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  1. Brilliant profile name. Wish I'd thought of that.
  2. I dont know Eddie Hunter (and he certainly won't know me) but I'm pretty sure I know him by sight, and if so then he happened to be leaving Thursdays meeting at the same time as me and I overheard him commenting to others something to the effect of "that was the right decision" "There are many shaking their heads and throwing their bowler hats to the floor in disgust as this week’s development" Maybe, but the other 91% disagree.
  3. 91% in favour, thought it would be much closer. We still have our history, and now we can look forward to our future.
  4. That middle paragraph should pretty much form part of our mission statement/statement of aims for the next decade.
  5. If on Thursday the vote doesn't reach the required 75% to carry the change to a professional model, then when the inevitable fading into oblivion comes, we will be able to look back and say that our fate was sealed by a small minority who for whatever reason, didn't engage in the process, didn't understand or didn't listen to the information that the club has been putting out over the last few months. Here's hoping common sense prevails and our club doesn't suffer a slow painful death due to the ignorance of what could only be a very small number of people.
  6. You forgot 'life'. And maybe going professional is just the answer to continuing life as one of the 42 SPFL clubs.
  7. Fair enough, but the key word in my post was 'obligated'. I have no problem with Block or any other loan player being in the team on merit of their form/ability. The point I was making was in response to BYOS post regarding possible playing time conditions of the loan. To be clear what I mean is I'd be disappointed IF as part of the conditions of the loan we HAD to drop one of our own players who are playing well to make space for a loan player. I have no idea if this is the case, but I hope it isn't. I do take the point that all players whether on our books or on loan, are only signed up till the end of the season, but many of 'our own' players have been developed by us for a number of years, as opposed to being brought in on loan for the mutual benefit of us and the parent club (and hopefully the player). Hopefully this will change soon and we can secure 'our own' players to longer term deals. Again, I'm not saying I'm against loan players, nor am I questioning Block's commitment, just commenting on my disapproval of a hypothetical condition of a loan agreement.
  8. I am hoping that it's the same 11 that start on Saturday. I would have thought that IF Block was brought back in it would be back in centre mid in place of Main as I dont think he would be played as a wing back as Billy was. Like you I have no idea whether we are obligated to play Block every week, but I would be disappointed if one of our 'own' boys was dropped after a good performance just to develop another teams player. Different if he would improve our team, but for me we should stick with the team that won at Stenny. Also, dont know if Block will be fit by Saturday, is there not a minimum period a player has to sit out after a concussion?
  9. "Where is the evidence that turning professional will increase the Clubs finances?" Surely the best way to increase club finances is success on the pitch, which increases the chances of bringing in more people through the turnstiles, more sponsorship, and more prize money. To give ourselves the best chance of success we need to be able to attract and retain the highest standard of player we can. To do that we need to be able to offer competitive remuneration.
  10. Can anyone clarify whether to make the change to professional it needs 75% of the entire membership in favour, or 75% of the votes cast on the night?
  11. Glad you've joined this forum. You're affirming a number of comments I've made on here in the last few months. Stick around [emoji6]
  12. I think so, but the concept pictures we've been shown include a second stand on the other side. As far as I can gather, anything 'new' would be built around what is already there, so the social club, changing rooms etc would remain.
  13. Great to have the input of someone with more of an outside perspective of the club, as well as someone in the immediate vicinity of Hampden. As I've said before on here, there are people on our doorstep who would be open to an alternative to the Old Firm if we just make ourselves more visible. Northsea80 is just one example. My story is very similar to his, my old man was Queens fan as it was his local team growing up. Despite his best efforts, when I started getting into football in the late 80's & early 90's I drifted towads Rangers because they were who I saw on telly winning everything and playing in Europe. Eventually, when I was old enough to know better, I got fed up with all the nonsense that goes along with the old firm, and found myself tagging along with friends and family to Hampden, now I'm a member and fully invested in the future of 'my' club, and glad to have somewhere to bring my football mad wee boy where I dont have to explain why people are singing songs about Northern Ireland. I'm not worried about there not being enough interested people out there to fill a 1500-2000 seat Lesser Hampden to watch a competitive local SPFL club, but I'm worried that we might not decide to give ourselves the best opportunity to be competitive enough to interest those people.
  14. At the last information evening it was mentioned that some of the details and the scale of the redevelppment should possibly be considered as part of, or after, the vote. The question being is there any point spending the time, effort and money building a second "away" stand if we're likely to end up in the Lowland League with not enough people in attendance to make it worth opening it.
  15. What he said. Nothing to add. Excellent post. [emoji106]
  16. Who's been going behind my back and telling you about all my insecurities? [emoji45]
  17. Anyone else having issues getting on to the clubs website? The last few days both my phone and laptop browsers have blocked it saying the site isn't secure. Never had that problem before.
  18. Couldn't make it to the game, but obviously delighted with the result. How did we line up, according to Google it was 4-2-3-1 with Block and McGrory in defence???
  19. I think that part of our problem is that we're not currently doing enough, or the right type of marketing etc. Which as I said would be crucial if we were to reduce prices with a view to increasing attendance. I fully admit that Its easy for me to make comments on an internet forum without having any knowledge of all the factors and the figures that need to be considered, and I'm sure there are those at the club who have looked at ticket prices and decided on the current costs as they felt it optimised the return. While like most thing, money is a driving factor, clubs could perhaps look at ticket pricing as part of a bigger picture over a longer term. For example, rather than lowering prices and then giving up on it after one season if there is no increase in revenue, the argument could be made that if it increases attendance while not increasing revenue in the short term that is still worthwhile if you can engage and retain those new supporters and continue to grow the numbers in the stands. If you get 100 more people through the turnstiles by reducing ticket prices, and over the season many of them buy (reasonably priced, but profitable) pies, drinks, scarfs, 50/50 tickets etc then that could in time lead to an increase in revenue. Then if some of them bring a friend next season it goes up again. As you say, it's nothing new, and again it's far easier for me to post on a forum than it is to put in practice, but these are just some of the great many things we as a club should be considering as we face the upcoming changes. I do of course agree with you, as I said in a previous post, that success on the pitch is the best way to increase attendance and income, and I believe we need to go pro to give our selves the best chance to do that.
  20. Yes, your last sentence is spot on and the simple reality is that all these changes have forced us to consider the way the club goes forward. My point however is that now that we are considering our options let's make the choices that give us the best opportunities for future success. By success I mean results on the pitch, youth development, match attendance, finances, links with the community, all of which should be part of the vision for the future. I agree that Hampden is a draw for some away fans, as well as some home fans, occasional visitors to Glasgow, ground hoppers etc. However I would have thought that the novelty for away fans of coming to Hampden would wear off after a few visits, especially given the drawbacks of having 450 people in a 52,000 seater stadium. One other potential disadvantage we have at Hampden is that some opposition players get a lift playing there against us, where again the novelty wears off from our players once they've done it once a fortnight for 8 months. I have no idea how the ticket prices are decided, or why they keep increasing rather than decreasing, but I'm highlighting it as something I think we could and should consider. (Personally I think that £270 for a season ticket for one adult and one child, when 3 years ago it was £170 for one adult and up to four children is a backwards step.) Decreasing ticket prices decreases income if the attendance stays the same, but if dropping prices and doing the marketing to increase attendance is done correctly then it could easily increase income. For example, let kids in free with an adult and dont charge a fortune for chips and a coke and it's more appealing and affordable for more people, and therefore there's potential for increased ticket revenue. As for Lesser, as it is at the moment it wouldn't necessarily be a better atmosphere, but with the planned upgrades it very well could be.
  21. The loss of rental income from Hampden is obviously a downside, but (again glass half full) there are a number of advantages to NOT playing at Hampden, for both home and away fans, such as better atmosphere, closer to the pitch, cheaper pies. I assume the overheads will be lower (although admittedly I dont know how much of that was offset by the rental income), which may make it possible to make ticket prices more affordable. All of the above have potential to attract more fans, home and away, and increase income from admission. It's possible that this could in turn attract more members and therfore increase income there too.
  22. I like to think I'm a glass half full person, and perhaps I'm being naive, but surely all clubs make a fair proportion of their money from ticket sales, prize money and the sale of players. I like to think that the move away from Hampden combined with the switch to professionalism isn't just about surviving, but presents an opportunity to grow and be more successful as a club. It wont happen over night, and may take years, but we have as much, if not more, potential than any team in league 2 to challenge higher up the leagues. If we can attract and/or keep a higher standard of players by offering them similar money to other teams, but potentially better facilities and location, then we give ourselves a better chance of success on the pitch, which increases revenue. With success on the pitch, and crucially with the right promotion of the club in the community, we can attract more people to attend games, which increases revenue. People wont come out in numbers to see us play in the lowland league, but if we can create a buzz about a club that is competing well in the SPFL, and market ourselves as a local, affordable, family friendly alternative to the old firm then we give ourselves a chance of increasing the fan base/membership/revenue. I've said before that our location gives us a big advantage over other teams both for attracting players and supporters (home and away), and the potential for a better atmosphere at our new ground can only help with that. I'm not saying it'll be easy, and I dont have all the answers, but I do believe the opportunity is there for us to go on to greater success. I also believe that opportunity is far less likely if we remain amateur.
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