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  1. What academy thought Worol would make it absolutely awful .
  2. I think the way he was acting would help tell.
  3. Why did we sit back after we scored? Elliot at CB summed the game up for us, felt for the fan who was getting panned after it went to 2-1. Caldwell is Archibald in disguise.
  4. Really like how we play the same team and style as last week shows even without Archibald his style of play stays and team selections stay.
  5. Heard it was the same referee that sent him off the last time also heard he shoved a hibs player dose anyone know if something else happened?
  6. Goodwin for me wouldn’t be against McIntyre either,Mcall would be mental to come and don’t think he will after the interview today.
  7. 1 day after nameing the training ground after him Davie has died.
  8. Couldn’t make the game the day annoyingly , how bad is Lennox’s injury and dose anyone know how long Bell is out for ( no 6 week jokes please).
  9. Seeing all the “Scotland did’t even qualify and World Cups England:1 Scotland:0” patter just now is amazing.
  10. While we wait for signings who’s all excited for 2022 when MARYHILLISWONDER returns just found his account the night it really is something else.
  11. 1. It 2. Majority of James Bond 3. Lord of the rings 4. High school musical 5. The sound of music
  12. Barjonas ( no clue how to spell his name sorry ) looking to be joining on loan from Rangers.
  13. Looks to be a bit of manic: getting sent off as much as he has scored and fighting with his own team mate. Instead of a lunatic in midfield we might have one up front.
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