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  1. Software designer/engineer & programmer Chip Morningstar. Notable for among other things coining the term avatar in the 1986 game Habitat & along with Douglas Crockford creating the .JSON file format.
  2. One of the major questions of the off season is who of Jeremiah Masoli & Dane Evans was going to be the teams starter going forward. That was confirmed earlier in the month as the latter with Evans penning a two year extension & free agency looming for Masoli. Ottawa & Toronto seem the most lilkely destination for a starting role in 2022. Ottawa were dung last season & had four different starters while in Toronto it remains to be seen if Dinnwiddie sticks with McLeod Bethel-Thompson going forward.
  3. BC Lions QB Michael Reilly has confirmed his retirement after 11 years in the CFL Reilly started out with the Lions as a backup 2010-2012 picking up a Grey Cup in 2011 only ever managing two starts for the team in 2012. Reilly moved onto the Elks initially in competition with Matt Nichols for the starting job which Reilly got courtesy of Nichols going down with injury remaining in the job through to the end of his stint with the Elks in 2018. In 2015 Reilly won the Grey Cup & also Grey Cup MVP. Reilly led the league in passing yards 16-18 winning the leagues most outstanding player 2017 & an all-star spot courtesy of not only leading in passing yards but also leading in both passing & rushing TD's. Reilly returned to BC for the final three (read two as 2020 was canned) seasons of his career where despite missing out on the playoffs both times Reilly capped his final season off leading the league in passing yards for the 4th & final time. Reilly across his career threw for 34805yds which ranks him 14th overall in league history. HOF beckons. As for where the Lions go next Reilly's backup Nathan Rourke has been confirmed as the teams new starter going forward.
  4. Think Kelty will want to avoid being picked after what happened last time they were on the magic talky box.
  5. I can see a scenario where Rodgers goes to the Buccs if Brady calls it quits. Steelers are another although I don't know if they'd be in a rebuild of any kind next season.
  6. Saskatchewan Rough Riders DB Jacob Dearborn has qualified for the 2022 winter olympics as part of the Canadian bobsleigh team. Dearborn is the 3rd pro footballer to bobsled at the winter olympics following on from fellow Canadian Jesse Lumsden who was a CFL RB for 6 seasons & 16 year NFL RB Herschel Walker who represented the USA.
  7. You can take the player out of Detroit but you can't take Detroit out of the player
  8. The Elks have appointed Chris Jones as head coach who had been serving as a defensive consultant with the Argos. Jones has 19 seasons in the CFL dating back to 2002 in a variety of roles winning four Grey Cups with four different teams one of which came in 2015 as head coach of the Elks. Jones spent two seasons as Elks head coach 2014-2015 with his other head coaching role being the following three seasons with the Roughriders also serving as GM. Across his five seasons as a HC Jones missed the post-season only once with a West divisional title, an appearance in the east & west finals plus the aforementioned Grey Cup victory. Win % of .589. The Blue Bombers have made QB Zach Collaros the leagues highest paid with a one-year extension worth $550,000 which is up $125,000 from what he earned in 2021. Lions QB Mike Reilly deal is scheduled to be earn $575,000 in 2022 but the 36 year old's deal will be restructured to a value below that of Collaros if he opts to continue playing. For a bit of context the NFL minimum salary for a regular roster player is $660,000.
  9. And just like that I'll forget the Titans exist until some point next season
  10. Mair sacks than a school sports day
  11. RE: the relegation spots on the table that's on whoever updates the wikipedia. Nae idea if they read p&b but shout out to you for getting the tables updated across non-league the same day as games.
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