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  1. The cynic in me wonders if there is a deliberate attempt to price out kids due to our fairly low capacity at both Ochilview and Lesser. If we had an attractive offer for low priced kids tickets is there a potential for demand to exceed stadium capacity (especially if we are prioritising full price paying adults). Seems like a terrible business model, but could this be yet another drawback of the stadium fiasco. If we were playing in the south side in a stadium with a suitable capacity for the championship (or been aspirational and built one ready for the premiership) would we be seeing much more affordable prices so we could increase our chances of filling it?
  2. Yes, i'd expect we would have two different kits available while away. I'm sure we will have both new home and away kits given the change in supplier, and so assumed we would launch both together, therefore potentially bringing three sets of kits to Holland. But you could be right and we are launching them seperatly therefore not bringing the new away kit on this trip. I'm sure I'm over analysing all of this, at least it's only just over a week now till we have some games to talk about again.
  3. Yeah, I did wonder if international relations were taken into account with the choice of armband.
  4. Kilday wearing the (generic yellow) armband against Lokomotiva. Of course that doesn't necessarily mean he'll be the new captain (especially as i dont imagine he'll be a regular starter if Eze signs, unless we play a back 3) , but most of the other candidates were playing too.
  5. You could well be right there, I hadn't thought of that. Though it still seems strange that we've had dozens of pictures over the last few weeks showing Macron training kit but can't show the new strip, but who knows how these contracts work. Hopefully we'll get to see ot on Friday and wear it against Utrecht on Saturday. If thats the case though the kit man must be a bit pissed off having to bring a whole load of extra kits all the way to Holland and back
  6. From the picture accompanying the match report on our website, it seems we were wearing last seasons Admiral away kit for the game. Very strange situation?
  7. Less of a theory and more blind hope and boredom that brought that about. It could be blown out the water given that all the traditional defensive numbers seem to be taken and Eze ain't here yet, unless their hedging their bets in case he doesn't get a visa, or he has asked for a particular number (Murray is 23 again which I assume was his choice) Like others I'd be surprised if Williamson would be a regular starter in the Championship given he's never played a game in the SPFL, but I'd be delighted if he gets a good run in the team and racks up the goals like he did with Cambuslang.
  8. Looks like he'll be 19 for us this season
  9. To take people's minds of season ticket prices and covid risks, how about some wild speculation? In my boredom I was studying the pictures from the training camp looking at the squad numbers to see if there was any indication of who's considered 'first choice'. None of the pictures, or even the short video of the kit man laying out the tops, have a number 9 or 10 anywhere. Could that mean that we've still got some 'first choice' forwards to come in that those numbers have been reserved for? Yes, I am already bored stuck at home with the kids for summer
  10. I'm in a smilair boat. My son has had a season ticket for about 6 years, and is looking forward to the season ahead. Between a rock and a hard place as I struggle to justify £95 when comparing to other teams in the league, but I'd struggle even more to tell him that he's not getting a season ticket this year. Truth is i'm probably going to have to bite the bullet and pay the £95 In reality it'll be more than £95, as I'll need to buy both my membership and his ticket on a credit card and pay it off over a few months, so I'll have interest to pay too. (Not a sob story, I'm sure there are folk worse off than me, but an annoyance none the less) Fortunately my younger child who's been wanting to come to more and more games has been put off by the trip to Stenny for now. 6 years ago when I got the first child ticket it was £10, and you could bring up to 4 kids on one ticket. Benn rapidly rising since then. 4 kids for £10 going up to £380 in 6 years is quite an increase.
  11. 50 years has been quoted a number of times by both Dempster and others. It will be the training base for both men's and womens first team squads plus the new 'Young QP' squad and I think also the u18s. According to thd Community coaches I speak with regularly, Nether Pollok is going to be the site of a new indoor training centre for the rest of the academy and the community teams. This is supposedly to be ready by 2024, but based on the Lesser redevelopment that may be ambitious. I believe that this isn't being built on the existing Nether Pollok pitches, but on the land on the opposite side of the carpark but I may have picked that part up wrong.
  12. To be fair, despite speaking to a few insiders, most of my understanding of the Lochinch lease is based on what was said at members meetings, and a few tv/radio/podcast interviews I've heard Dempster do. She seems to be taking any opportunity she can to mention it.
  13. Perhaps I could have made my post clearer, and perhaps you could have read the article it referred to. I was spitballing ideas of who a "High profile International in this country" might be. I could have made it clearer that I don't actually expect him to join us this summer, just like the article says that Coyle doesn't think whoever he is referring to will sign. The article gives the impression however that we're not afraid to speak to players who are probably out of our league and at least sound them out, regardless if the probability that they won't be interested. I'm going to take that as an encouraging sign if our ambition. Like I said, if you don't ask....
  14. I wondered if one of those may have been Shankland. Based on nothing at all other than he used to play for us, and it looks like he's heading back to Scotland. I think I read that Hearts are interested in him, which may be why Coyle says he doesn't expect them to sign, but if you don't ask.....
  15. The deal has been done for quite a while as far as I believe, and we officially took over on the 1st of June. I was talking to one of the womens players this morning who was talking about the plans for new and/or upgraded pitches going in at somepoint now that we "own it" (my understanding is that we don't actually "own it" but have signed a 50 year lease, which to be fair she also mentioned at one point)
  16. I agree with this too. My understanding is that Dempster was the one who came in, took a look at the stadium plans and then changed them for the better (mostly). Having the changing rooms beside the pitch instead of behind the stand in the farmhouse is much better, as is moving the pitch north to accommodate the south 'away' stand. I also think rejigging the layout of the Mcalpine building is a good idea too as the L shaped main bar area was never ideal. The down side to all these positive changes however is the delay in getting back into the stadium, but as has been said, that would have been made more palatable if the reasons had been well communicated along with realistic timescales for completion. With that said, the one change I think we all dislike is the ripping out of the work already completed on the West stand to accommodate the directors stand which among other complaints will reduce our potential maximum capacity.
  17. Longridge has apparently been helping out with some coaching at the accademy. Would make me think he's likely to re-sign but we'll find out soon enough.
  18. I was speaking recently to someone who's in and around Lesser regularly who said he was told that Eze was coming but they were waiting to get work permit/visa etc sorted out. Just what he'd heard, but hopefully it's true. Whether that's to replace Fox or play beside him is the question we all want answered.
  19. Calum Ferrie has extended his contract till 2024. I'm assuming that means he's expected to be first choice this season?
  20. That's the most sensible post in this thread yet.
  21. Thanks, I didn't know that was the arrangement. Lots of new things to learn up here in the Championship.
  22. Just when you thought this couldn't get any worse. If a fair few of those Friday night games were to be televised then season tickets and single match tickets will be down even more. How many primary school parents will want their kids bussed 25miles away on a Friday night? At least it's not a school night.
  23. I saw he was sitting in the stand at the Glasgow Cup final. We never saw enough if him to tell whether he would've made it into our current 'professional' set up, but could he be someone we would being back? If the likes of Charlie King and Gardener Speirs who worked with him before reckon he's got what it takes, could they be recomending him to Beuker/Coyle for a trial?
  24. Sounds like a win win, so here's hoping it stays that way.
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