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  1. Yes. I see you too are a man of culture.
  2. Wonder if this'll have any impact on AZ's push for a 2nd place finish in the Eredivisie.
  3. So an extension of the Falkirk Mafia group chat[emoji769] pretty much?
  4. Expect the da's to be greeting all over social media about the half time show & how *insert dad rock band here* should be playing instead.
  5. Was doing some reading up on him turns out his auld man is an alleged Nazi war criminal due to being a high ranking member of the Sicherheitspolizei during the German occupation of Estonia. He only ended up in Iceland as the boat that was transporting him from Norway to Venezuela ended up stranded in the country.
  6. Even dumber Kansas itself has a Kansas City.
  7. 'You Gotta Fight For Your Right Party' by The Beastie Boys isn't a party song but actually an ironic parody of party songs such as 'Smokin In The Boys Room' by Motley Crue & Twisted Sister's 'I Wanna Rock'.
  8. Disgusted the letter isn't going to be same colour as our good honest British passports.
  9. I mean tbf Ryan Kent screams monster energy drinker.
  10. Filter's 'Hey Man Nice Shot' was initially thought to be about the suicide of Kurt Cobain that occured the year prior to it's release. It's actually about Pennsylvania state treasurer R Budd Dwyer who shot himself live on tv in 1987 after being convicted of bribery.
  11. I for one am utterly shocked Jermaine Defoe is fitter than Scott Brown.
  12. Fun fact the Buccs have won only one less NFC Central (now North) title than the Lions despite the Buccs having not played in the division since 2001.
  13. Green Bay have been since 1923. They'll remain the only team with such ownership as the current NFL rules written up in the 80s are a max of 32 owners with one holding at least a 30% stake. Packers were grandfathered to allow an exception. Only team in the big 4 leagues to be community owned too.
  14. Heads up to any drug lords out there drug lord Tse Chi Lop arrested by Aussie feds
  15. That's yer Greg Olsen announced his retirement live on Fox. Already got a job lined up as part of the broadcast team on the network. Olsen previously did work on Fox's XFL coverage & he was good.
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