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  1. I'd like a dose of those Green & Lib Dems numbers on an iv drip please.
  2. Evidently the libertarian position of handing over education to the private sector sees a reduction in literacy rates.
  3. Valencia players walked of the pitch in today's match against Cadiz after Juan Cala allegedly said something racist to Mouctar Diakhaby. Marca story
  4. Pitcher for the Atlanta Braves A.J. Minter
  5. 2021 All-Star & Draft being moved from Atlanta, to a TBC location as a response to Georgia's new voter laws which are totally not racist in the slightest at all.
  6. imo that would ultimately come down to whether taking part in said cup would require joining the SJFA or not.
  7. Condolences to all those teams who now won't be able to join the illustrious 0-16 club.
  8. Lions have signed the previously mentioned CB Corn Elder. Is a nickel CB.
  9. Main issue is the amateur & welfare leagues up in that part of the world are all summer leagues. Also as far as I'm aware plenty of players play for a team in summer & then an NCL team for football during the winter.
  10. Not so fast. There's a part of Keith called Fife Keith.
  11. At what do da's start doing that thing where they put their hands behind their back when leaning in to look at something?
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