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  1. 1. Build for next season 2. Start trying to convince as many of the decent performers in the squad as possible to stay on for next season, tell them they'll go down in history as the last Queens team to play at Hampden if it helps. 3. Find a goal scorer. 4. Tell Gow he doesn't fit into 1,2 or 3
  2. It's very inconsistent, some weeks they just wave you past while they only search away supporters, sometimes even when two or three of them are standing doing nothing they don't bother to search anyone (unless your carrying a bag), and other weeks they search everyone.
  3. Who would you have McKernon replace? I don't fancy him in defence. I saw a post on the QPvClyde thread suggesting he should replace McLaren which I thought was harsh given his MoM award on Saturday. I felt sorry for Dom as he did well when he came in to cover injuries along with McKernon in a make shift defence (red cards aside of course) but as soon as Gerry was available again he was dropped while McKernon kept his place at the back. Perhaps that's credit to McGrory who filled in in midfield once Jambo moved back, and again I think it would be a shame for Calvin to loose his place to fit McKernon back in. Injuries and availability may have a hand in team selection and formation tomorrow night of course, but while I think McKernon is a very good player at this level, he's not been at his best this season, and I don't think he's so much better than the rest that those who have been playing consistently well should be dropped just to accommodate him. It will be interesting to see the formation and lineup tomorrow.
  4. Great post, couldn't disagree with any of that. I think the change of Moore for Gow and the switch to 4-3-3 helped settle things as at that point we were starting to look very exposed at the back and had lost any shape and composure we had. We were starting to get a grip on things again and just had our best chance when clyde scored. Very positive substitution changing Calvin for East and it paid off very quickly, where under a previous regime we may have gone for damage limitation and lobbing the ball into the box from the half way line. Unlucky not to get the winner (I was out my seat and thought it was in) but a draw is probably a fair result.
  5. I agree that the size of the crowd, (including a large noisy clyde support) made for a far better atmosphere than I've experienced for a long time in Hampden. The roar when Clyde scored was louder than any I can remember recently. Although for some reason they then went very quiet[emoji6]
  6. Have to agree that the ref seemed to be trying to let the game flow which was a refreshing change in this league. From the view from the comfy seats right above the tackle by McLaren I'd agree that the ref got that one wrong..... big Dom won the ball well and it was never a free kick. Linesman was right in front of it and gave no indication of it being a foul.
  7. More than just a season ticket though, as members are like the clubs board, and so they can attend and vote at the agm and other meetings. The committee is appointed from within the membership and they are delegated authority to deal with the day to day running of the club. Much like a golf/bowling/social club setup. As I said, I am sketchy on the details, so others may correct anything I've got wrong.
  8. I'm a Queens season ticket holder, and I had to ask the exact same question on here recently. The club do very little to promote and advertise membership, which seems crazy to me as it must be a significant source of income. Others on here may answer your question better, but my understanding is that there is no real criteria, you just need to apply, and be proposed and seconded by existing members. There is obviously a membership fee too, and like a season ticket it covers the cost of all home matches (including cup games).
  9. Given the title of this thread, I think it's fair to say that not many clubs in the lower leagues, or in fact not many clubs out with the old firm, are in a position where they can afford not to be 'just loving everyone'. Getting more folks through the turnstiles (or past the table in reception[emoji6]) must be a priority for all clubs, but for reasons posted on here already, that is getting increasingly more difficult. As you know I've commented on the issue of fan engagement before on the QP thread, and I like the suggestion posted on this thread previously of the Queens committee looking at delegating some folks with different backgrouds to look at this specific subject. I don't know whether that is a something on their radar with the other current challenges they face but I would argue that it needs to be considered as part of that big picture.
  10. They can. A non member friend of mine does it every game he attends so that he can sit in the comfy seats with his friends who are members/season ticket holders. Why he doesn't get a season ticket I don't know. I'm sure it's not encouraged, but he has never been turned away at the table in the main concourse. It's probably the reason there are often a few away fans in that area too (though some are obviously friends an family of opposition players)
  11. Should that have been 'team' rather than 'time'?[emoji6] I'm awake now.[emoji39]
  12. Yes, sorry South. Lesson learned not to post on P&B till after morning coffee [emoji42] [emoji477] [emoji3]
  13. Sorry, that should have been 'area' rather than 'action'
  14. The main entrance in the South stand at Hampden is used mainly for club officials, and guests/sponsors etc to pick up complementary tickets. However anyone can use this door and pay at the table to get in. Entering this way also let's you sit in what is technically supposed to be the members area (although nobody ever enforces that), which is the action of cushioned seats immediately behind the trophy presentation area and press desks. General pay at the gate admission for both home and away fans is via the the turnstiles at the west end of the north stand, just beside Lesser. http://www.queensparkfc.co.uk/?page_id=213
  15. That sadly seems to me to be a very cynical reaction to my attempt to enter into a constructive conversation about the issues affecting the club. I've no agenda other than seeing the club i support be in the strongest position it can be. I don't view anything I've said as 'carping' rather raising a point for discussion with other supporters, which is surely what this forum is for. I'm certainly not trying be divisive, in fact my comments have been about the very opposite - including more people in the future of the club and creating a stronger relationship between the club and its supporters. As for the number of previous posts on P&B, I didn't realise I needed to have fulfilled a quota before I was allowed to voice an opinion. True I'm a relatively new member, as I only discovered P&B in the last year or so after it was mentioned by a fellow supporter, but from memory most of my previous comments have been looking for information on how to get more involved (membership) because sadly there is no information on the website. As I have said, I welcomed the meeting last week, but couldn't attend on that date/time. I am keen to get more involved where I can (and can afford - time/money) and of course that is for me to be proactive about, but my personal view is that the club could do more to encourage involvement of supporters. Again it doesn't need to be radical, but simple things like more info on the website, i imagine, would be relatively easy but effective. Like I say, that's my opinion, and I'm posting if here as I'm interested in the views of other supporters. You don't have to agree with me, but please don't assume I'm out to single handedly ruin the club for my own amusement.
  16. I think you have unknowingly perfectly summed up my main concern. If there's an attitude of 'we had a meeting, if you couldn't make it that's your problem' then that will surely only be detrimental to the club in the long run. As I said in my previous post, it would seem in everyone's best interests to get as much support, backing and involvement from the fans and members as possible in the decision making process. If fans feel part of the process it should encourage some to stick around and become more involved, which is surely what is needed more than ever at this time of big changes. Conversely if there is little or no fan engagement, some may feel unappreciated and may spend their Saturday afternoons (and their money) elsewhere. As has been noted in a few P&B threads recently, attendances are dropping, and if other local clubs enter the league, they may turn the heads of casual fans (as well as players) if they present a more appealing alternative. As for 'innovative ideas', I don't think we're in need of any revolutionary 'digital mediums' just better use of the ones we already use. I personally feel that much better use could be made of the website to inform fans of goings on at the club. I appreciate that it requires manpower to do these things, and I don't know if the website is manned by paid club staff or volunteers, but if it's the latter, then my point above again stands - encourage people to get involved by giving them any and every opportunity.
  17. In that case it would be good if the club were to find a way to share it with as many fans as possible. The more fans that are informed and involved, and therefore (hopefully) supportive of the plans, the more chance that the imminent changes will be positive for the future. The Q&A event was a good and welcome idea, but obviously these meetings can't be at a time that will suit everyone (and possibly it being during the festive period didn't help) so other ways to get fans involved could perhaps be considered. I don't expect anyone who was there to share what was discussed on this forum if they have been asked not to, but I must admit I'm intrigued what sort of information would be considered a scoop by the press.
  18. This was an event I had hoped to attend but wasn't able to due to other commitments. I had hoped that after the meeting there would have been some information posted on the website. Given that the event was open to both members and supporters I assumed that the information given would be made public. Was there an explanation given as to why the information was to be kept 'secret'?
  19. Just re-watching the clips of our goals on youtube. After the first you see Gibby make straight to the goal to get the ball, then disappear out of shot wrestling with TNS no.12 to get it and get the match restarted so we can push for the winner. After our second he does the same thing, but makes sure he gets there first, then does his best to punt the ball over the Welsh border to slow down the restart. Love it! Great captain with brains as well as heart (though maybe not best choice for penalties.... Or can we blame that on the ref making him move the ball?). Of course the injury to Hawke led to added time in added time, so his plan didn't really work, but you've still got to give him credit for a bit of savvy amidst the goal celebrations.
  20. According to the post match interviews, some of our lads had work to go to this morning, so that may have ruled out an overnight stay. Fantastic performance in the 2nd half, hopefully we can perform at that level a bit more often in the league. If we can, we could give ourselves a real good chance of promotion. Or maybe a decent cup run. Sadly i couldn't make the trip down to the game, but seeing the scenes behind the goal at the end on TV has left me wishing I had negotiated harder.
  21. Does anyone know what happened to Tony Quinn? I seem to remember a bit of noise on the club's website and Facebook page a while back when he retired from playing and joined the coaching staff, but he seemed to disappear from the dugout months ago with no explanation given. I'd actually forgotten about him being on the coaching staff until I saw him sitting in the stand on Saturday. Is he still involved with the club or has he quietly parted ways?
  22. Thank to all the guys that responded to my questions about membership. I'll give it some thought as I'd like to get involved, but like so many things, it may come down to whether I can afford it (or can convince the wife that I can afford it). It's a shame that the club don't do more to promote membership though. As I mentioned, there's no info on the website/Facebook etc. and even some long term supporters I know didn't really know much about it. I'm assuming it's a reasonable source of income for the club, so it seems strange that they don't do more to encourage new members to join.
  23. Hi guy's, I'm a relatively new supporter of the Spiders, and this is my first post on the P&B forum (please be gentle), although I've been following the QP threads here for about a year now. Since coming along to the games I've been confused by the concept of club 'members'. I've never heard of this with any other club, and assume its something to do with our amateur status. In the past I've looked on the club website/Facebook etc. to find out more, but while 'members' are often mentioned, there is no information on what the criteria is to become a member, or how one goes about applying. I asked some long term supporters and they were under the impression that you had to have a formal connection with the club in order to be a member (e.g. former player/ staff etc.) So can anyone enlighten me? Can anyone be a 'member'? How do you become a 'member'? Is it as simple as pay a membership fee, or is there more to it? And what exactly can/do member's do? Sorry if this seems like a daft question, but I genuinely have no idea what 'membership' of a football club means.
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