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  1. Craig Slater signed a 2 year deal at Forfar. Would be a great signing for them if he stays fit. Hope he can do, and does well there. Shame things didn't work out for him with us.
  2. Thanks for the time taken for a detailed response. However I don't think I'm any the wiser whether we are fan owned or not. The following statement in the wiki entry you linked about fan owned companies (CIC's) would seem to describe our situation given that none of the committee, directors or members make any money from their involvement (except the secretary who I assume is employed by the club) "A community interest company is a business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose in the business or the community, rather than being driven by the need to maximize profit for shareholders and owners." Does that then mean we do count as being fan owned as I Zingari suggests. I'm not really bothered whether we are acknowledged as being fan owned by SDS, just confused about what the difference is. Out of interest how many other clubs in the SPFL have the same Membership model as us? I imagine a fair number of clubs further down the pyramid and juniors will be but unaware of any in the national leagues.
  3. Here's a question I wonder if anyone on here can help with. Are Queens Park fan owned? I was reading an article of the Supporters Direct Scotland website this morning about the 'fan bank' fund to help clubs that are transitioning to fan ownership. A number of clubs were listed as being fan owned (Clyde, Stirling Albion, Motherwell and most recently Morton, among others) but we were not on that list. I was under the impression that the members owned the club, as we have no majority share holder or 'owner'. Is that different to fan ownership and if so how? I have no agenda here, and don't particularly advocate for or against fan ownership (in truth I don't fully understand all the details) I'm just genuinely intrigued about the difference between our model and the clubs that were listed.
  4. Does the Hockey centre meet SPFL stadium criteria? Also the stand only holds about 500. Can't see that bring a goer really. Time someone opened a Lanarkshire branch of Jaconellis near the Fountain Of Youth.
  5. There aren't specific under 18 tickets. Under 18's need a full price ticket. As far as I can make out from the FAQ's that the SSC sent out, SSC members could only apply for one ticket each, for which you need to register an account with Uefa. Uefa only allow over 18's to register, therefore under 18's technically can't buy tickets via the SSC allocation. In reality I'm sure there will be ways round that as others on here have mentioned getting multiple tickets, I'm assuming by using friends membership number's/email links on their behalf. I dont think that any of the above applies to tickets bought in the original ballot. Like you I still have my tickets via uefa for 2 of the games, which are for me and my 9 year old. As I bought these together in 2019 they will still be valid. I dont know how to link it, but in the faq's on the uefa app it still has the following with no mention of under18's not being allowed. Does my child need a ticket? Yes. Entry to the stadium will only be granted upon presentation of a valid ticket, including for children. All children (regardless of their age) will require a valid ticket to access the stadium and will have a seat allocated to them. Even if your child can sit on your lap, a valid ticket is required. There are no reduced fares or discounts for children. Hope that helps.
  6. Fair enough, I'm just being selfish as Hamilton is easier for me to get to. I'd still happily take Firhill over Falkirk, or even Airdrie.
  7. I read an article a week or so ago in one of the papers linking us with potential managers that mentioned in passing that we'd be sharing with Hamilton next season. I dont remember which paper it was so don't have a link to it i'm afraid. I'd certainly prefer Hamilton to Maryhill personally from a logistical point of view, but I'm sure Firhill may suit others better.
  8. Well that's a bit underwhelming, and definetly quite surprising. Especially given that the reason we let Mark Roberts go was because we wanted to bring in someone with experience of managing a playing budget. As far as I know Laurie Ellis doesn't have much experience of that either. Does make me wonder I'd there is a director of football or similar in the plans to assist with that side of things. I dont imagine that will be Dempsters department as based on her interview last night she more interested in the community development side of things. It was nice of the club to email the members (immediately) prior to it being announced to the press for a change. Anyway, good luck to Laurie, I hope he proves to be the right choice and manages to continue to build on our recent success. I wonder if this continuity will help with retention of some of Mckinnon's signings? Malky Mckay for Director of Football?
  9. I think I'd even rather have Malky Mckay than Ferguson. In fact I'd take Malky Mckay Snr before Ferguson.
  10. Thought occurred to me while watching the Aidrie v Morton playoff this evening. Could one of the reasons we're not hearing anything about who's lined up as the new manager be because the target is currently at a club still in the play offs? Pure speculation on my part, but I think Gus Macpherson was only appointed Morton manager till the end of the season. Could he be set for a return? Always felt we were punching above our weight having him as our manager, but things are obviously very different now. Would he fancy another spell with us but with money to spend this time? I'm not fully sold on the idea, but I do think we could do a lot worse.
  11. Looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer to grill the committee. The AGM will be put back to "the end of June" by which time hopefully restrictions will have eased enough for it to be a "face to face meeting" Not sure if that's good or bad news.
  12. Apparently some of the players will be at the QP Community kids football sessions tomorrow with the trophy. Great idea, and the sort of thing we should be doing more of to hopefuly grow our local support (ignoring for now of course the fact that we may not be playing locally for a while)
  13. I assume that the AGM will take place via a zoom meeting as it did last year. From memory members were invited to send questions in advance of that meeting, but on the night something was said along the lines of 'we can't figure out a practical way to take questions via zoom, so we won't bother and if you sent one by email we'll email you back with an answer' (I may be mis-remembering that so please correct me if I'm wrong) That to me seemed a bit of a cop out, as from my experience of zoom, it's not difficult to find ways to open up the meeting to questions. Hopefully after another year of many of us becoming more familiar with meeting online, the same excuse won't be made this year.
  14. I have no idea. The club hasn't been very forthcoming with information about the situation at Lesser or where we'll be playing our home games next season.
  15. Spot on. I posted before the game that we shouldn't play a weakened team, but that I'd like to see three particular younger guys get game time in the final few games. I do not believe we fielded a weakened team (as an86 said, we didn't bring in 8 guys from the youth sides) 2 of the three guys I named played, (one started one came on as an early sub) I fully expect the other to get a start this week. All the players in our squad on friday have been consistently part of our match day squads since the restart. Some have been rotated in and out regularly some have waited patiently for their opportunity. All (as far as I know) are part of our full time first team squad. As others have stated we have not been unsporting in our team selection. The only thing we are guilty of is not playing well enough to win the game (not taking anything away from the opposition who played well and deserved their win.)
  16. I agree. Plus once again we're hearing things through the media before we hear it from the club. If an agreement is in place the you would think the club could tell us more. Thanks for posting the link.
  17. Interview with Leeann Dempster on BBC sport app this morning where she says there is 'an agreement in place for a temporary new home' Sorry, I can't figure out how to link to the article on P&B.
  18. I would love for us to finish the season undefeated, and it goes without saying that we shouldn't be feilding weakened teams when those we are playing still have playoff spots to contend for. However, I hope we can still give some game time to some of the younger lads too (Heraghty, Biggar and Gillies) Grant is now out till the end of the season, so I expect Morrison will take his place for the final 4 games.
  19. I'm hoping we surpass Cove again next season and succeed where they've failed in buying League 1 as well.
  20. I beleive that was always the original plan, although at some point that changed to doing the whole project in one go. I dont know the practicalities of doing it in phases, especially as the work on the Hampden side has already started, but if it's possible it would be preferable to playing somewhere else at the start of next season. You raise a good point however about the potential of larger league one away support, so I could see that as a good reason to complete both stands before we're back in. I could see the additional cost of a temporary setup, plus the hassle of providing safe access and exit etc making this a far less appealing solution.
  21. Hopefully that's a step in the right direction. Keep the updates coming please, because we're not likely to get any news from the club.
  22. I dont disagree with any of that, I'm just trying to stay positive and hope for best. Quite possibly setting myself up for dissapointment, but we'll just have to wait and see. I must have missed the spat on Facebook. I'm assuming it's since been deleted. Another poor show from members of the committee if true, after the backlash in the last few days you'd think that they'd be trying to get back in the good graces of the members with nominations coming up soon.
  23. Interesting to hear that the coaching staff had some say in the choice of venue for our home games. Hopefully they're right and it suits our style of play on a big pitch. I can't see it being easy for us to still be playing there next season if cumbernauld colts are playing again, so hopefully by the time the fans are allowed back we'll be playing somewhere easier to get to.
  24. Sorry, ignore that, I just saw it's already up. Glad to see that it had already been thought of. Thank you.
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