are something we could do without.
  8. Was last year but I re-call a rumour about a move albeit that one was a move to a community facility within Cowan Park.
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