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  1. Vast majority are with one or two outliers semi pro at the bottom of the division.
  2. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    Balkan clubs havent been kept apart for a long time. Hell they even let Albania & Serbia play each other in Euro 2016 qualifying (where the infamous drone & ensuing rammy occured).
  3. It's Yet More Madness in Belgium...

    The madness in Armenia has subsided as the top flight has 10 teams for this season (6 from the previous season plus 4 formed in the last few years that were playing in the 2nd tier). Probably won't last as clubs come and go in Armenia frequently.
  4. Today’s scores

    Troon 1 - 1 Pollok FT
  5. Today’s scores

    Troon 1 - 1 Pollok
  6. Today’s scores

    Troon 0 - 1 Pollok
  7. A-League 2018/19 & FFA Cup 2018

  8. Keppa Arrizabalaga is yer guy. Basque names are a bit of a mouthful.
  9. Are Chelsea in for a replacement? If not its a choice of Willy Caballero or Robert Green in between the sticks.
  10. Scores

    Pollok 2 - 2 Largs Pure love a draw btw
  11. Scores

    Pollok 2 - 1 Largs
  12. Scores

    Pollok 1 - 1 Largs
  13. Scores

    Pollok 1 - 0 Largs
  14. Football Manager 2019

    Sortitoutsi puts out a name fixes file every year that fixes both fake name clubs and adds real comp names
  15. Places In Scotland With No Team

    Smallest I can find are Longside & Maud of the north juniors which have populations in the 700s as per wiki. Creetown of the SOS league has a similar population.