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  1. New National League competition format confirmed
  2. Souness with levels of shitehousery not seen since the #fleg in Fenerbahçe's centre circle.
  3. Kind of have to respect Grealish for having the baws to rock part slick back with a hair band & part middle part circa 1996.
  4. A team made up of players from the greatest league in the world unable to get past a player from the 8th best team in Scotland who shares a team with Ricki fucking Lamie.
  5. Lions add WR Chad Hansen last with the Texans. UDFA WR Jonathan Adams Jr waived.
  6. Some game between the Cats & Dogs that sees the Cats win with an after the siren goal by Gary Rohan.
  7. Wonder if Juve will bring a new keeper in or stick with Szczęsny. Always thought it was strange they didn't go for an 'elite' level keeper when Buffon first moved on.
  8. My favourite was Gavin McInnes shoving a dildo up his arse to own the libs.
  9. Of the over 7000 clubs known to have existed in Scotland at senior & junior level there's never been a club starting with the letter X.
  10. Big fan of this timeline where the artist formerly known as BSC is looking more tinpot than Caledonian Edusport Braves Academy Français.
  11. Ah yes Italy that country that has a whopping one B team in it's entire league system.
  12. My thoughts on what I've saw of E3 thus far: Space games & Chernobyl type games are this years thing Devolver Digital's presentation was one big glorious shitpost The all digital format has led to what feels like an overload of games. There's one or two things I saw & interested me I can't remember the name of. Style of the PC Gaming show presentation was cringe. PUT ALL THE THINGS ON XBOX GAME PASS! Troy Baker is a DILF. Games of interest to me: Tiny Tina's Wonderland Borderlands spin off meets D&D. Seems like the excellent BL2 DLC Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon Keep as a fully fledged game. Shadow Warrior 3 Gorey. Gloomwood FPS stealth game that as the developers put it 'thief with guns'. Severed Steel Stylized aracadey FPS with a cyberpunk aesthetic. Atomic Heart Sci-fi FPS with a flare for the absurd, surreal & bizarre. Pioner Sci-fi FPS with a touch of Stalker Warcry Challenges Doom meets Super Meat Boy Harold Halibut Game play wise this adventure game isn't my thing but worthy of a mention because visually & aesthetically it's bloody fucking gorgeous. Built using handmade stop motion.
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