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  1. 7 minutes ago, Calayrdonia said:

    Sorry if it's been mentioned several times elsewhere, but I couldn't find info on Google.

    Where are Queen's Park playing their homes games next season? For some reason I thought I remembered hearing it was Hamilton, or have I just totally made that up?

    In any event, can someone please confirm where it will be?

    Supposedly we'll be in Lesser in time for the league starting, but that seems very ambitious given its current state.

    Our early League Cup games are likely to be elsewhere, but despite a few rumours on here, nothing is confirmed yet.

    It won't be Hamilton as Clyde will also be playing there next season.

  2. 1 hour ago, an86 said:

    Can’t let the euphoria affect the judgement. Whole season needs to be taken into consideration. We finished 28 points behind Cove Rangers, so the progress and step up we have to make is self-evident.

    Some harsh decisions are going to have to be made. The team needs an identity next season, which we didn’t have for much of this season. Of those not contracted, Fox and Robson are my only certs. Character is as important as quality, so I’d be open to keeping Grant and Doyle as squad players.

    Does Coyle take the whole season into account, or only consider performances since he arrived?

    I think that a number of players have performed better in the last few weeks than they had in the months before, particularly in the 4 playoff games.

    Doyle, Grant, Ferrie and Longridge have been much better recently

    Did Coyle get something out of them that Ellis and Beuker couldn't, or did they raise there game when it counted most?

    I imagine there will be a fair few new faces arriving, but are we realistically going to keep just a handful from the current squad and bring in say 15 new players, or will we give new deals to say 75% of the current squad and add a handful of quality signings, perhaps with some of last seasons regulars dropping down the pecking order to be squad players. And would some of those retained be happy to be on the same money but play less often?

    How will Williamson fit in, we signed him on a 3½ year deal, so he must be in the plans going forward.

    I dont know the answers to any of the above but it will be a very interesting 6 weeks or so.

    Obviously some are already under contract as qpfc has listed, and personally I would hope we can keep Fox, Robson, Lyon, Murray.

    I'd also like us to at least try and bring back Smith and Connell.

    I wouldn't be disappointed to see any of Doyle, Grant, Longridge, Morrison, Davidson, Quitongo, McHugh back next year if Coyle can get consistent performances out of them.

    I'd be keen to retain Muir too, partly because he's the last of the "amateurs" but also as I still think he's a decent keeper.

    I'd also hope we hold on to the young guys on the fringes and develop them further such as Heraghty, Gilles and Bigger.

    Lastly, who do we try to bring in? There was a rumour on here a few weeks back that Dom Thomas of Dunfermline didn't play against us as he had signed a pre contract with us. No idea if there's any truth to that.

    Can we tempt any 'bigger' names? Blair Spittal has turned down a new deal at Ross County, could we convince him to drop down a league and come back to us?

    Greg Stewart was also speculated a while ago as he worked with Coyle in India but he has just signed a 2 year deal with Mumbai City.


  3. 27 minutes ago, Alf Stamp Army said:
    38 minutes ago, Aufc said:

    Best player in the league and best player on the park on the day. Ironic then that he essentially cost us the game with losing the ball in the middle of the park and the fouling Murray.

    Don’t think it was a dive. Wasn’t a penalty but he was blocked. Can’t really remember him
    Calling for yellow cards. He does get fouled a lot.

    was it not Frizzell who was dispossessed by Jack Thomson?

    I just went back and watched it. Easton passed to Frizzell who was dispossessed by Thomson. Hard to say whether it was Eastons pass or Frizzell not reacting quick enough that was at fault, but both were tiring whereas Thomson was still relatively fresh.

  4. 1 hour ago, Aufc said:

    The boy smith looks a very decent player. Certainly put his brother in the shade yesterday

    I see QP have just re-tweeted a post from Smith that gives the impression that he won't be here next season.

    I hope we've at least made him an offer.

    However if he is moving on then what a way to go out. I wish him all the best wherever he is next season.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Zanetti said:

    Told me last night he wants to be here next season, but he might have just not wanted to break my heart.

    I had a similair conversation with Connell. If he can play consistently like he has done in the last fortnight then I'd be delighted if we could bring him in permanently.

    I would also like us to make an offer to Smith, who just before half time yesterday I thought looked to be tiring, however he was still causing Airdrie (and his brother) problems over an hour later.

  6. Monday morning, alarm goes off, hit snooze so I can go back to the wonderfull dream I was having. Alarm goes off again, wife kicks me till I roll out if bed, look out the window and it's pouring. I've got the usual fight ahead of me of getting the kids up, dressed, fed and out the door in time for school.

    Then I realised that yesterday wasn't a dream.

    This might be a great day after all.

  7. 100 free tickets for tonights game have been given to QP in the Community for kids/parents, plus they're putting on a bus from Lesser to Broadwood for them. Quite a late kick off for young kids on a school night but hopefully lots of them take up the offer and get the chance to see us lift a trophy.

  8. I'm pretty sure Connell was up in the stand with other players not in the squad, I"m certain I could see him milling around the tunnel prior to the game.

    He came of injured on Saturday and we played out the game with 10 men as we'd used all our subs.

    I'm assuming he was injured rather than rested/dropped/loan ended (other loanees were in the squad) but whether he will be fit for remaing games or not remains to be seen. Potter mentioned in his interview that he was hoping for some players to be back available for Saturday.

    However, I agree that he might not be assured of a start on Saturday if he's fit as the three that started (plus Thomson when he came on) worked harder than we're used to seeing from Luka. If it's a similair game plan then he may be left out.

    Similarly, I said before the game that I thought Jai should start, but by halftime I was convinced that it was right to leave him out the starting lineup, as I dont think we'd have seen the best of him. He did make an impact when he came on though, as did both Thomson and Murray.

    It won't be easy picking the team for Saturday.

  9. 45 minutes ago, da_no_1 said:

    Just about the only advantage we as a club can control would be the home crowd for this game. It should've been reduced to maximum £10 to get in, have home fans take over the North Stand & (sorry QP fans) fire them into the top LH corner of the Cowdenbeath end. Every other team tries to use the home crowd to their advantage.

    Instead, we charge full price. We'll be lucky if there's 2000 at the game on Saturday. Our BOD really don't have a fucking clue.  

    According to Dunfermline website the ticket prices fir Saturday have been reduced to match Wednesday's prices.

    Fair play to your board for taking on board the criticism they received and reducing prices.

  10. 1 hour ago, qpfc said:

    Fairly guff overall other than a wee spell after we scored. More concerned with the amount of injuries picked up. Lyon, Quitongo and Connell all looked to have picked up injuries it seems? 

    Was really pleased to see Quitongo make his first start of the season and no surprises that he made an impact. Scored a terrific header which was unfortunately ruled offside also. Hopefully taken off as precaution as he would start straight away on Wednesday for me.

    Don’t know if anyone else noticed Quitongo pointing up towards to area where beuker was sitting after he scored, where it looked like he was insinuating that he should of been playing more. Thought that was quite amusing 

    Agree he should be starting on Wednesday as long as he's fit. Didn't see the gesture to Beuker, but saw him acknowledge his dad who was sitting a few rows in front of me (and who left the minute Jai was subbed off 😃)

  11. 2 hours ago, JT1867 said:

    Some crowd for a closed door game!

    I thought the same thing. I did wonder if family etc of the players were allowed entry, and it looked like the rest of our (and so I assume Clyde's) first team squad were there too.

    Regardless, I can't understand why they weren't allowing paying fans to attend.

    Hopefully that changes for the final.

    I dont know who decides these things. I assume it's the home club. Does that mean it's up to Clyde whether fans can attend the final? Or is it NLC? You Would imagine they could get a decent crowd for the final if they advertised it properly, especially from the Rangers support.

  12. 31 minutes ago, Cosmic Joe said:

    That is just a stupid comment to make. Why on earth would we be wasting time at 0-0 when we needed three points

    Yes, that's exactly the same question I was asking.

    Unfortunately your players didn't look interested in trying to fight for three points and were content to leave with just one.

    In the end they left with none.

    No doubt that QP didn't deserve 3 points based on their performance. But it would be hard to argue that East Fife deserve to stay in league 1 based on their effort today.

  13. 3 minutes ago, Velvet Donkey said:

    That was a relief. Fair to say we were uninspiring today. How much of that was down to a good EF game plan though? Again.

    They do what they do very well (Gus would be proud), but that was quite awful to sit and watch.

    Agree with the comments about McBride.

    Gus would indeed be proud, they seemed to be time wasting right from the start.

    I cant imagine how any East Fife fan can be happy with that performance. Looked like they had already conceded that they were going down and were just going for damage limitation by packing the defence and being hard to break down.

    They achieved that well and frustrated us and almost kept a clean sheet, and that's fine when your in no danger, but if my team were in need of wins to stay in the league I'd want them to at least go out and try to win the game and at worst go down fighting.

    All that said, we've struggled to get results against them each time this season, so I'll be glad to not have to face them next year regardless of our playoff results.

  14. 39 minutes ago, Cosmic Joe said:

    Not quite daylight robbery, but QP very fortunate to get the three points. A softish penalty, the QP player got brushed and went down as you would expect. 

    However, the league table does not lie, and one unfortunate result doesn't mean we do not deserve to finish bottom of the pile. 


    Opening myself up to being proven wrong once the highlights are up, but I was at that end of the stand and it looked a clear penalty. Looked like the EF player hauled our player (Longstaff?) back by his arm.

    I had the fear that the squabbling over who would take the pen would lead to us missing it, but Connell put it away (just) to seal playoff place in dramatic fashion at the end of a very poor game.

    We certainly made it difficult for ourselves and rode our luck a few times with scrambles in our own box.

    Not quite sure what happened at the death, but looked like a great late save by Ferrie to prevent the all to common late equaliser.

    We'll need to be much better in the playoffs, but at least we've secured our place there with a few games to go.

  15. 2 hours ago, qpsnapper said:

    Didn't bother last weekend as there wasn't much visible sign of change, went by the other night and they looked to have laid another layer of the pitch and some sort of membrane. They were also digging trenches to lay pipes the length of the pitch about seven/eight yards apart - not sure what these are for, they were mentioned at the members' meeting the other week but it was a bit vague what they were for. 

    The trench around the pitch has also been filled in as well more foundation work around the South East corner of the ground. Picture isn't great as it's with the phone. 


    I believe the pipes are ducts than can be used to run any future services (pipes, cables etc) under the pitch without having to dig it up.

    I assume there will be some sort of drainage under the pitch too so it could also be part of that.

  16. 26 minutes ago, an86 said:

    I’d be inclined to give McHugh another year. If it’s a choice between him, Murray and Quitongo, I’m picking him. Other two would be great in theory, but are made of glass. Can’t rely on getting a run of games out of them.

    I think we have got much more out of McHugh since we changed our usual shape a bit from 4-3-3 where he was quite isolated and had to drop deep all the time to get involved and rely on runners beyond him, to 4-2-3-1 where he had someone else behind dropping deeper and he can play on the last defender.

    I'm pretty sure the first time we played that way was the game at Falkirk in Feb. We looked much more dangerous once Bob came on in the second half, and as far as I can remember since then we have played him there each week and (Airdrie away excluded) we have been an improved side.

    It also helps that he is good at holding the ball up now that we have been going a bit more direct at times due to the pitch.

    I would certainly have him over Murray if we're playing with one striker. Though part of me would be interested to see what would happen if we had a run with both of them playing together up front. Maybe if we secure 4th with a few games to go we can experiment, but I'm not convinced the change if shape that would require would get the best out of others in the squad.

    Getting the best out if Bob plus the return of Lyon have definetly been key in our recent improvement. Hopefully that trend continues into the playoffs.

    If he's fit then I'd still like to get Quitongo playing regularly. As others have said, yesterday's game was crying out for his pace in the second half, and I would have had him on instead if Longstaff.

  17. 6 hours ago, Bring Your Own Socks said:

    Some generalised feedback for QP fans unable to attend last night’s meeting. The meeting opened with respectful tones from The President that this was the members meeting. The other speakers also stressed that this was our club. Big improvement on last summer’s meeting.

    CEO Leanne Dempster updated us on club development, largely about the stadium redevelopment and the plans for the Pollok Park campus. It’s still planned to open the stadium for our first “league game” which I took to mean our first game of the season. The East stand will be first with away sharing initially. The pitch is being laid in a couple of weeks. Confirmed it’s hybrid with built-in drainage and service ducts beneath. Some form of hospitality will be available but not yet the west stand and catering building. Revamped Pavillion most likely. She was a bit fuzzy on timings. Unclear on whether the south stand will be built within next season or in time for 23-24. North stand on hold pending completion of the rest.

    The Lochinch development has significant investment plans and the club expects to sign a very long term lease this summer. This is subject to current legal negotiations and thereby no further info at this time. The Nether Pollok part is a pipeline project at the moment, subject to Lochinch being settled.

    DoF Marijn Beuker gave an excellent presentation on how his development programme works. Way too much detail for here but suffice to say everyone in the room was spellbound. It’ll be a quantum leap for QPFC. We’re lucky to have him. We have time for this whereas other teams driven by just this week’s results don’t. Unlike some other clubs I know of, the Community programme won’t just be about revenue, it’ll actually form the first stage of player recruitment. The Dutch approach will attract the quality of youngster who normally ends up at Lenzie or Murray Park.

    New head coach/manager (his words) Owen Coyle gave an impromptu speech and made it clear that the club’s ambition this year is still to get promoted. The immediate task is to consolidate our play-off position and then, in his words, go toe-to-toe with whoever. We have a winner at our club! More importantly, he and Beuker are on the same track, albeit at different parts of the journey, and acknowledge each others skills are complimentary.  The President separately confirmed we are still going for promotion.

    Very positive evening, respectful to the audience, professionally delivered. Good times to be a QP fan.

    An excellent summary of a very positive meeting. I came away very impressed by all the speakers, President included, and excited and encouraged by their obvious passion and enthusiasm for the plans going forward. They all seem to be pulling in the same direction and I hope that last night is the start of continued improved communication and sharing with the members (and hopefully the wider fanbase going forward) so that they take us along on the journey.

    A few other points that were mentioned last night included;

    *The aim to drive revenue from Lesser and the Mcalpine building along with the goal of becoming self sufficient financially

    *Plans to tap into our history more by supporting and building links with Hampden Bowling Club and exploiting our archives for peices that can raise interest and awareness of our place in the community locally and within Scottish (and world?) football.

    *The long term nature of the plans for the youth academy, with short term results, while important and being evident, being secondary to longer term improvement, and everything being focused towards how it will ultimately lead to first team success.


    After a few years of some negativity with poor communication, lockdowns and far too many draws, I for one came away from last night very excited again about the future of the club.

  18. 56 minutes ago, an86 said:

    Outside of the ninety minutes, where I’ll claim for absolutely anything, I’m not really one for moaning about refs but Cook was absolutely shocking yesterday. One of the worst in years. Proper “look at me” stuff.

    What was the story with him going over to the clyde bench after one of their substitutions. Seemed to be checking teamsheets with the linesman or something.

    For a moment I wondered if there we were in for another 'Clyde field ineligible player v QP' situation.

    Also did I see hom booking Coyle at some point? What happens there then if he's not officially under contract till June?

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